Restaurant Living Bakkali in Spain imagined by Masquespacio traces the design marvels of the Middle East

JAN 21, 2022 | By Subikshaa Stalin
Living Bakkali, a restaurant located in the Spanish coastal city of Valencia, pays homage to Middle Eastern design; Photographs by Sebastian Erras
Curved arches in the restaurant display a clever performance, as aesthetic elements as well as frames creating exclusive spaces; Photographs by Sebastian Erras
The restaurant views heavy aesthetic inspiration from the curved lines and sand tones of adobe architecture; Photographs by Sebastian Erras
The restaurant accommodates couch seatings for larger groups as well as intimate smaller spaces for private settings; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

A visual testament to Valencia’s celebratory spirit, the all new Living Bakkali restaurant in Spain’s coastal city breaks ground in a contemporary reinterpretation of Middle Eastern design details. 

A design project authored by Masquespacio, a Spanish design agency by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, the restaurant reveals itself through a layout of various sectioned spaces that recreate corners of Orient’s diner lounges, hosting visitors to culinary delicacies unique to Living Bakkali.

Living Bakkali restaurant in Spain Valencia
Living Bakkali is designed as a treat both for one’s perception as well as their palette; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

Detailing the design philosophy adopted for this project,  Ana and Christophe elaborate that the design at Living Bakkali gives a glimpse into the most profound part of the desert, connecting the patrons with an absorbing environment full of wonder and mystery.

Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
Oblique earthy-toned microment walls are an ode to ornament notions found in middle eastern construction; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

With an electric amber palette dominating the restaurant narrative, the design piques curiosity, encouraging visitors to interact with the space. Delightful arches, seamless curves, abstract windows and tasteful decor accentuate the dining experience while rendering the space with a subtle vintage appeal. Additionally, dry ferns, pampas and other plants are perfectly integrated here bringing alive a Mideast feel. 

Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
Illustrated to exhibit as a cultural walk down a middle eastern street from vintage times; Photographs by Sebastian Erras


Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
The Valencia-based restaurant showcases beautiful ferns and wall decorations adding to the design elevation; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

The central hall connecting the entrance to the kitchen leads guests through the space, exploring each area of the restaurant, from the more intimate 2-person seating zone to the couches for larger groups. A higher level space allows a generous, luxurious view of the restaurant. 

Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
Masquespacio uses classic earthy palette and textured materials to recreate Arabian influences in its design; Photographs by Sebastian Erras


Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
The curtains provide the patrons with a sense of privacy inside; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

The initial spaces of the halls make one feel as though they’re walking through the culturally rich streets of a different time, while the second part takes you through a corridor that incorporates private dining rooms and the restaurant’s bathrooms. 

The designer duo informs on the usage of distinct forms and materials in Living Bakkali, recalling that at every nook, a contrasting composition of organic forms is achieved along with striking lighting effects. Using clay throughout the entire design, an adobe effect is splashed on walls, floors and ceilings, reiterating that the method is executed completely by hand.

Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
Low-slung seating, neutral homey hues and humble materials radiate a rooted orient experience; Photographs by Sebastian Erras


Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
Clean lines and cleaner palette takes over the washroom at the restaurant; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

Like its name suggests, Living Bakkali is a place to enjoy multi-sensory experiences as earthy tones and sensitive lighting evoke the ever-present mystery of deserts.

Living Bakkali Valencia restaurant
A tribute to Mideast’s architecture, Living Bakkali from all turns and corners serves striking views; Photographs by Sebastian Erras

With multiple accolades to its name, including the prestigious title of Young Talent of The Year by Elle Deco International 2020, Masquespacio continues to work on several projects across Qatar, Spain, Italy, France and USA and more. 

Living Bakkali Address: Carrer de Xile, 9, 46021 València, Valencia, Spain

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