Director of Dialogues by Nirmals—Sachin Chauhan shares 5 tips to style your home with linen

JAN 2, 2023 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Dialogues by Nirmals leads the connoisseurs of good life into a world of coveted interior products of unmatched quality and aesthetics; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals
Dialogues by Nirmals offers unparalleled interior furnishings solutions by addressing the unique needs and sensibilities of their elite clients – both individuals and professionals in the luxury interior space; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals
Instill textures that elicit an emotion, compel you to wonder, transport you on a journey of self discovery; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals
Fabrics and textiles that comfort your mind, body and soul; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals

When you think of a holiday/leisure home, the first thing that comes to your mind is a space overlooking a sea or a mountain range with pristine white linen sheers flowing in the breeze. Now, that the mood is set, here are five style tips by Sachin Chauhan, director of Dialogues by Nirmals, to set up a perfect leisure home decked up in linen. 

With a rich legacy of 40 years working with yarns and crafting them into bespoke fabrics synonymous with the pinnacle of quality and beauty, Dialogues by Nirmals strives to be one of the most exclusive and coveted Editor Labels the Indian market has witnessed; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals

1. Earthy colours and tones

As a natural material that spells chicness, comfort and breathability, linen is the best material for holiday homes. Dress your windows with linen drapes in earthy colours and tones in order to lend a calming look to your home. Soothing shades like whites, beiges, grays or browns in either solids or with subtle prints and textures will give your space a relaxing vibe perfect for a leisure home. 

A keen eye that pays attention to small details makes for a space that communicates with you in a harmony of visual compositions that comfort the soul; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals

2. Ideal for upholstery 

Linen is synonymous with comfort, coolness and strength. So it is ideal for upholstery as well. More over, it exudes a laidback vibe that is just right for leisure spaces. At the same time, it gives a soothing, yet sophisticated appeal to any interior space. Linen fabrics made of special techniques and blends have extra durability, they have higher Martindale as compared to traditional linen.

Offering the most exclusive and coveted products to clients who are connoisseurs of quality of life and celebrated design professionals, the brand intrinsically understands the finest yarns, perfectly woven fabrics, and the power of unique patterns to transform interiors; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals

3. Table Manners

Do up your table using linen. Go for chic linen table cloths, table runners, place mats and napkins in order to achieve a naturally luxurious setting that is just right for supper with your loved ones. Embellish them with laces, beads and embroidered small florals or other motifs to add enchanting details. Believe us, there’s no better material than linen for your tables.

The brand intends to be a catalyst in the exchange of ideas between clients and their teams through fabrics that bring the right kind of texture and luminosity to your space; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals

4. A bed of roses

Have poster beds draped in pristine white linen to bring in a dreamy mood to your leisure bedroom. The colour white plays an important role especially in your bedroom by calming your thoughts and evoking a tranquil atmosphere. Beyond this, adorn your bed in multiple layers of bed linen. Start with a linen flat sheet decked up with multiple layers of cushions with textures and prints, and finish with a bedcover that matches your mood and personality. A final touch in the form of a textured linen throw will make your bed look immensely inviting. 

Indulge in a conversation and stir a dialogue with your space; Photography courtesy Dialogues by Nirmals

5. Wall of fame

Linen as a material is very versatile, it can also be used for wall-coverings. At Nirmals, we are working with numerous linen materials to make stunning wall arts. Embroidered linen clad on frames looks as good as a commissioned oil painting and adds to the charm of any space. 

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