This neutral canvas by RC Design Studio makes the Mumbai skyline and natural light the main character

MAR 21, 2023 | By Bhipasha Hinduja
White forms the base for the entire apartment. A built-in Vertvista planter softens the room. TV wall veneer from Acespace veneers and fluting from Suveneers adds a pop of colour; Photographs by Nayan Soni

“My design philosophy is form follows function with emphasis on the usability of every space being predominant and no fads and design styles are adhered to. Just because I like a monochrome theme doesn’t mean that I will enforce the client to use the same. I strongly believe the house should reflect the client’s personality and style,” says the partners of RC Design Studio when asked about their design philosophy behind this Mumbai home. 

A cosy 1400 sq ft apartment on the 78th floor of a high rise in Worli, this apartment is designed by Cherag Bardolivala and Roozmehr Bardolivala, Partners at RC Design Studio.  Elaborating on their design language, Cherag and Roozmehr say, “We never design on a theme. We see how different spaces respond to the light and the movement pattern in the house. We closely discuss the needs and the wants of each and every occupant of the house and then decide the design and décor of each and every space.”

A neutral canvas in beige, the living room sofa is upholstered in a fabric from A to Z furnishing. Candle platter and artefact box from Oma Living is set atop a centre table from Furniturewala. The cushion covers and curtain are from A to Z furnishings and the floor lamp and cotton throw is from IKEA; Photographs by Nayan Soni

The curious brief

This house is a perfect example of making natural light and the vistas a hero. A modern apartment with flowing materials bleeding into all the spaces of the house binding it in a cohesive language. A canvas of neutral palette and subdued tones, with accented wallpapers adding a pop of colours.

“The project at Parkside was of a very dear friend who entrusted the whole design process and decision making to us and gave us a free hand to propose the design we felt relevant for the house,” says the designer duo.

he study lounge features a lounge chair from IKEA, side table from, Vertvista moss stick plant in a concrete planter, study table laminate from Classic Ply N wood with fluting from Suveneers and curtains from A to Z furnishings; Photographs by Nayan Soni

Turn every corner of this home

Upon entrance, the small foyer leads to a temple and kitchen. To give the elevation a seamless look, wooden fluted panels have been used. The temple door is highlighted in subtle champagne leafing. 

The living room features a welcoming sectional sofa and a built in planter to soften the room and add a pop of colour. A mirror wall behind the custom made four seater circular dining table makes the room visually spacious. 

Mirror from Kohler and glass makes the dining room look visually spacious. The dining console shutters are from PSK Hardware, fluting from Suveneers, ceiling hanging light and lamp from IKEA, vase from OMA Living and gold tray from Nicobar; Photographs by Nayan Soni

The passage leads to 3 private spaces. A glass sliding door opens into a small study area which accommodates a sofa bed, a lounger, a wall unit and a desk.

The passage leads to 3 private spaces. It is decked in ceiling lights from IKEA on a grey painted ceiling using Mumbai paints while the photo frames in the hallway are from Cloth and Canvas. The bedroom features vinyl flooring from Classic Ply N Wood. The night lamp from IKEA sits on a side table from Craftsmill and the soft furnishings on the bed have been selected from a collection at AA Living. The bedroom also features artwork from Archelix Studio; Photographs by Nayan Soni

Making the views the highlight of the master bedroom, all elements are designed in a way to avoid hindrance. With ample built in storage and wardrobes lining one wall, a custom designed bed in the room faces the view outside.

Sage green takes over the master bedroom. Wallpaper and cushion covers from A to Z furnishings and cactus from IKEA compliment the theme. The laminate is from Classic Ply N wood, mirrors from Hem glass, bedsheet from AA Living and cotton throw from IKEA; Photographs by Nayan Soni
The daughter’s study nook is designed with wallpaper from A to Z furnishing, study chair and photo board from IKEA, wooden owls from Home Center, study table laminate from Classic Ply N wood and grey wall paint from Mumbai painters; Photographs by Nayan Soni

The daughter’s room is in the corner of the house. “I enjoyed designing the daughter’s room the most. The neutral grey scheme and wooden flooring forms the perfect base to keep the interior colours understated and give prominence to the fantastic view. Custom textile artwork procured from Sarita Handa forms the primary focus of the room,” says the designers. Maintaining the functionality, the room is given ample space for the daughter to showcase her artwork. 

Ideas to bookmark

At the entrance foyer, wooden fluted panels have been used along the entire wall which conceals the kitchen door, electrical board and the shoe cabinet. This makes the house capacious and gives it an uncluttered look. 

“The colour palette for the whole house is neutral. White forms the base for the entire apartment and every space is then highlighted with either an accent colour or a highlighter wallpaper. To save cost and economise on the budget there is no veneer used in the whole house and we have used a lovely open grained laminate and got a fantastic result,” concludes the designers.

Scroll down to see more glimpses of this home:

The master bedroom features floral wallpaper from A to Z furnishings. The light fixtures and pieces of curio have been chosen from IKEA while the bed sheet and cushion covers from A A Living create a restful environment; Photographs by Nayan Soni


In the daughter’s bedroom, the bed headboard fabric and wallpaper is from A to Z furnishings, bedsheet from AA Living, bedside lamps from IKEA, cushion covers from AA Living and A to Z furnishings, photo frame from Archelix Studio and a wooden owl from Home Center; Photographs by Nayan Soni


In the daughter’s bedroom, side tables from CraftsMill sit atop vinyl wooden flooring from Classic Ply N wood; Photographs by Nayan Soni


On a carpet from Jaipur Rugs, a sofa from IKEA doubles as a bed in the study lounge. The cotton throw and cushion covers on it are from IKEA and the curtain and wallpaper is from A to Z furnishings. The display unit showcases a lamp and planter from IKEA, a black horse and photo frame from Pure Home + Living, Greek and Deer head sculpture from OMA Living and vases from Azaaya; Photographs by Nayan Soni

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