Sonal and Bobbi Tuli of Within have orchestrated the use of natural materials and myriad textures for this harmonious penthouse in Delhi

MAR 10, 2021 | By Sonia Dutt, Sonal and Bobbi Tuli
View of the capacious open-plan living and dining room, where bold hues offset the pristine ceiling and marble flooring. Rendered with vivid carpets from Jaipur Rugs and Hands, the space is dotted with furniture from Within; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja
The living room is furnished with a lamp from Within and a floor covering from Hands; Photograph by S Thiru
The dark wood background is well balanced by the regal bed setting in the master room. Below is a floor covering by Jaipur Rugs; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja
The daughter's bright bathroom features a vanity from Within and faucets from FCML; Photograph by S Thiru
This bold powder room features a mirror and vanity from Within with sanitary fixtures from FCML and quirky Claymen accessories; Photograph by S Thiru

Sonal and Bobbi Tuli of Delhi based practice Within give us an exclusive tour of this decadent penthouse in the capital city…

This 5,800 sq ft penthouse is abundant in opulence, cheer and warmth. At the same time, it speaks our practice’s signature language of luxury with cordiality. Bobbi and I have filled it with layers of curiosity, peppered with memories and a mishmash of Indian and international influences.

The narrative stemmed from the client’s brief of a luxurious and personalised haven. An undercurrent of playfulness was then injected to create a joyous environment for their young child to grow up in.

In the dining area, a chandelier from Within illuminates the walls in veneer and wallpaper as well as a Hands carpet; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

We strongly believe that a home must feel like one—aesthetic, functional and highly expressive! So, we curated all elements of design, bringing together refined materiality and chirpy hues.

A partial view of the living room reveals a Jaipur Rugs floor covering, Within’s Sanctum table lamp and blue textured paint from Oikos; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

The careful curation of elements is seen right from the foyer, which makes way for a capacious living and dining space. Natural light spills in through a terrace that overlooks a lush, green neighbourhood.

A vintage hanging lamp from Within is placed near a niche made of veneer and antique mirror in this nook; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

The walls are drenched in dark hues to offset the pristine ceiling, while the marble flooring is dotted with carpets as works of art. The design includes myriad elements, brought together like a melody, and we’ve ensured that each note is in conversation with another.

Folding tables from Within hold identical sculptures in the entrance passageway; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

A juxtaposition of rich colours and patterns brings in conviviality amid lavish finishes and brass accents. Across the home, we’ve added some of Within’s most coveted pieces of fine furniture dovetailed with vintage elements such as a classic bench, antique mirrors, wicker chairs, and distressed lanterns to infuse a truly nostalgic charm.

Sanctum, in the foreground, is an intricate, inlaid side table from Within that juxtaposes two different stones; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

Nearby, the powder room is another intimate yet indulgent exploration of natural materials. It redefines luxury using an intense colour palette, sophisticated technology and artefacts in wicker and clay.

The guest bathroom features a vanity and mirror in white ash veneer, ceramic floor tiles from Intersekt and sanitary fittings and fixtures from FCML; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

The residence houses three bedrooms. The master suite, along with its ensuite facilities, balances splendour and warmth with the help of walnut tinted wood, binding the sleeping and seating elements together. Rich emerald hues are paired here with stone, fabrics and family photographs.

In the guest room, floral blooms are complemented by a carpet from Hands and Within’s Trinity side table that boasts an inlay using four different stones; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

The daughter’s room uses the other end of the colour spectrum—sky blue and white with pops of yellow—making it a lively yet serene space. In fact, we’ve lined her bathroom walls with a yellow picket fence as an extension to this youthful and happy vibe.

A plush Hands rug is used in the daughter’s bedroom; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

Finally, the guest room is akin to a painted canvas of interwoven narratives. Natural materials and a European aesthetic are showcased against the backdrop of a brick wall, while the attached bath is fitted with printed floor tiles to correlate with the boudoir’s visual language.

The Carpet Cellar’s floor covering offsets the dark Italian wardrobes from Grandeur; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

One of our favourite spaces is the terrace. As you walk up the steps, the white brick walls transport you to Greece! It is here that the family spends quality time.

Within’s Braid wicker chair (Bobbi’s favourite) is paired with the Crest coffee table with an inlaid top in Italian stones; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

From a vegetable garden to a seating area under a wooden trellis draped with creepers; a pristine bar to a wooden playhouse; lush palms that outline the parapet to the bougainvillaea overlooking a classic wall fountain and replace—this zone has all the ingredients to be the perfect backdrop for an elegant soirée.

The master boudoir is clad with American walnut wall panelling; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

This picture-perfect abode is nothing short of a lyrical narrative, an immersive experience layered with love and warmth. And these qualities are celebrated in every square inch of the space.

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Detail of a cushion fabric by Peter D’Ascoli and silk bedcover from Shades of India; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja


A wooden door leads us to Grecian-styled terrace; Photograph by S Thiru


Another view of the calming and serene terrace, where the family unwinds; Photograph by S Thiru


A waterbody by Grassroots adds charm to the terrace; Photograph by S Thiru


The guest bathroom features tiles from Intersekt, vanity and mirror from Within, and sanitary fixtures from FCML; Photograph by S Thiru