Nature nudges you to mindful living at The Enso Villa in Ahmedabad by tHE gRID Architects

JUN 10, 2024 | By Pooja Prabbhan Srijith
The exterior lobby is a balance in cool greys and the warmth of wood; Photography by Vinay Panjwani
The large windows look out to the Sylvan-esque outdoors, transforming this home into a unified design that upholds architectural integrity and connects with nature; Photography by Vinay Panjwani
The bedroom is light, airy and spacious; Photography by Vinay Panjwani
The kitchen done by Verantes Living, showcases a live-edge oak breakfast table, adding to the organic ambiance while enhancing an aesthetic allure; Photography by Vinay Panjwani
Straight lines and geometry connect the home from within; Photography by Vinay Panjwani
For soft furnishings, breathable jute and cotton linen fabrics are chosen for their eco-friendly attributes, lending an earthy and subdued touch to the surroundings; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

Can opulence and holistic wellbeing go hand-in-hand? Many may nod in denial. But this sprawling pet-friendly residence for a multi-generational family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat designed by tHE gRID Architects proves otherwise.

Not everyone knows what they’d really want for their dream house to look like. But, we all somehow just know how we’d like to feel when inhabiting it—a cocoon of warmth and peace, serving as a shield from the din of the external world. Snehal and Bhadri Suthar of tHE gRID Architects mirror a similar perspective at Enso Villa, which is built as an ode to biophilic urban living. 

The airy interiors are flanked by green pockets on all sides and are visually and physically linked to the central courtyard, underscoring again the philosophy of being one with nature; Photography by Vinay Panjwani


The home also has modern industrial touches, giving it an edge; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

“Our dual objective was to craft a dwelling that nurtures familial intimacy while forging a seamless bond with the natural environment,” say Snehal and Bhadri, co-founders and principal architects at tHe gRID Architects

Lighting choices include clear glass ceiling lamps in the dining room, with paper lamps in the formal living room, wicker in the first master bedroom and concrete lamps in the second—all enriching the unique interior mood. Artworks by local artists imbue the space with cultural identity and charm; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

Breaking Away From Conventional Luxury 

Positioned on a square, corner plot at a gated community’s end and split across four levels; the access to the 9,742 sq ft property is solely from the Northwest, setting the entrance there and designed well in accordance with vastu.

Direct view of the gardens at the dining table makes one feel like they’re having meals within nature itself; Photography by Vinay Panjwani


The kitchen done by Verantes Living, showcases a live-edge oak breakfast table, adding to the organic ambiance while enhancing an aesthetic allure; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

Sustainability and spatial utilisation are at the cornerstone of this design, besides laying a strong emphasis on nature. “The kitchen is placed southeast, necessitating a thoughtful layout across opposite ends,” shares Bhadri, highlighting that this plan centres around an Enso garden, sit-out and rockfall, with living spaces woven around — ensuring the home integrates seamlessly with the garden.

The spacious bedrooms feature artistic and sustainable décor, featuring oak wood furniture, kotah stone flooring and eco-friendly Vedic paints, aligning with the project’s commitment to aesthetics and ecological values; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

“This core element significantly influences the architectural layout. The Enso’s form emphasises linear dynamics and precise spatial organisation, featuring open courtyards and water elements, promoting a fluid transition between interior and exterior,” he adds. 

The home is awash in light, making days spent here bright; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

Connection With Nature

The elegantly designed first-floor passage functions as a connection between two master bedrooms, a guest room and a study cum library, gazing upon the double-height formal living room and garden through clear glass, enhancing vertical flow. 

The integration of biophilic design elements, such as green roofs and landscaped gardens, enhances biodiversity and promotes well-being, while passive design strategies optimise natural light and ventilation to minimise energy consumption. The micro ecology of the water bodies, natural local species of plants build their own ecosystem; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

Light and shadow

“The interplay of light and shadow is a critical element in Enso’s design, with spaces crafted to capture the golden sunlight at different times of the day,” outlines the duo, enthusing that a volley of noteworthy inclusions like paper lamps in the formal living room, wickers and concrete lamps in the bedrooms are reflective of an adherence to both environmental sustainability and aesthetic allure.

Exterior features like the exposed RCC and white textured finishes, with aluminium louvres and mild steel structural elements accentuate the façade, creating patterns of shadow that control harsh sunlight in the central courtyard; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

What’s more, this natural illumination enhances the visual appeal of the architectural features and interior spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere that seduces one to press pause and be present. Sculpting the rockfall to seamlessly integrate with the architectural layout while ensuring structural integrity was both a joy and a challenge.

A small glimpse at the exteriors of the home exudes a modern feel; Photography by Vinay Panjwani

Indeed, there are myriad ways to describe the Enso villa. However, it’s safe to say that every corner of this palatial abode tells a story of nature, a circle of togetherness, where every element converges to create not just a house, but a home. 

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