#NowPalette Bask in the warm glow of luminous elements that enliven your abode with Summer Light

MAY 5, 2021 | By Sonia Dutt, Mansi Bhatia and Saloni Rege
”RCNX - 02” from Ratnagiri Tiles; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

#NowPalette Adapt to the spirit of summers with patterns, hues and materials that make the most of the daylight to pave the path for divine, exciting interiors…Trend and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt

The Inspiration

”RCNX – 02” from Ratnagiri Tiles; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

As we approach summer, the warm season embraces us within its pristine glow, penetrating our homes with dramatic shadows and bright tonalities, draping interiors in elegant sensuality. Strong beams take centre stage as they reflect on the need for transparency and fluidity in the world we reside in. Their overpowering glory is perfectly complemented in shades of creams, beiges and greys, which best balance light-induced spaces.

The Accents

Products from Art-N-Glass, Glass Forest, JB Glass, SacMeh International, Sans Souci and Sicis; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja

Opaque materials take a backseat to make way for transparent objects that soak in sunshine and add an organic shimmer. A formation of architectural glasses combined with chandelier crystals and components create reflective silhouettes in accordance with the playful light.

The Features

Summer light renders a palette of light and shade at the Sibipirunas House; Photograph by Denilson Machado

Peppered with rustic modernity and flushed with natural daylight, the 2,690 sq ft Sibipirunas House revolves around the use of glass, plaster and Roman travertine. Brazilian architect Otto Felix, along with designers Tici Andriani and Priscila Balbino, crafted it as part of CasaCor, a concept interior exhibition in São Paulo. We just love how the vertical and horizontal metal slats dramatise the country house dining setting with playful shadows throughout the day. Website: