Shreya Bhimani elevates this Mumbai home with flamboyant and sumptuously furnished interiors

AUG 11, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Soft, powder blue tone of the chairs is highlighted against the brown six seater dining room; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
A starburst like composition of clay heads marks the accent wall of the living room.The low bed boasts headboards on two edges and is the center of the family’s activities; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
A blue carpet contrasts the subtle tiles and walls. Layered with a geometric rug on top, the vibrant colours demarcate the informal living space; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
The expansive living is divided into a formal and an informal area. An interesting, mismatched seating cluster highlight the asymmetrical theme prevalent throughout the space; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
Stunning views of the Mahalaxmi Racecourse elevate the balcony. Fresh bloomed bougainvillea add pop of colour and nature to the cozy nook; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
An earthy and neutral palette grounds the main suite of the house. The bedside table from Furniturewalla hosts golden accessories and a quaint yet tiny planter; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
Capacious with an open layout, the son’s room is driven by functionality. Shades of blue and eccentric accents earmark this room; Photographs by Mohsin Taha
A space for entertaining that doubles as the guest room, the den is seeped in deep, saturated hues. The end tables from Rocking Chair and bed from Script offset the wooden finishes and add funk to the space; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

Founder, interior designer and stylist at her namesake practice, Shreya Bhimani has encased this 4,500 sq ft duplex in a whimsical envelope. Conceiving this residence with a simple brief from the client, she made sure that every member of the family felt a strong connection with the space. Organic yet opulent, the house is located in the city of dreams—Mumbai. 

A space should tell the story of who you are and we love to create stories for our clients where their space reflects their own selves, just as this house,” elaborates Bhimani. With its vibrant behavior, the design speaks and reveals itself over time, allowing everyone to come together and share happy moments.

Deemed as cherry on cake, the five BHK is flooded with natural light that penetrates through large windows offering a stupendous view of the racecourse. With an interesting spatial configuration, the designer had the flexibility to experiment with the homeowner’s personalities. She seamlessly blends the husband’s sophisticated nature with the wife’s lively personality and cooks up a storm!

Quirky clay decor from Claymen accents the informal living space that features tailor made furniture; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

The house develops an asymmetric character due to decentralisation of various decor and art pieces. As for the material palette, the house stipulated a touch of opulence shuffled with modernism. Thus making an appearance are materials like wood and Italian marble, augmenting the furniture pieces and artefacts. 

Nothing in the house is placed at the center or in a symmetry. The sophisticated design is peppered with funk and flair, emulating the family’s different personalities; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

A faceted glass door demarcates the foyer area separating it from the main house. Aiding utility and storage, a console decked with artsy decor elements placed adjacent to the planter welcomes the visitors. Moving further, a barrier free living room divided into two—a formal and informal space paints a compelling picture. With one area doused in neural colours, the other interludes the monotony with fun and bright colours. 

Thoughtful, functional details in blue contrast the wooden furniture in the den. Equipped with large open spaces and ample seating, the space is perfect for family events and gatherings; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

Dramatic, functional and aesthetically balanced, the entertainment room or den is an oasis of modern comforts. Doubling up as a guest room, it incorporates wood finishes to establish a variation, for instance—statement decor of books covered with blue or jewel tones of end tables. A larger bed was also strategically placed to accommodate family and friends enjoying a movie night together. 

Artworks by the owner hang slightly offset in the main bedroom. Full length windows light up the room naturally and ensure ventilation; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

Located on the upper floor, the primary bedroom displays the art collection of the homeowners. With a gorgeous view outside, it serves the primary purpose of a bedroom by exuding solace. Replete with comfort and utilitarian elements, the son’s bedroom ticks all the boxes required for a perfect kids’ room. Tints and shades of blue and green dominate and set the space ablaze.  

Overlooking the stunning views, the informal living room is dressed in materials and colours in accord with the formal yet fun theme of the house; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

Boasting of high functionality and exuberant decor, conscious effort has been made to use multifaceted elements in this house—like the low bed in the living room. What we love about this home is that it is built to forge a connection with nature as well as the people who inhabit it. Weaving a story that resonates with her clients, Bhimani makes judicious use of space, glamour and functionality, all rolled into one.

Scroll down for more glimpses of the space!

A beautiful blue onyx marble flanks the main suite bathroom. The bougainvillea in full bloom adds a whimsical, colourful backdrop; Photographs by Mohsin Taha


Black and white inlay console from Sarita Handa is one of the geometric, vibrant details highlighted in the living room; Photographs by Mohsin Taha


Colour blocked chairs around an unconventional dining from Transceforme are complemented by a collection of artefacts and decor accessories; Photographs by Mohsin Taha

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