This Scandinavian Ahmedabad home by Squelette Design is a golfer’s perfect weekend getaway

JUN 11, 2024 | By Megha Sapre
A space fit to entertain, the living room offers seating options to host multiple guests; Photography by PHX India
Table for five. The dining area is an extension of the living room; Photography by PHX India
The inverted staircase installation at the entryway reminds one of the Dutch artist M.C Escher’s relativity artwork; Photography by PHX India
Terrazzo flooring and wooden ceiling add layer to white walls bringing depth; Photography by PHX India
The asymmetrical mirror is a playful element amidst crisp clean designs; Photography by PHX India

A golfer’s ideal weekend getaway and a dweller’s home. In Ahmedabad, this Scandinavian weekend abode fulfills the checklist of being the perfect hideaway, sprawling 3,000 sq ft on a lush stretch of green golfing terrain!

Helmed by founder-principal architect Saumil Patel of Squelette Design, the space evolves from the Scandinavian terms of Hygge and Koselig, indicating contemporary minimalism. Infused with the idea of well-being and comfort, earthy colour palettes evoke a grounded sentiment guided by the thought of oneness with nature.

A fluted pattern across the dining space balances the frame; Photography by PHX India
Squelette design
Wall piece by Mausam draws attention and adds a pop of colour; Photography by PHX India

Be our guest

The home sits as a two-tiered space, enveloping the living and dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms on the lower level with verandahs and gardens. On the first level, additional bedrooms host guests and entertainment amenities.

“Upon entering, guests are greeted by a grand foyer, boasting soaring ceilings that elevate the space approximately 3 meters high. This architectural feature not only enhances the sense of openness but also offers views of the sprawling golf course,” explains Saumil, who worked alongside Principal Architect Prashant Trivedi (also Partner-Founder) and interior designer Tanushree Dwivedi.

Squelette design
Muted tones across the home reflect minimalism with rug by IKEA and wall piece by local artisan Mausam; Photography by PHX India


Squelette design
Arched window panels and pillars add dimensions to the living-dining space; Photography by PHX India

Upon arrival, an elevated foyer with a high-rise ceiling welcomes guests, further guiding them to the stairways that ascend to the main living, dining and entertainment areas. The kitchen and dining area behold the stairway that connects the two levels. 

Squelette design
Use of wood and greens bring nature indoors; Photography by PHX India

A golfer’s haven

The family’s collective love for golfing as their favourite leisure activity to indulge in was a driving force behind choosing the golfing terrain for the weekend home. Not only did the family want a tranquil getaway, but they also wanted to incorporate their favourite sport that they spent most of their weekends playing.

Squelette design
Locally sourced furniture and artisanal craft bring a homely touch to the Scandinavian retreat; Photography by PHX India

Natural illumination and ventilation are at the heart of this home, thanks to the ceiling-to-floor length windows. “We strategically incorporated structural changes to open up the walls and establish a seamless connection with the picturesque views of the nearby golf course,” divulges Saumil.

Squelette design
The fabric-behind-glass wardrobe installation is a fun incorporation; Photography by PHX India

A Scandinavian retreat

The home has more to it than meets the eye. Be it the conceptual foundation of Scandinavian homes, the colour theory of using warm colours paired with whites, sleek furnishing rooted in minimalism and an overall experience focused on tranquillity. 

Squelette design
Subtle incorporation of green ensures continuity of natural beauty indoors; Photography by PHX India

This golf course retreat is nothing short of a Scandinavian love letter brimming with warmth and comfort.

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