#NowPalette Seek inspiration from our shades of the season — Avocado

AUG 11, 2023 | By Diya Shah
Websites: and; Photograph courtesy Zvya Studio

Rich and decadent — avocado evokes the season of fresh new beginnings. Bringing renewed vigour and a spritz of youthfulness, fresh hues travel across the world and find a place in your home with the promise of a vibrant lifestyle.

Trend and Style Direction by Yashika Punjabee  Styling assistant Juhi Agarwal

The Inspiration

As we step into fall and leave monsoons behind, we see the world anew. A rush of exhilaration has us glowing and refreshed, like slicing open and unveiling that perfectly ripe avocado. Not too soft, not too firm, but velvety, creamy and spotless, evocative of happiness and delight.


The Accents

The vivifying tones of avocado do not cease to surprise with their versatility. From decadent textures to hues, cosy yet refreshing, they meet every whim of an urban lifestyle.

1. LEAF-GREEN COTTON HEAVY SLUB COROMANDEL-PRINTED UPHOLSTERY FABRIC from Freedom Tree, `1,380 per metre 2. MOSS LEATHERETTE FABRIC part of the Sedan Collection by Dialogues by Nirmals, `1,375 per metre 3. 58% ACRYLIC, 17% COTTON AND 25% POLYESTER “AMAKA CORN” FABRIC from Sarita Handa, `5,500 per metre 4. 100% POLYESTER “THE EDIT 107, SERIAL-73” FABRIC from D’Decor, `1,520 per metre 5. 100% POLYESTER “THE EDIT 05, SERIAL-66” FABRIC by D’Decor, `2,265 per metre 6. BRIGHT FOREST TEXTURED VELVET FABRIC part of the Dawson Collection by Dialogues by Nirmals, `2,950 per metre 7. CHARTREUSE 100% POLYESTER “SWIFT-LV” FABRIC by Seasons Furnishing, `1,995 per metre 8. 12×12 INCH TILES part of the Luna Crystal Series by Keramos, `355 per sq ft 9. 100% LINEN FABRIC part of the Bellisima Collection by Dialogues by Nirmals, `3,750 per metre 10. 1 INCH DIAMETER MATT FINISH “PENNY ROUND M1413” MOSAIC by Tagels, `840 per sq ft 11. PREMIUM EMULSION “9851 LUCKY LEEK-N” PAINT from Asian Paints; Photography by Ankush Maria

The Features

Organic yet modern, the Villa Ortizet in Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux in Lozère, France echoes the fresh yet decadent quality that the perfect avocado embodies. The collaborative project between Anthony Authié, founder of Zyva Studio and Charlotte Taylor, founder of Maison de Sable resulted in a dreamlike space that pays homage to the French countryside. The house approaches the world from a fresh perspective and is structured as a green monochrome shell that integrates natural elements while firmly rejecting traditional greens.

Websites: and; Photograph courtesy Zvya Studio


1. KHAKI-COLOURED 100% HIMALAYAN WOOL “SAN D CIRCLE” RUG designed by Studio HVN for Illulian 2. LIME GREEN VISCOSE, SILK AND COTTON “LUXE” CUSHION COVER by Onset Homes, available at The House Of Things 3. “BUBBLE ROCK” SOFA designed by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani 4. METAL BASE SILK-SCREENED AND HAND-LACQUERED LAMP IN BLACK AND YELLOW part of the Giardino Settecentesco collection by Fornasetti 5. IGUSA LOUNGE CHAIR MADE IN TURNED BAMBOO HEARTWOOD WITH TATAMI PANEL SEAT AND BACK SURFACE part of the SHIBUSA series from aqua collection designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti 6. BEECH WOOD, STAINED INDIGO, BOUCLE FABRIC AND VELVET “CONEJO” SOFA designed by Prateek Sabharwal for Escape by Creatomy 7. HANDMADE WITH FSC CERTIFIED AND ZERO VOC LACQUER UPCYCLED METAL ARMATURE “BEHSHEEN” CHAIR part of The Mehmooni Collection by Kouros Maghsoudi 8. VE GREEN RECYCLED THERMOPLASTIC TECHNOPOLYMER “A.I.” CHAIR designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell 9. STONEWARE CERAMIC 4-PIECE “MORYA” TABLE SETTING part of the Starter & Dessert Sets by Ware Innovation

The Products

Fresh, fashionable and just a step up from the familiar! Diverse textures and the warm hues accompany you into cosy spaces as summer comes to a close.

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