Punctuated with beachy aesthetics, this wooden outhouse by Drishty Vaswani & Sidharth Khanna of SAND is a visual treat!

MAY 18, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
Objectry side tables, clock and custom SAND coffee tables are seen along with a carpet from Kaati and curtains and sheers from Floor & Furnishings; Photographs by Rohan Dayal
A vintage cane bed from Nivasa is seen in the guest room paired with cushions from Good Earth and art from SKART; Photographs by Rohan Dayal
A grey sofa from Nivasa Contemporary is paired with Lap & Dado chairs and an upholstered Floor & Furnishings bench accented with a Nicobar throw. A mustard Anderson Safari Chair from J&R Guram adds character along with a sitting dog sculpture from Villa Ortiga; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

As we stay cooped up in our homes, spending our days reminiscing, a tour of this cove in New Delhi makes us nostalgic! Fashioned by Drishty Vaswani and Sidharth Khanna of SAND, this wooden outhouse is peppered with sandy hues, muted materials and memories of the beach!

Housed within a two and a half storey bungalow in Vasant Vihar, the outhouse was incepted by extending the top floor and integrating the existing structure with a new one. Already comprising of a primary bedroom, bathroom and lounge, the designers gave the 800 sq ft outhouse an entry foyer, a living cum dining space, along with a kitchen and bathroom.

Home to a professional golfer and his family, the abode is conceptualised with a contemporary chic aesthetic infused with practicality and functionality.

Clayheads from Claymen greet us at the entrance and offer a peek into the living area; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

A dual-toned staircase leads us to the entrance where a botanical painting with planters on either side demarcates the shift of design between the lower levels and the outhouse. Further, a modern fluted glass French window panel has been used in place of the classic wooden windows.

The staircase is cloaked in shades of grey from Asian Paints. Framed art from SKART along with a Lap & Dado light and Jaypore planter complete the space; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

A set of botanical prints complement the space and are illuminated by a Lap & Dado pipe glass light. A bespoke mango wood fluted door leads us inside into a passage that offers a view of the outhouse.

An Objectry bench with art from SKART is paired with a Muji coat and hand stand; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Hints of green terrazzo are seen in the home and balconies, along with a grainy pink textured paint by Asian Paints. The space is furnished with a bench from Objectry, modern art and essential items.

An Aerglo luminare lights up the foyer with a bespoke console and mirror by SAND, lotus floor lamps by Studio Mianzi and jars from Home Edition; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

The entry foyer is decked with a wall cloaked in moss green, highlighted by a bespoke fluted teak and brass console as well as bamboo lotus luminaires by Studio Mianzi. The moss wall is further accentuated by a set of monochrome family portraits and a round brass mirror.

The dining zone features a custom bar unit from SPIN, a custom table top by Parman Designs with a base designed by SAND. Rouge Iqrup & Ritz chairs are upholstered by Floor & Furnishings along with an Aerglo light; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

“The house breaks away from the conformity of matching colour schemes and materials. Overall we have infused a host of colours and textures across the space while balancing it to bring about a contemporary look,” shares Vaswani.

The custom bar unit by SPIN adds depth to the space and an elephant by Lladro is seen on top; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Meandering inside, we step into the dining space dressed in a sleek grey powder-coated mild steel and wooden crockery cabinet in an arch shape. Offsetting the cabinet is a colourful wine print along with teak and cane side panels marking the kitchen entry.

A Lap & Dado crockery cabinet is seen along with art from SKART; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

A custom made chipped round terrazzo dining table by Parman Designs is paired with Iqrup & Ritz chairs in upholstered rouge tint. A low light glass bubble chandelier from Aerglo Lighting balances the room’s elements and a deep blue bar, custom coloured by SPIN sits in the corner.

Cane shutters mark the entry to the kitchen space through the dining area; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

The living room features an array of collectables on a set of live edge wooden shelves along with a Scandinavian inspired grey sofa from Nivasa. Junin chairs in custom Italian olive leather from Lap & Dado, peg tables, a usable Michelangelo marble tree, a teak bench and a pop yellow camp chair by J&R Guram add character to the space. An abstract piece of art by Sujata Kar Saha binds the space together with a hand-knotted carpet by Kaati.

Good Earth cushions accentuate the sofa while a black and white stripe lamp from Cottons & Satins is paired with avocado from Suite No. 8. A printed bird tray on the table by SKART is seen along with art by Sujata Kar Saha, curated by SKART; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

A set of three Claymen’s clayheads greet us at the entrance of the cosy guest room that will have you wishing you were by the beach! We love this space infused with nostalgia and serenity, featuring a custom cane bed in vintage brown stain from Nivasa, paired with cement jute lights from Oorja, vintage ship prints and a leather ottoman trunk. 

An olive throw from Idam complements the Sarita Handa bedcover. Also seen is a custom ottoman trunk by SAND and deer sculpture from Villa Ortiga; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

“Even though the palette for the bedroom has been kept neutral, we have layered the space with various textural materials such as rattan, wood, leather fabric and hints of jute and concrete to create depth and character,” adds Khanna.

Lamps from Oorja complement the space and Freedom Tree vases are seen on the side tables; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Binding the bed area is a chevron rug and an ivory Kantha bed cover from Sarita Handa along with classic botanical cushions from Good Earth. Soft light filters through the light sheers and one can enjoy their time reading on the J&R Guram desk chair, kept compact and sleek to suit the cosy space. Memorabilia on the walls are coupled with a Studio Mianzi bamboo basket on the desk. The cupboard comes with an exposed shoe rack and has been made in rattan with a vintage white stain to add a rustic vibe.

Armoire from Lap & Dado is decked with a birdcage from Villa Ortiga. A Lap & Dado study is paired with a J&R Guram chair. The desk is decorated with a Studio Mianzi bamboo basket, a vase from It’s All About Home and lamp from The White Teak Company; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

“Our company foundation and name—SAND, is based on our ability to mould into different styles as per the needs of the project and client. We aim to translate stories into spaces and create something that is visually appealing yet functional irrespective of the design direction and nature of the project,” conclude the designers