Atulyam villa in Gujarat by P&D Associates embraces a gleeful colour palette elevated with neoclassical charm

DEC 16, 2021 | By Anushua Aich
Notable contemporary aesthetics accompanied by ideal ornamentation glimmer with grace in this living area, Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
The gripping interplay of colours is what becomes the centre of attraction in this foyer area; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
Velvet red in it’s bedback with slender brass rod, paired with massive green lamps on either side of the bed, celebrates this white space in the daughter’s bedroom; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
The pink-hued bedside lamps complement the turquoise corrugated moldings beautifully; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
The living room and bedroom passage opens up to a huge semi-open outdoor space, supported by beautifully designed structural exposed concrete columns; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
Minimalistic and stylish, this common basin area evokes comfort and calmness; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
A pronounced use of concrete, wood, and aluminum marks the exterior of the house; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
Offering the best views of the city, this well organised first floor outdoor deck adds warmth to the space; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
According to Devang Patel, the drama surrounding the colour palette of the villa is inspired by Kandinsky's Color Theory; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
Neutral wooden and cane space divider lies behind the soft blue sofa in an attempt to shift focus from the staircase behind; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
Stunning decor accessories like the silver chandelier and the massive wall art elevate the beauty of the living area with elegance; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
Simple half circle bed back laid in black detailing adds value to this primary bedroom; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
The brass detailing featured in the custom made lighting fixture and on parts of the rest of the furniture adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space in this second primary bedroom; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah
The matt grey finish in the accent wall renders solace while the color block in the upholstery brings subtle freshness to the parents’ bedroom; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

Crafted for a family of three generations, Atulyam is a villa bungalow in Bharuch, Gujarat, which entails interiors that are grand but cosy. Accentuated by a medley of textures and colours, the spaces of the villa cast light on the meticulous design choices and experimentation of Devang Patel and Pratik Siddhpura, principal designers of P&D Associates.

Spread across a roomy 8,550 sq ft, the abode is rooted in a neoclassical theme. Gently blending in with modernity right from artifacts to the furnishing details, the theme brings forth a prominent mood that is reflected in the playful artworks, pastel shades and luxurious fabrics of the house.

A stellar team of design maestros—Nishi Mamlatdarna, Krina Modi and Siddharth Patel—have also poured out their hearts and souls into the craftsmanship of the villa. It is all evident in each space that showcases a unique distinctiveness, adding life to the grandeur of the rooms.

The overall driving force in this bungalow is its modern approach with a mix of neoclassical colour story, which makes this villa stand out sharply; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

While a pronounced use of concrete, wood and aluminium marks the exterior charm of the abode, the interiors are splashed with hues that stand out sharply, generously complementing the minimalistic decorations.

The gripping interplay of colours is what becomes the centre of attraction in this villa. Like the highs and lows of a song, the colour scheme traverses throughout the house. Starting with the living area, Patel has kept the dominant palette neutral here. 

Parents’ bedroom is a blend of modernity with neo classical elements thrown in good measure in the form of brass jali; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

To make sure that the neutrality doesn’t create a dullness, he has incorporated wooden and cane space dividers behind the blue sofa in an attempt to shift focus from the staircase behind. 

The living room and the bedroom passage further opens up to a huge semi-open outdoor space, supported by beautifully designed structural exposed concrete columns. Rustic wheel chandeliers add up to the cozy setting of the space—paired with green Areca palm in the background for refreshing energy.

Meanwhile the six bedrooms in the villa resemble six, fascinating characters of a teenage comic, having special attributes and qualities. The son’s bedroom is yet another contemporary and stylish space. Patel defines it as, “The colour story here is similar to the one you find in neoclassical era, blended with modern upholstery, black and white bedside lamp and chequered bed back.”

This roomy and daylight filled bedroom is matched with a peppy colour palette; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

With brass jali embellishments featured in the parents’ bedroom, the space is gracefully decked up in matte grey finish. A vibrant colour block in the upholstery and muted pastel rug accompanied by light grey Italian marble floor brings subtle freshness to the room.

Decked up in mild textures, this primary washroom evokes peace and solace in equal parts; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

Essentially, according to Patel, the drama surrounding the colour palette of the villa was inspired by Kandinsky’s Color Theory. He says, “This theory emphasises on ‘pure colours’ to obtain warm, cheeky & a sense of excitement in the interior space.”

In the daughter’s bedroom, the centre stage takes the big, red bed. With soft pink curtains displayed in the rest of the room, the space comes across as a true replica of red velvet cake!

To bring forth a wholesomeness to the daughter’s bedroom, soft pink curtains are hung with white sheer curtains to invite light; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

While the other two primary bedrooms are adorned in tones of turquoise, orange, brown and black. One of the interesting design observations that one can make from Patel’s smart conceptualisation of colour scheme is that he chose to amplify the layerings and details in the villa through strong shades. So that the overall composition of the house looks balanced, catchy and appealing.

The unique textures become a show-stealer statement in this daughter’s bathroom; Photographs by Sebastian Zachariah

Encompassing comfort and elegance in equal parts, Atulyam villa bungalow by P&D Associates is a gorgeously designed abode with outdoor decks that offer the best views and sunlight. Topping it off with a cherry, Patel concludes, “We loved curating beautiful artifacts and art pieces for every corner of this house. It definitely brought our vision and understanding of neoclassic interior adding to the timeless design.”

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