Office? Theatre? Gallery? This office space in Mumbai designed by Shiraz Jamali Architects has it all

JAN 20, 2023 | By Tamanna Doctor
The captivating view of the cabin and lounge displays custom made sofa, swing and chair, and skygarden hanging lights from Flos; Styling by Saket Saurabh, photography by Nupur Singh

The Aladdin’s magic carpet is parked right in the middle of this office! An incubator for new ideas and concepts, this office space by Shiraz Jamali Architects not only functions as a private office but also as a place for exhibiting art forms ranging from paintings and photographs to jam sessions.

The 900 sq ft office designed by Shiraz Jamali, Mammen Paul and Mohit Darji of Shiraz Jamali Architects and styled by Saket Saurabh is located in Dadar West, Mumbai and houses panoramic views of the city. 

The private cabin has custom made chairs, a wooden table with live edge and brick legs, a concrete textured wall and an artwork by Varsha Kumar; Photography by Nupur Singh

The curious brief

With the space being utilised not only as an office but also to explore passions, the designer understood that it needed an out-of-the-box approach and implemented exactly that. With pastels and earthy tones contrasting the blacks and greys, the office seems playful yet professional. 

“Being a space that’s built to express one’s artistic creativity, every piece of furniture and decor was designed and curated to harness this expression,” says Shiraz. 

The workstation houses custom made tables, carpet flooring, exposed concrete ceiling and artworks by Aniruddh Mehta; Photography by Nupur Singh

Tour every turn of the office 

Due to the office being received as a bare shell, transitional spaces needed to be created to define separate areas. 

Entering through a blackened arch, the space is divided into three areas—an open lounge, a multifunctional area that houses a stage for performances and a private cabin. 

The workstation has custom made chairs and hanging lights with perfect warm tones and pastel shades; Photography by Nupur Singh

One enters into the open lounge which houses a work space where one can sit and work. The workstations can be moved during performances. Moving ahead, a plush pink couch can be seen in front of a swing. Due to the need for great acoustics, carpeting the floor was preferred. This posed to be a problem as no space is complete without a stylish rug. The designer came up with an avant-garde solution of suspending the rug from the ceiling to keep the carpeting and the rug both in one space.

To the left is an open space with a stage that turns into a dining table which rises from the stage floor. A large white bare bricked wall is present to display pieces of art. An open dry pantry caters to the needs of its inhabitants. 

The private cabin is doused in warm shades and wooden accents and it can be used for professional meetings. 

The custom made stage harbours a hydraulic table top within with hardwood floors, a custom made hanging track light, an old repurposed brick wall with white paint, artwork by Aniruddh Mehta and lanterns by OMA Living; Photography by Nupur Singh

Ideas to bookmark

The use of space in this office is impeccable. The way the stage can transform into a table and the rug being suspended from the roof are just a few examples of extremely intelligent use of the area and how it makes it more appealing and enchanting.

The airy lounge has centre table from SPIN, carpet from Knotty Rugs and artwork by Laila Vaziralli; Photography by Nupur Singh

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