Scandinavian accents meet the quintessential Goan experience at this holiday home redesigned by Studio Tilt

JUN 8, 2023 | By Diya Shah
The large, white, arched entryway allows daylight to enter the living and dining areas that host minimal and mainly custom-made furniture; Styling by Natasha Kumar and Manthan Yadav; Photograph by Manthan Yadav
With a clean layout and a neutral, tone-on-tone colour palette, the dining area remains true to the Scandinavian design style. The cane floor lotus lamp is from Jaypore. The art has largely been sourced from Calcuttan Gallery & the Kulture Shop; Photograph by Manthan Yadav
A leafy wallpaper greets you upon entry to the ground floor bedroom. All the furniture is made in wood and rattan; Photograph by Manthan Yadav
The ground floor bedroom is connected to the dining room by louvred, folding doors. The wardrobes are minimal yet functional, with a balance of open and closed portions; Photograph by Manthan Yadav
The living room is inspired by a variety of design styles. A central jute chevron rug ties the pieces together. A decor corner near the sofa houses ceramic decor accents, some pampas grass and a bamboo table lamp, bringing a tropical freshness to the space; Photograph by Manthan Yadav
While the space is defined by a light colour palette, black-and-white patterned tiles and backsplash add a certain vivacity to the space.The cabinets are from Livspace; Photograph by Manthan Yadav
The primary bedroom on the first floor is double-heighted and marked by a lively blend of terrazzo tiles, black-stained furniture, and rattan lamps from Akway. The art in black and pink from Calcuttan Gallery; Photograph by Manthan Yadav

When Nordic minimalism meets a tropical Goan aesthetic, the result is a delightfully inviting holiday rental characterised by traditional cane and rattan seamlessly infused into the contemporary monochromatic setting. Designed by Studio Tilt, helmed by Natasha Kumar and Abhijit Sawant, this pristine 1,500 ft three-bedroom home in Siolim, North Goa combines clean minimalism with a youthful freshness and declares a vacation state of mind, while retaining a home-away-from-home feel. 

The living room is an open space that allows ample air and light circulation. The cane lights from Clay Mango add warmth and tropical mood to the room; Styling by Natasha Kumar and Manthan Yadav; Photograph by Manthan Yadav

Feeling at home 

When the designers first entered the space, it was a standard villa with definitive rooms. Wishing to give holiday goers the experience of a whole, unobstructed space with an expansive view of the surroundings, the designers planned an open floor layout. Natural light streams into the home through the large, white arched double doors that lead directly into the living and dining areas. Maintaining a Scandinavian design, the palette is stamped with shades of white and beige, soothing to the eye. The use of wood, cane, rattan and soft lighting add tropical accents while offering a rustic homeliness to the setting. Experimental elements such as striped upholstery, patterned, geometric tiles and quirky artwork bring about a certain vivacity into the space.

Earthy tones characterise the dining room. The lighting is from Jaisons. The kitchen countertop and dining table top are matched using Kalinga stone; Photograph by Manthan Yadav

Minimal yet sassy, the living and dining rooms set the tone for the space to follow. However, it also embodies another goal of the designers: bringing about a blend of form and function that remains true to the style. When faced with challenges, the designers embraced the “less is more” ideology with functionality at its core.

“The area dedicated to the kitchen in the original layout was extremely small and could not accommodate all the appliances usually offered by a premium holiday rental. We integrated the kitchen into the living room, ending it below the staircase so that we could accommodate all kitchen appliances while maintaining the overall look and feel,” explains Natasha. 

The open kitchen ends under the staircase; Photograph by Manthan Yadav

Where light flows

The space takes on a fluid quality as daylight reflects off the monochromatic walls and spills into the ground-floor bedroom. The designers achieved this by partially breaking down the wall between the dining area and bedroom and replacing it with louvred, folding doors that truly open up the space. 

Daylight filters through the glass entrance, and reflects off the monochromatic walls, making for soothing visuals; Photograph by Manthan Yadav

A visual connection between the ground and first floors is achieved through a sleek floating staircase that allows for ample light and cross ventilation across the home. The staircase leads to a lounge with glass windows that doubles up as an additional bedroom. Across the floor, the primary bedroom is a dynamic space, characterised by the stark contrast between the terrazzo flooring and black-stained and rattan furniture. Balconies and private nooks across the home ensure a moment of peace to enjoy the Goan landscape. 

Originally a lounge, this bedroom has a warm wooden flooring that breaks away from the patterned tiles across the home; Photograph by Manthan Yadav

“The idea was that you may want to be cut off from the world on a holiday, but shouldn’t have to be cut off from each other within the space,” concludes Natasha. Borrowing from its surroundings and embracing the casual, breezy and coastal vibe makes this Nordic-inspired holiday home a space that complements the quintessential Goan experience.

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