Sailakshmi Architects delivers sophistication with a side of urban views in this Chennai home

DEC 23, 2021 | By Twinkle Tolani
The teak and stone veneer wall perfectly blend with the centre table from Orange Tree in the living room; Photographs by Yash Jain
The dining table from Orange Tree introduces a modern aesthetic into the combined space; Photographs by Yash Jain
Art from Ayushi Jain and planters from Concrete Crio strengthen the modern aesthetic in the dining area; Photographs by Yash Jain
Views from the living area balcony and the accent wall render the space breath-taking and serene; Photographs by Yash Jain
Upon entering the home and treading down the lobby, the light flooded living space comes into appearance; Photographs by Yash Jain

Sophistication falls in a whirlwind romance with urban views in this 1300 sq ft Chennai home on the 30th floor at Hiranandani OMR. Designed by Sailakshmi Venkatesh, founder at Sailakshmi Architects (SLA), the 3BHK apartment is home to a couple and their eight-year-old child.

Focused on bringing the outside in, the home is resplendent in uninterrupted views of the sea, sky and the city. The client’s requests were simple—the design had to be easy to maintain and a mantle.

The front door opens into a lobby that, in turn, leads to the communal spaces of the home. A little bit of grandiose play lines the open living and dining areas. Between the stone and wood accent wall and a view of the limitless sky framed by a balcony, one faces a dilemma of deciding what to gawk first.

As textures and tones take over in the living area, SLA makes use of green to balance out the strong colours; Photographs by Yash Jain


The white marble mantle acts as a robust interlude between the dining and living spaces; Photographs by Yash Jain


The dining area sports accent items that take it from nice to top-notch effortlessly; Photographs by Yash Jain

The accent wall stretches across the living area, right from the entrance lobby to the balcony. Next to this eye-catching wall, the client’s request for a mantle manifests itself in a clean shade of white.

The mantle is a feature of great focus; due to its striking and simple appearance and the position that makes it visible from all spaces in the home. Open shelves across the rooms conform to the mantle’s style while providing the freedom to renew and revamp the decor as the seasons change.

Resplendent in neutral tones and rich textures, the living area is a space full of permutations and combinations; Photographs by Yash Jain


Art by Ayushi Jain atop a console table adds playful vibes to the dining area; Photographs by Yash Jain


Olive coloured chairs put a spin amongst the cream upholstered sofas in the living space; Photographs by Yash Jain

The dining area lies on the other side of the mantle. A metallic lighting fixture overlooks a chic, six-chair dining table with a matching console in the space. Tucked away next to the aforementioned spaces are the kitchen and study room.

Unlike the showmanship portrayed until now, pragmatism and practicality take the reins in the rest of the rooms. The calmness of the upcoming spaces translates as a poetic genesis from openness and richness to cosiness and simplicity.

A breakfast counter for two accounts for cosy Sunday mornings in the kitchen; Photographs by Yash Jain


Cabinet shutters finished in PU in a shade of green against a marble-finished backsplash render the kitchen fun; Photographs by Yash Jain


In the study room, a planter from Ripples and wall art from Etsy help attain a focused vibe; Photographs by Yash Jain

However, the design language remains centred throughout, only the clout on functionality wavering slightly along the course. The singular theme of nature binds all the spaces in harmony.

No space juts out and disrupts the flow of the house. Just like the living and dining rooms that effortlessly coalesce or the kitchen and study that act as the ideal bridge between the public and private spaces of the house, the bedroom oozes a restful and serene aura as the private and final spaces of the home.

In the primary bedroom, bedding from Altrove and side lamp from Decor Kart pull the aesthetic of the space together; Photographs by Yash Jain


Unlike the other spaces, the bedrooms of the House S&S shy away from showmanship; Photographs by Yash Jain

“The bedrooms invoke an almost meditative experience through a conscious interplay of textures, colours and clean, modern accent pieces,” says Venkatesh. While this holds for both the bedrooms, the daughter’s room sports tones and textures rendering it brighter and playful enough to be suitable for her even as she blossoms into adolescence.

“Homes are poetry in three-dimensional space. From the colours that grace the wall to the choice of lights shining up or down—every design decision contributes to the home’s personality. House S&S by Sailakshmi Architects is no exception. It is poetry at the confluence of nature and design. Inspired by the views of the sky, city and sea that surround the house, bright and warm shades of blues, greens and browns offset a neutral palette to set the tone for a calming environment. Furniture, design details and highlight elements add to this visual foundation and layer by layer, turn this home into a sanctuary for the family,” concludes Venkatesh.

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