Curated by Padmini Pandey in collaboration with Hands, the One Love collection of carpets weave a story that’s relevant globally

JUN 8, 2020 | By Krisha Godani
Padmini Pandey, Katia Santillán S, Sheena Poerwantoro and Regina Davila created the One Love World carpet, in collaboration with Hands

Nine creatives from nine countries with nine different inspirations and philosophies have come together to weave a narrative in the form of floor coverings, inspired by humanity’s unified stand against the sweeping impact of this worldwide pandemic. This collection of 10 carpets, curated by architect Padmini Pandey of Atelier Padmini Pandey in collaboration with Hands, is a story of a world without boundaries. It symbolises the coming together of distinct local cultures, unique artistic influences and individuality as one.

The aim is to showcase the extraordinary testament of the human creative spirit and the power of design “where humanity is the only religion, unified by the sky and the sea,” summarises Pandey. Each of the nine designers has created one carpet each, while the tenth carpet represents the coming together of the nine hands, rising above common barriers and in harmonious synchrony, shaping a new world—the “One Love World”.

We absolutely love that part of the proceeds from the collection’s sales will go to Project Mala, a special programme dedicated to children’s education. The sale of each carpet will sponsor one year of primary education for one underprivileged child from a carpet making centre of India.

Read on about the nine maestros that have literally woven a magical series…

Padmini Pandey

The creation

Spirituality, faith and positivity define the holy city of Varanasi, where the river Ganga and the divinity of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva converge. The positive energy radiating from the experience of the confluence became the design concept of this carpet that’s hand tufted in wool and bamboo silk.

Pamela Caspini

The creation

The Heart Reef within the Great Barrier Reef is a natural symbol of One Love. Depicting its vast beauty on the carpet seemed like the perfect choice. The lush landscape, intricate geometry and the many layers of corals and islands creates a seamless blend for this hand tufted carpet made using 100 percent bamboo silk.

Tuna Meier

The creation

Göbekli Tepe is one of the oldest archaeological sites with temples dating back to 10,000BC, and it is a fitting depiction of the roots of human civilisation, when the sky and sea were truly one to be showcased on this carpet, which is hand tufted using wool and bamboo silk.

Regina Davila

The creation

Lake Atitlan is a nostalgic link as it represents an encounter between Davila’s ancestors, nature and the beauty of this world. With its colours and textures, this carpet reflects the lake’s calm countenance and the surrounding, dramatic mountains in the backdrop. The sky is mirrored in the waters, indicative of the universal unification of mankind. The carpet is hand tufted in 100 percent bamboo silk.

Karla Celorio

The creation

Perhaps one of the richest and most diverse terrains in the world, Mexico is a paradisiacal land with pristine beaches and underground sea caves as well as dominant mountains and volcanoes. The carpet, hand tufted in wool and bamboo silk, pays ode to the natural wonder of Celorio’s homeland.

Katia Santillán S

The creation

The intricacy seen in the Andes range of mountains became the inspiration for this carpet and the designer’s way of paying homage to her roots. The carpet is hand tufted in wool and bamboo silk.

Luisa Scanu

The creation

Experiencing a mesmerising sunset over Italian vineyards is on the wishlist of many, so Scanu brought this experience to life by hand tufting in wool and bamboo silk a carpet that’s defined by simplified geometries of traditional Italian architecture.

Sheena Poerwantoro

The creation

The archipelago’s diverse culture and traditions are depicted on this carpet, using traditional patterns and the colours of the sea and sky. The creation is hand tufted in wool and bamboo silk.

Svetlana Selivanova

The creation

As a country, Russia is known to see water more often in the form of ice, where humanity emerges when faced with challenges. And Selivanova’s design depicts this glorious harmony of the water’s warmth against Russia’s frigid cold wind, resulting in a beautiful blend of patterns created by hand tufting in 100 percent bamboo silk.

Padmini Pandey, Katia Santillán S, Sheena Poerwantoro and Regina Davila
created the One Love World carpet

Humanity exists beyond the physical realm. It is united by the force of love and this carpet captures the essence of all nine designers and their unique cultures. It reflects humanity’s fortitude and connects and empowers the entire world. The carpet is hand tufted in 100 percent botanical silk.