A hole in the wall? RAD co + lab transforms this Mumbai workspace with a clever, personalised touch

OCT 5, 2023 | By Esha Shah
The tiles are from Nexion and the neutral textured paint is from Kemtex Paints. The matte black side table is from BoConcept, accessories are from Claymen. The furnishings are by Pride Furnishings; Photography by Kuber Shah

Ever imagined an office space that naturally becomes a space of creativity within the boundaries of home? Ever yearned for an expansion that balances the professionalism of an office with the comfort of your own abode? For those who yearn for spaces illuminated by the sun’s touch, sprinkles of green foliage and an overall organic canvas, rather than artificial beams, this workspace wittily dubbed ‘Hole in the Wall’ in Mumbai imagined by RAD co + lab exceeds all expectations.

Crafted for a young developer who possesses an eye for aesthetics, this space extends just about 350 sq ft, blooming with endless possibilities, however. “He needed a space, simple yet chic, to align with his tastes. The space is an extension of his home, designed for ideation with a few visitors from time to time,” explain Aashna Shah and Ruchir Jain, Co-founders of their research, architecture and design firm RAD co + lab.

home offices rad co + lab
This is the view of the entrance to the home office with vivid green plants outside peeking in; Photography by Kuber Shah


home offices rad co + lab
This is the shot of the entrance of the home office with tiles from Nexion and neutral textured painted walls from Kemtex Paints; Photography by Kuber Shah

This 350 sq ft section comprises an entrance foyer surrounded by tall windows and workstation space, partitioned by a solid white wall. However, the primary challenge faced was the lack of natural light, due to the only presence of a small window. The solution involved adding larger wall openings on both sides to let in more natural light, completely changing the office’s atmosphere. 

home offices rad co + lab
This is the view of the waiting area at the entrance with texture paint on the neutral wall from Kemtex Paints; Photography by Kuber Shah

Illuminated from within 

Nestled in the heart of Bandra, on the ground floor, this home office is crafted with the perfect neutral-toned palette of repurposed teak wood and adorned with a glass door. The anticipation deepens as you approach the grand gateway to the main working area – a sliding glass door, ensconced within a frame of wood. The main work desk sits symmetrical facing the large French windows. 

Yet, it’s not just the aesthetics that keep us intrigued. From the functional perspective, there are many clever storage units and printers discreetly tucked away in a corner which had been crafted using repurposed teak brown wood. “In our opinion, the project is closest to the Japandi style of design as it focuses on creating warmth in the space through a clean and minimalist design approach,” Aashna and Ruchir add.   

home offices rad co + lab
This is the waiting area in the home office with the pendant light from Length Breadth Height; Photography by Kuber Shah


home offices rad co + lab
This is the view of the work table in the home office. The chairs are from Herman Miller whilst the fan is from The White Teak Company. The pendant light on the ceiling is from Length Breadth Height, with accessories are from Claymen; Photography by Kuber Shah

Demonstrating meticulous attention and profound teamwork, RAD co + lab faced a notable challenge in creating an off-centre, organic cantilever table that dynamically expands to support a tabletop. But challenges lead one to triumph, exemplified the best at this workspace! This feature was also beneficial, allowing in abundant natural light. 

RAD co + lab displayed their design passion by crafting personalised spaces from the home office entrance to its core, highlighting the importance of details in space customisation and achieving a harmonious balance between minimalism and layered design, diverting decisively from an overwhelming clutter.

home offices rad co + lab
This is the manager’s desk at the entrance with lighting from The Kaleido Store and textured paint from Kemtex paints; Photography by Kuber Shah

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