Sona Reddy’s ‘Sage’ is a saga replete with tropical elements and an earthy palette

DEC 25, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
The dining room is bathed in sage green hues with wooden furniture to add warmth; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar
The master bedroom is covered in a blend of blue and white hues with rustic wooden furniture; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar
The sage green bathroom features patterned wall tiles and a wooden console; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar

Inspired by a hue-spirited narrative is this 4,400 sq ft residence designed by Sona Reddy. The Hyderabad home embraces the indoor-outdoor sentiment and is bathed in modern tropical goodness and an earthy palette.

While the city of pearls is home to some of the most luxurious abodes, this one pays ode to the soothing hue of sage green. Designed for a young family who wanted a greener and homely abode, Reddy opted for a muted design vocabulary that fuses tastefully with pops of colour through plus elements and nuanced vignettes across the home.

Hints of traditional charm and a modern aesthetic are married to highlight the home’s green and white theme, symbolising nature and warm light. A pocket of botanicals in the grey-blue hued lobby welcomes visitors inside, where the formal living room sits on the left side. A captivating sculpture of a mango tree with an antique chest is placed in the passageway.

The formal living room features earthy elements and accessories; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar

Every corner of the home is accented with a mix of modern and traditional Indian elements. On the right, the informal living and media room are divided by a breeze block partition that allows warm light to filter in.

A breeze block separates the informal living and dining areas; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar

Further inside are the bedrooms that are differentiated by colours—a gradual change from tandur flooring to grey and green cement tiles from Bharat Floorings is seen. The master bedroom is a combination of blue and white, the kid’s features a pop of yellow, while the common areas such as the living, dining and kitchen stick to the green palette.

A rustic dining area is placed in this green-hued zone; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar

“The house if kept minimal with the help of uncommon materials such as the locally sourced tandur and cement flooring. Our aim was to go no further than 100 km to source these materials. When it came to the furniture, we reclaimed and reused part of the owner’s existing collection,” shares Reddy.

View of the kitchen through the breeze block; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar

Greenery finds its way into the home through lush planters, luminous spaces and natural ventilation. Local materials, breeze blocks, non-toxic paint and minimal use of glass promote sustainable design throughout the home. 

Planters are placed in every nook to add a sense of freshness; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar

“Our design philosophy focuses on using locally available materials and various local artisans in our work. When you look at the space, you will realise from the materials and colour palette that this space encapsulates all the elements of our signature style,” concludes Reddy.

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The formal living room is decorated by Sona Reddy with a traditional table and shutters made of cane and wood; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


A large art piece of a Bharatnatyam is placed in the formal lounge; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


Minimal decor and cement flooring make up this bedroom; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


Green is brought into the more private zones with the help of furniture and flooring; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


A mango tree sculpture is paired with an antique chest and traditional decor; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


A cushy couch is seen in the informal living room; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


A yellow-hued bathroom features scaling on the wall and a quirky mirror; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar


The master bath is cloaked in blue and white hues; Photographs by Richa Kashelkar