A museum of personalities and memories by Spaces & Design come alive in this quiet oasis in Kolkata

MAY 9, 2023 | By Suhaani Rai
The formal living room features a sofa from Arflex with a customised centre table made on site sitting atop rug from Cocoon Rugs and art by Ayesha Singh and Nature Morte Art Galleries, Delhi forms the backdrop; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala and Styling by Samir Wadekar
A spacious study unit for both the daughters is done in accents of wood and black with linear and curvilinear form blending to create a unified space. The shutter designs add drama to a minimal room; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
A neutral toned room for the daughters features two individual beds with lighting from Flos and Lightkrafts. Accessorised with rug from Hatsu and furnishings by Yamini Fabrics and Skipper Furnishings. Bespoke lighting at the entrance makes a statement; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
The formal living room features a rug by Cocoon Rugs, a 20 feet community table by Material Immaterial Studio and bar stools from Portside Cafe Delhi in collaboration with Zolijns Designs. The five arches give a peek into the dining area; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
A bespoke table in collaboration with Within along with chairs from NH48 forms the main part of the play room. The side stool is by Avnit and the entire room’s panelling is done on site. The play room also has a world map where the family adds pictures of their travels; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

It is exciting to see how every step inside this home unravels a different chapter, a standout personality of the family of five and leaves you with a lingering impression of its many elements. A careful combination of artworks, materials and memories curated by Pooja Bihani of Spaces & Design with an underlying feeling of serenity defines this den in Kolkata

In the neighbourhood of Outram Street, Pooja along with Anjana and Soumadip strives to make a cocoon while balancing it with vibrant design ideas. A 5,000 sq ft home to the Bansals engulfs a lobby, foyer, an informal and formal living room, a balcony, kitchen, playroom, master bedroom and the children’s bedrooms.

From an ultramarine Asim Waqif wall installation by Nature Morte to lighting pieces by Klove Studio take centrestage, a bespoke octagonal centre table and furnishings from Skipper Furnishings completely balance it out. The side table and rug were sourced from Iqrup & Ritz and Cocoon Rugs respectively, accessorised with apples from Shweta Mansingh by ceramics. Other lights from Lightkrafts and Flos; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala and Styling by Samir Wadekar.

Art revelry, every step of the way

Art, galore. A museum. A sanctuary of comfort. Call it anything. This residence dubbed Ashira, an Urdu term, which translates to ‘who lives together’,  is elegantly layered with artworks and furniture that befit the choices and lifestyle of the family. “The brief was simple. Clients wanted a place where they could appreciate it daily, adapt to their lifestyle, and have a well-lit clutter-free home,” states Pooja.

The dining area features a slatted wall with ceramics by Kavitha Ochre and a vaulted ceiling. The beautiful chair is from Within; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala and Styling


Defined by a vaulted ceiling and marble floor tiles in grey tones, the dining area features table and chairs from The KOY Store and Within respectively. Accentuated with lights from Flos and Lightkrafts and medallion artworks by Artist Kumaresan from Exhibit 320; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Spaces — Eclectic but understated

The main door carved with marble and Brazilian quartz in avocado colour welcomes you into Ashira. The formal living room has a 20 foot communal table and further fuses into a balcony overlooking a captivating view.

The entrance foyer to the home is done royally to give precedence to what the guests have in store; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


The formal living room is a combination of eclectic pieces and artwork that make for great conversation starters featuring an ultramarine wall installation from Nature Morte taking centre stage; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

“We have a lot of art curations, such as a deco art motif on one wall, Scandinavian fur, a sculpture at the back console, and a bespoke octagonal centre table (customised at the site). All these decor works not only give life to the formal living room but also are great conversation starters because each curation has a story related to its belongingness,” reveals the designer.

Calling the dining area a ‘mini environment in itself,’ Pooja has used disparate styles and materials to create this space. Five arches representing the five members on one side, stone wall panelling, a console unit and vaulted ceiling. The grey tones of marble and long matrix lines add elegance and the dining table with panda top and pencil-shaped legs grab the spotlight in this space.

A standout lighting piece by Klove Studio, Delhi hangs over the formal living room. A 20 feet community table by Material Immaterial Studio and bar stools from Portside Cafe Delhi in collaboration with Zolijns Designs continues into the terrace; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


The entrance foyer features a bench from The Wicker Story and the panelling is done on site; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


A gorgeous bench from The Wicker Story forms a cosy sitting spot in the foyer; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

The powder room with a luxurious touch has a shamiana ceiling and an orange satin cloth. Bespoke interiors and chevron handmade tiles with black tinted glass form the cosy kitchen space. 

The sliding doors from the dining area lead one to an informal living space. This space is dedicated to bonding time with the family. A separate puja space with three large sandstone columns is created for the children. It also unravels a playroom with a play table, large wooden world map on the wall and storage area. A small nook accessible by stairs is made as a sleeping corner.

Bespoke sandstone pillars take centre stage in the informal living area with furniture from Artnova; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


The informal living room is a dedicated space for family time which houses furniture from Artnova, a rug by Cocoon Rugs, bespoke sandstone pillars and lights from Flos and Lightkrafts; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

An industrial and chic decor reflecting the interests and aspirations of the son is the main theme of his bedroom. “The child is fond of legos. So, we planned a space for them, a large sharpener and an astronaut motif wall decor,” elaborates Pooja. Seven to eight kinds of fabric well complemented create the headboard to a platform bed in this room.

Bespoke bed and furniture on site is created on the lines of an industrial theme for the son’s bedroom with lighting from Flos and LightKraft and furnishings from Skipper Furnishings; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


The son’s bathroom is made quirky and fun echoing his personality, ambitions and interests; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

The daughters’ room is accentuated with neutral, wooden and black tones. Two individual beds, a study unit, panels to hold draperies, all of which harmoniously blends and complements each other. A horizontal shelf behind the headboards is used as storage for books and acts as a partition between the dressing area and bathroom.

The daughters’ bathroom features tiles from Craft Beton and sanitary fittings from Hansgrohe; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


A customised vanity and mirror in the daughters’ bathroom was created on site; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


A striking light by The Klove Studio hangs over the primary bedroom with wallpaper from Skipper Furnishings forming the backdrop to a bed by Alsorg; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

An elegant and rich primary bedroom is adorned with tan colours, bespoke furniture and walnut wood. The study is placed on an elevated floor behind the centrally placed bed and fluted panels are carved as bookshelves.

Yes to concrete curtains

This space is a balance between peace and eclecticism, thoughtfully done to not overwhelm the dwellers. Accessorised with disparate elements, it balances out the calmer undertones of the space. Artwork, the five arches, a 20 feet community table, curtain crafted in concrete, art shutters, monolith sandstone-carved pillars and panelling are done to conceal areas which gives it a spacious touch.

The five arches representing the five members of the family give one a peek into the formal living room from the dining area; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


Bespoke carved pillars created on site enhance the pooja room that is designed within the informal living room; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


A 20 feet community table from Material Immaterial Studio continues from the formal living room into the terrace. A grey toned terrace is an open, airy and cosy nook; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

“Overall, the residence is a carefully crafted abode that blends art with clean lines combined with art, forms, and materials to reflect and adapt to clients’ lifestyles. It also perfectly complements the luxury and provides relief from the urban setting of Kolkata. Moreover, the project manifests the family’s ideology of living together. After all, home is all about bonding individual lives together in a unified manner,” concludes Pooja. 

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