A mixed bag of surprises and excitement—Isprava’s newly launched property designed by Nishita Kamdar wraps the Goa house with elements of nature

NOV 7, 2022 | By Tanvee Abhyankar
The dining table is cast in-situ, furniture too is made on-site, lamps by FabIndia, hanging lights by Rangeela Goa, candle stands by Shafik Goa. Cherry on the top are the artefacts from Rangeela Goa and Ikai Asai; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar
The use of indoor plants and accents of yellow and blue against the muted coloured walls and door frames create a coherent, calm effect in the living room; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar
The accessories are all inspired from the sea-nature-sunlight theme. The backgrounds are muted to draw focus on the accessorising game; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar
The furniture in the guest is made on site, lamps are of FabIndia, cushions from Sarita Handa’s Freedom Tree. Chosen artefacts are by Rangeela Goa; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar
The bedroom has a four poster bed with white curtains around it, making it the perfect place to retire to; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar
The exteriors of the property give out a very strong Goan-Portguese impression, with the imposing white paint and the typically styled railings and beautiful arcades; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

Not very often do we come across a house that does not overpower its own elements, and radiates calm to the user in the simplest ways possible. And like they say “if the mother is happy, the child is also born happy”, so was the case for Nishita Kamdar while designing this house. As a result, the house radiates good spirit.

Located in Assagao, Goa, the villa is designed for a family of four by the principal architect of Studio Nishita Kamdar and her team.

Nishita Kamdar
A calm show is put up in the living room with traditional design elements muted in background and vibrant fabrics playing the foreground; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

Hitting the brief

Isprava being a unique brand owning luxury properties in Goa, have their own way of channelling communication and creativity. In this case, the designer Nishita Kamdar and her team never met the clients in person, but only knew them through their brief. The clients from Mumbai own a successful hair salon chain and had a very simple brief—they wanted a home away from home, an oasis where they can reconnect, reconfigure and relax. Since the brief was basic yet crisp, the process became exciting since there was a lot to learn and experiment with—interior styles, brands and their philosophies, landscaping and everything in between.

Nishita Kamdar
The dining area is designed with a high dining table in stone, supported by bar chairs. The light fixtures used in the house are used here as well, to maintain flow; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

Falling in love

Since this project was Studio Nishita Kamdar’s first ever project in Goa, there was this spirit of exploration that ran along the design process—from the styling in this project to collecting interesting objects that ignite curiosity, to knick knacks that fill up the space.

From getting big elements like tall ceilings, beautiful arched porches, clear french windows and a lovely pool, to creating details and elements of surprise, it was like falling in love.

Nishita Kamdar
The bathroom colour and material palette draws its inspiration from the beach sand and is incorporated in the decor with the help of colours and textures; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

Tour the home

The villa gives out the dominant feature of Goan-Portuguese architectural landscape in the very first glimpse. You start to imagine it further by the first look—cute little windows, porches, verandahs, little water bodies, basically all those lovely things that allow one to pause and relax for a while. Entering the white villa you find yourself in a vestibule that leads to the living room overlooking the verandah, lawn space and swimming pool. The living room has a splendid IPS and stone inlay flooring towards a corner which almost lights up with the first ray of sunlight. Complementing the sun are quirky decals of trees and birds scattered on the walls, greeting you in surprise. Going up on the first floor are 3 private bedrooms and a cosy intimate terrace. 

With a basket full of blue, beige and brown, the guest room on the lower level has furniture made on-site, lamps by Fabindia, flooring by Bharat Flooring, painting by Rangeela Goa and cushions from IKEA and Sarita Handa; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

A theme and an assortment of materials

As the site was in Goa, what better inspiration than the topography of the itself. The colours and elements derived from nature instantly became the focus of the mood and vision boards and things soon started revolving around them. The derivations were in the lines of tropical-themed colour schemes, the considerations to utilise abundant sunlight and the strong belief of sourcing natural and local materials. Because the designer wanted the materials to coexist and not dominate each other, the home displays shades of blue, green and brown imbibed in reclaimed wood, rattan, planters and leather-finished Shahabad stone. Most of the furniture used is slightly larger than the usual sizes to give more room for comfort. Mellowing down the drama of sunlight a little, soft sheers and linens are used to achieve soft hazes.

The son’s room on the upper level has furniture made on-site, lamp shopped from Faindia, cushions by No-Mad, and planters from Ikai Asai; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

Up for a challenge

Like many other things in recent years, this house too is a ‘pandemic-baby’. The completion took around a year since the process became extremely challenging to execute from Mumbai.

“The process for a holiday home involves creating a mood board first and almost building a dream-like storyline for the client to fall in love with, choosing materials, furniture, lights, colours that are in sync with the ethos of the space. We followed an exhaustive process of the above to arrive at curating the right kind of space for our clients”, says principal designer, Nishita Kamdar.

The corner alcove on the exterior of the house has a swing to relax, the soothing accessories and fabrics add to the effect heavily; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

The biggest challenge was in fact the biggest boon – the designers never met the client. That being said, the team, at times, did find it easy to get swayed away with their own designs.

An idea worth using

Inspiration, sometimes is right in front of us and we don’t see it. In the case of this house, the designer derived the vision board inspiration right from the surroundings in front of the site. By doing so, the property has stayed in sync with its context and also has achieved a way to use locally sourced materials. Using the topography to the house’s advantage is beneficial in many ways and is definitely a takeaway.

Scroll down to see more glimpses of this project

Nishita Kamdar
A sofa chair sits with beautiful fabrics surrounding it, and a window that lets in the air and light, the house decides to give you peace in pieces; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar


Nishita Kamdar
The house has open spaces around it which are utilised in one way or another, to increase the beauty and functionality of it. These sun loungers are a part of such spaces; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar


Nishita Kamdar
The property is blessed with a cosy terrace area which has furniture made on-site, decorated with No-Mad fabrics, Ikea, and West Elm; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar


Nishita Kamdar
The furniture in the guest is made on site, lamps are of FabIndia, cushions from Sarita Handa’s Freedom Tree. Chosen artefacts are by Rangeela Goa; Photography by Studio Nishita Kamdar

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