In the store of Sonal and Bobbi Tuli’s Within

OCT 18, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri
A mishmash of rich, vibrant colours and textures are seen in the dining setting ; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja
The use of purple offsets the black and white stripes in the headboard. The space also features a pair of pouffes ; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

Who is your design hero?Sonal: The original design guru remains ‘Existence’ and its beautiful creations. Then there is Antoni Gaudi’s take on nature, Mario Botta’s pure geometric forms, Vincenzo de Cotiis’ imperfect perfection, Wendell Castle’s and Job Smeets’s sculptural pieces, bold colours and textures by Sabyasachi and Kit Kemp, Kelly Wearstler’s and Andrew Martin’s great mixing of old and new, patterns and textures.Bobbi: Frank Lloyd Wright, Phillipe Starck, Zaha Hadid, to name a few.

Within’s Design Head Sonal Tuli runs the interior design and architecture company with her husband Bobbi Tuli; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


Your happy place…Sonal: The company of my master as well as reading and writing at home. Bobbi: Either a live match at an arena or a day at the beach are hard to top.
What do you splurge on? Sonal: Books and stationery.Bobbi: Travelling across the world to watch sporting events.
I struggle with…Sonal: Social gab.Bobbi: Dishonesty and pretence.
What is your pet peeve? Sonal: Superstitions and pretentiousness amuse me.Bobbi: I cannot abide by the tendency to procrastinate.
Sonal and Bobbi Tuli of Within; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja
An inimitable quality you admire about the other…Sonal: Bobbi’s commitment to fitness. He’s dedicated and consistent and even finds time to workout on hectic business trips.Bobbi: Sonal’s eye for detail is impeccable. She picks out the most outstanding pieces from a sea of curios and accents anywhere in the world.
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These cushy and pleated pouffes are detailed in brass and coloured onyx; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


This decorative piece presents the store’s distinctive aesthetic that marries the old and the new and delivers idiosyncratic yet unique narratives; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


The store’s repertoire is built by Sonal and Bobby Tuli’s commitment to good design, aesthetic sensibility, unparalleled quality and craftsmanship; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


The base of the Many Steps and Arches Dining Table is made of Macassar ebony and gold leaf; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


A striking, hand-crimped steel base with a matching shade lends a unique, 3D character to the Crimp Lamp ; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


The Guardian Console features a winged lion carved in solid wood; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


Within offers exotic and antique home accents. Pictured here is one of Sonal Tuli’s personal favourites; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


This mood board represents the brand’s vast library of patterns, textures and finishes; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


A mix and match of textures, colours, motifs and patterns, as well as objects of antiquity, are available at the store; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja