The art of good living is redefined in this sprawling Raipur farmhouse by Rishabh Luniya and Associates

APR 4, 2022 | By Kashish Kaushal
Featuring furniture from Lifestyle Furnishings Raipur, the living room reflects a snug setting in its decor, soft furnishings and decor by Casa Dream; Photographs by Prashant Bhat Styled by Mamta Jain
Accent light fixtures by Light Zone Raipur add a contemporary character to the rustic bedroom, bedding by D'Decor and Casa Dream; Photographs by Prashant Bhat Styled by Mamta Jain
Exhibiting an enhanced connection in tune with the exteriors of the landscape, the dwelling dons a material palette of exposed brick, cast-in-situ concrete panels, stone, and wood. Grigio Scuro Quartz flooring from Rathi's Build Mart; Photographs by Prashant Bhat Styled by Mamta Jain

Oftentimes, true luxury is associated with exclusivity and the ability to lead a private life, away from the city chaos. Imagine being one with nature, tucked comfortably in snug corners of your home, surrounded by your loved ones. Spread across 14,000 sq ft of farmland, in close proximity to the Energy Park of Chhattisgarh is this Ten Trees Abode designed by Rishabh Luniya and Associates.

Blessed with ten fully grown tropical trees, the structure is planned in a way that engulfs the vegetation around it. Ensuring openness and free flow of space, this abode is the culmination of the efforts of the dream team comprising architects Rishabh Luniya, Kushal Patel, Mamta Jain, Tripti Adwani, Rashi Jain, Garima Dubey, with Deltacom Consultants as structural designers. 

“An open floor plan, natural aesthetics, textured spotlights and a sense of warmth perfectly describe this farmhouse,” reveals Rishabh, Founder of the practice. The client’s brief was crisp and clear—they wanted a space fit for a weekend getaway with one bedroom, an indoor pool, living-dining, and activity areas to entertain a good number of family and friends.

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Contemporary sculptures by Wowscape sketch an artistic semblance amidst the lush lawns of the property; Photographs by Prashant Bhat, styled by Mamta Jain

What makes the Ten Trees Abode special is the earthy palette it carries throughout the space. Be it the elegantly simple structure and form, or the patterned exposed brickwork complementing the in-situ concrete slab with inverted beams, this space is a home away from home for its inhabitants.

A subtle addition of plant life within the interiors of the farmhouse establish a visual connect with the verdant outdoors; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

“Furniture is done in natural wood on-site with specific details justifying a minimalist approach, clear windows, and linear planning resulting in naturally lit spaces forming a remarkable mise-en-scene,” adds Rishabh.

Every room of the Ten Trees Abode by Rishabh Lunia and associates emanates a luxe aura in its design, sanitary fittings by Hansgrohe and Kerovit; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

As one enters, lily ponds right at the entrance enhance the experience of a threshold, paving way for something better. It’s an addition to the already existing beautiful landscape around. Another aspect that is important to note is that privacy is thoroughly maintained throughout the house. 

A stunning wood-finished staircase, surrounded by an imposing plant maintains an organic mood board in the milieu; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

With a quick stroll around, constantly changing views of the outdoors as well as the building unfolds a play of light and shadows as one moves towards the activity area and upwards with a wooden finished staircase surrounding a huge plant.

Imbuing the interiors of the residence with homey essence are decor accessories by Casa Dream, furniture by Lifestyle Furnishings Raipur; Photographs by Prashant Bhat


The bedroom embodies an inviting intimate spirit in soft furnishings by D’Decor and Casa Dream with innuendos of contemporary character with lights from Light Zone Raipur; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

The first floor encompasses a private bedroom area along with a living-dining area, each separated through a glass bridge. Use of texture is game-changing when it comes to nailing down a rustic aesthetic. 

Finished on-site in natural wood, the furniture in the farmhouse persists with the raw material palette of the project; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

The epitome of a farmhouse relies heavily on wood, natural fabrics, and raw materials. With exceptional vantages thriving at every corner, the Ten Trees Abode exudes poise and charm. 

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