#NowPalette Hot Orange: This is your cue to embrace the magic of the haute neon hue

NOV 30, 2023 | By Shriti Das
Website: Photograph by The Fishy Project by Ishita Sitwala

October unveils its grandest spectacle – evening skies awash in hues of neon. Marking a pause and a moment to hit reset, hot orange is your cue to embrace the magic.

Trend and Style Direction by Yashika Punjabee, Styling assistant Juhi Agarwal

The Inspiration
The unstoppable surge of energy with the zest of sun kissed smiles, orange is a tightrope walk between hope and adventure, with a side of danger. Handle with caution and care!

The Accents
The citrusy tang mirrors the zingy vibrancy of its hue. From that striking accent to perhaps a wall washed in orangy goodness, take a dip in dynamic energy that’s as invigorating as a fresh squeeze of orange juice on a bright Sunday morning.

1.“MALIBU” NEON ORANGE FABRIC from RR Decor, `1940 per metre 2. “BIRKEN” BLEND FABRIC from Beyond Dreams, `1950 per metre 3. “GULMOHAR- I X206” ROYALE LUXURY EMULSION from Asian Paints, price on request 4. PENNY PORCELAIN MOSAIC from Tagels, `800 per sq ft 5. SUBWAY CERAMIC TILE from Tagels, `200 per sq ft 6. “AZUL SERIES” SQUARE BEVELLED ORANGE HANDMADE TILE from Keramos, `775 per sq ft 7. “BARCELONA” ORANGE LEATHERETTE FABRIC from Dialogues by Nirmals, `1395 per metre 8. “BEAM” FABRIC IN SHADE 61 PUMPKIN from Seasons Furnishing, `3075 per metre 9. “MOLFINO” FABRIC IN SHADE 1909 from D’Decor, `966 per metre; Photography by Ankush Maria

The Features
Challenging the notions of its saffron-hued cousin, drawing from the warmth of the sun, but reminiscent of a dangerously delightful volcano, orange becomes a nonconformist hero, a citrus surprise dancing amid whites. This whimsical fusion of form and flair finds expression in the fluid artwork and an unconventional chair within the guest bedroom of an apartment in Mumbai, designed by the The Act of Quad.

Website:, Photograph by The Fishy Project by Ishita Sitwala

The Products
Fashionable yet formidable, let hot orange offer you a stylish departure from the familiar and plunge into the unknown.

1. “CITRUS” 100% RECYCLED PET OUTDOOR KILIMS designed by Jorge Garaje for GAN 2. “BHARANI 001” MIRROR MADE FROM WOOD AND UPHOLSTERED IN VELVET by Culto Ponsoda 3. “UNDICI INOX A COLONNA” FREESTANDING WASHBASIN IN STAINLESS STEEL AND NATURAL BRUSHED BRASS from Undici Inox Series by Agape 4. “SORIANA” OTTOMAN by Cassina available at Etreluxe 5. “GLASS CREAMER KETTLE” designed by Eeshaan Kashyap for Plate & Peonie 6. “IOLA STOOL” UPHOLSTERED IN MAHARAM MERIT FABRIC from Miniforms 7. “SNAKE VALET TRAY” MADE IN PORCELAIN by Jonathan Adler, available at Opulin; all price on request

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