#NowPalette Purple Enigma: Symbolising magnificence and success akin to regal rebirths with resurgence of byzantine purple for interior decor trends india

JAN 18, 2024 | By Krupakshi Mehta
Website:, Photograph courtesy zyva studio

Akin to regal births within the Byzantine purple chambers, this royal hue was and is once again a symbol of magnificence and success. Just as the illustrious chambers heralded new beginnings, the resurgence of enigmatic purple for interior decor trends, India, signals rebirth.

Trend and Style Direction by Yashika Punjabee, Produced by Juhi Agarwal

The Accents
Seamlessly embodying a modern essence while retaining its historical significance, the colour purple dominates the charts, beckoning with its symbolic magnetism as a harbinger of creativity and spirituality.

1. VETRITE GLASS SLAB “CORUNDUM” by Sicis 2. PAINT SWATCH “FESTIVE PURPLE – I X180 ROYALE LUXURY EMULSION” by Asian Paints, both prices on request 3. FABRIC “FABLE II” by D’Decor in shade 1953, `966 per metre 4. TRUE VELVET FABRIC “MEDIUM PURPLE RAIN” by Pierre Frey, price on request 5. SEMI PRECIOUS STONE “LAVENDER AMETHYST” by Haute Arte, `3,600 per sq ft 6. POLYESTER FABRIC “CERNOBBIO 59” by Dialogues by Nirmals, `3,500 per metre 7. NEO GLASS MOSAIC “219 SILK CUBES” by Sicis, price on request 8. FABRIC IN POLYESTER AND COTTON “ZION” by Beyond Dreams, `1,895 per metre

The Features
Purple, a hue of vibrant intensity, blazes forth, a fiery statement. Enter a creation by Zyva Studio, in Paris, where an apartment unfolds as a profound black cosmos, its bathroom adorned in regal purple. Awash in majestic hues is a mosaic floor with micro tiles, along with the doors and wall finishes, all tied together in celebration of a new enigmatic purple.

Website:; Photograph courtesy zyva studio

The Products

A blazing purple emerges, igniting a resounding voice with products that command attention, echoing a compelling narrative

1. “BOA LAMP” IN GOLD LACQUERED IRON AND DYED OSTRICH FEATHERS from Culto Ponsoda, price on request 2. “FLUX” A ROTATING ARTWORK IN RAW SILK AND ANTIQUE BRASS part of Transition collection by Orikrit, `2,40,000 3. SCULPTURE METABOWL 11 3D PRINTED designed by Audrey Large for Nilufar 4. “UTRECHT” AN ARMCHAIR designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Cassina, available at Etreluxe, both prices on request 5. “AMETO PEG MEASURE” AMARANTHINE BARWARE by Ayush Kasliwal for Ikai Asai, `14,600 6. CRYSTAL TABLETOP CENTREPIECE by Le Porcellane, available at Maison Sia 7. “ROMBI” AROMATIC AND COLOURFUL VASE from hugi.r Design studio 8. “BALLOON RABBIT” HIGHLY REFLECTIVE VIOLET PORCELAIN designed by Jeff Koons for Bernardaud, all prices on request 9. “COSMIC FLOWER” AN ACRYLIC PAINTING by Rajesh K. Baderia for Masha Art, available at Tata Cliq Luxury, `4,48,000, For details, see Address Book Interior Decor trends India

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