Revolutionary, robust and resilient—RB 182 residence in Ludhiana designed by Minimalist Architecture & Design Studio is an expanse of luxury

DEC 20, 2022 | By Tamanna Doctor and Shriya Goyal
With the walls and surfaces of this courtyard of black Kadappa stone, lights from HYBEC and iGuzzini illuminazione; styling by Rahul Kukreja, Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
The front elevation has paint from Jotun and unique fenestration from Candor View; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
In the master bedroom the walls of black Kadappa stone and Amorino steel grey veneer by Duroply, paint by Dulux, lights from HYBEC and iGuzzini illuminazione and bedsheets and throws from Sarita Handa; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Where do I begin with this place? No seriously where do I begin. This expansive home by Minimalist Architecture & Design Studio has lush untouched landscapes. 

The RB 182, a 14,316 sq ft space, designed by principal architect Samridh Aneja of Minimalist Architecture & Design Studio and styled by Rahul Kukreja is a residence in the southern suburban outskirts of Ludhiana city with gorgeous monochromatic minimalist design.

Luxurious greys in the formal lounge; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

The curious brief

After discussions with the homeowners, a modern open and flexible layout was agreed upon. The core of the design philosophy was to have abundance of natural light and ventilation, an open plan layout with an unapologetic contemporary and minimal finish.

Stark contrast and clean designs in the outdoor bar; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

“Driven by all the trappings of minimalism, the building reiterates its connection to nature in whichever direction one chooses to look. Lush greens, filtering sunlight, and reflective indoor water body synchronously envelope and penetrate the built mass, thereby establishing the narrative of a suspended structure emerging from the exuberant foliage.” says Samridh Aneja

Tour every turn of this home

Segregated into three monolithic blocks connected by continuous spaces, the in-between voids transform into courtyards and open spaces. A meandering driveway with a cluster of trees establishes a connection with nature at the entrance. The waterbody forms a perfect gap between the building and its surroundings.  The highly ventilated area connects the house to natural open spaces. 

The formal lounge has a gorgeous view of the outdoor water body; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Whilst the formal lounge, family lounge and kitchen are planned on either side of the entrance foyer, the formal dining is located at the heart of the building, opening up on the landscaped deck on the left and a central waterbody on the right. 

Located on the first floor, the master lounge divides yet merges the formal and informal areas. The master and son’s bedrooms placed alongside on the same floor overlook the waterbody and outdoor decks. The office, library, audio/visual room and gym also take the first floor. All rooms follow a monochromatic theme with rich minimal design, and yet have their own individual voices.

With unique characters, the house has a set of two staircases. Establishing a link between the landscape and the hybrid office block is the external staircase casted in aluminium. 

The formal dining space has an eye catching statue; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

The second set of stairs, located on the outside defies gravity with a set of suspended tensile cables, wrapped in sheets of aluminium and veneer, gradually unfolding from the ground floor private areas to the suite rooms on the upper floor.

The outdoor bar is curtailed by glass with a wooden pattern on the ceiling mirroring the stone grooved flooring. A glimpse of the brutal external material palette can be reflected on the edges of the feature wall.

Ideas to bookmark—colours and materials

In order to maintain the same profile inside and outside the building, brutal greys of the exterior craft a symphony of sophisticated whites in the interiors. 

The honed finish Black Kadappa stone and brushed Zinc metal sheet envelopes the large flanging settlement of the façade with a set of aluminium iterations to perform a dramatic light and shadow show on the building planes. The upper blocks are finished in white paint, enhancing the floating effect and reducing the visual mass. Use of glass and steel add a sense of weightlessness to the building and establishes the indoor-outdoor union.

White Bianco Lasa flooring reflects the daylight entering the home through the liquid glass screens and layers of white fabric drapes along with subtle interactions between veneers and aluminium wall finishes.

The master bedroom has furnishings from MILANO TESSUTI and accessories from H&M and BoConcept; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

“A building thrives when designed as a distinctly singular entity with an overarching theme. Guided through the pristine lens of minimalism, the structural ingenuity, design aesthetic, material palette, fabrics and furnishings, all remain in coherence and perpetuate the overall execution of the design philosophy and create an isotropic, abstract and homogeneous space,” says Samridh Aneja.

What the designer loves most…

Bianco lasa stone flooring with black leather finish granite and seasoned Ipe wood in the courtyard; Photography by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Simple form, materials, voids and strategies seem extremely simple and minimal to look at, however are very complex to achieve. “The aim for this multi-level home was to make the upper floors appear as if they’re resting gracefully on the brutal grey bottom settlement. This presented the opportunity to play with expressive forms and voids to carve different series of spaces that open generously to the immersive surrounds,” concludes the Principal Architect. 

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