Raw and rustic with a pop of colour—this 15 year old Chennai home revived by Studio Rêve evokes freshness and warmth

NOV 21, 2022 | By Shriya Goyal
The centre table by Gulmohar lane, pink Burmese finial and Nandi vibutti box from HeritageBlend- The Studio is arranged in the living room; Photography credits Phosart Studio
A pop of pink in the 6-seater dining room brings out the melange of colours; Photography credits Phosart Studio
Guest bedroom with a side lamp from Purple Turtle and table from IKEA has art deco wallpaper and a brass swan paandaan box from HeritageBlend- The Studio; Photography credits Phosart Studio
Buddha painting by Dutta Bhansode is on display in the master bedroom; Photography credits Phosart Studio

The idea of something new appeals to each one of us once in a while—be it a trending wardrobe, latest gimmicks or our everyday shelter, hence home. Similar was the case with the owner’s of this 15 year old home revived by Studio Rêve.

Designed by Hariti Aditya and Amita Joy, Co-Founder and Principal Designers at Studio Rêve, this 1700 sq ft home is located in R.A Puram, Chennai. 

Two auto painting with a pop of red and green in the living room are by N Senthil Kumar and Annapakshi lamp finial on a wooden base is from HeritageBlend- The Studio; Photography credits Phosart Studio

The curious brief

Adhering to the brief for a home that evokes warmth, freshness and a pop of colour, the homeowner’s wished to retain their existing furniture as much as possible.

The dining room has a rosewood table acquired from their ancestral farmhouse, re-upholstered chairs and painted mirrors from HeritageBlend- The Studio; Photography credits Phosart Studio

Hariti and Amita reminisce, “In terms of structural changes, we opened up the living and dining by removing a wall in between and made it one big space. We brought in the balcony to the living space and added a french window to allow light and ventilation into the space.”

Tour every turn of this home

A wooden partition wall with cut-outs and quirky pop-ups draws the eye at the entrance and allows light into the space. The removable blocks house a knot and cross game with the family’s name as a crossword. Window to the soul, an antique window refurbished as a mirror comes next. 

Demarcated with the wooden flooring is this corner in the living room, displaying an expandable bookshelf; Photography credits Phosart Studio

Turning into the living space, pops of different colours, textures and materials are displayed on a backdrop of muted grey. Eliminating the traditional pooja space, a Tulsi plant painting by Usha Devi slides open to a very sleek prayer space. 

The wardrobe with grey lacquered glass sliding shutters makes for uncluttered storage space; Photography credits Phosart Studio

Elaborating on the same, Hariti and Amita say, “We incorporated cement walls throughout the house to keep the rustic feel going and added refurbished furniture pieces to elevate the luxury element for the space. Several spaces with a pop of colour add spice to the rawness of the interiors.”

Situated behind the partition, the dining room houses the ancestral hexagonal table.

Complemented with subtle colour is the master bedroom with a study corner showcasing a table by Pepperfry and a preowned rosewood chair; Photography credits Phosart Studio

Guest room is the next stop. Adjacent to the living, this room is white has equal amounts of black and wooden accents. Accessible from the dining space are the kitchen, kids room and the master bedroom.

Custom-made with rattan and lacquered glass base is the study table in the guest bedroom; Photography credits Phosart Studio

Washed in pale green, the master bedroom features a four poster bed and an ethnic study table setup next to the window. The wooden accents continue with the walk-in wardrobe and balcony doors. 

Nourishing the kids’ sensitivities alongside bringing a mature outlook, their room is designed with single beds, quirky artworks and charming accessories. 

Ideas to bookmark

The colour palette includes all cool colours such blue, grey and moss green beautifully complimented by wood that adds warmth to the space. A pop pink in the living room furniture brings out the melange of colours.

Kid’s bedroom forms a pleasant space with frames by Travel post cards; Photography credits Phosart Studio

Most of the furniture has been refurbished. Single seaters and storage unit in the living room, dining table and chairs, guest room bed and side tables, kids beds and the master walk-in wardrobe doors which were made from the existing living room balcony doors.

Raw, rustic with a pop of colour is the theme balanced throughout the house.Hariti and Amita say, “Our design philosophy is subtle but functional and our USP has been to refurbish as much of the client’s heirloom furniture as possible. We also like to keep the client’s aesthetics in mind while we go about renovating a home of their taste and liking.”

Scroll down to catch more glimpses of this home:

The foyer features a martaban pot adjacent to which is a cow sculpture from HeritageBlend- The Studio, a shoe cabinet and a partition are custom-made and planter by Beruru; Photography credits Phosart Studio


The walk-in repurposed door of the master bedroom is from the existing balcony door with fluted glass calls out for design sensibilities; Photography credits Phosart Studio


The walls of the living room are textured with Asian paints marble stucco finish. The flower-shaped side table is by Anantaya near a custom-made sofa; Photography credits Phosart Studio


The basin unit in the dining room is custom-made with fluted wooden beading, a planter from Beruru and G Raman paintings; Photography credits Phosart Studio


The check patterned wall tiles call out for style with blue flooring and a glass partition in the restroom; Photography credits Phosart Studio


Painting by Usha Devi on the pooja unit is exhibited in the sleek prayer space; Photography credits Phosart Studio

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