#NowPalette Burnt Sienna—an aged, earthy tint that matures into a strong and eloquent autumnal tint

DEC 7, 2020 | By Sonia Dutt and Aneesha Bhadri
Red sandstone and copper chowki platter from Ikkis
(L-R) Lean carafe from Studio Coppre; Die-cast diya by Loco Design from Taamaa; Crystal metal planter from Linchpins Design
(L-R) Martini glass from Rosebuck; Glass, part of the Watr collection, by Rayden Design Studio; Ganges night set from Good Earth

Seek inspiration from aged earthy tints of heritage places—textures and tones that mature and metamorphose into bold, rustic interiors! Trend and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt

The inspiration

Photograph by S Thiru

With the passage of time, vibrant hues mature into strong and eloquent autumnal tints. A visit to the ancient Fatehpur Sikri sheds light on the transformation of earthy terracotta and sandstone shades of the town’s heritage sites into a beautiful burnt sienna. An exquisitely warm and bold spectrum with a sun drenched glow emerges, bridging the gap between the eras.

The features

Photograph by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Monica Grue Steffensen

Norm Architects and Danish design brand Menu collaborated to create The Audo, a multipurpose facility that comprises a restaurant, coworking and events space, concept store as well as a hotel in Copenhagen. While its interior palette of browns, dusky peach and earthy reds spells elegance and warmth, it is the neo-baroque structure that references the glorious age of Greek and Roman styled buildings in Denmark during the early dawn of modernism.

The accents

Ironic from Royale Play

We love how a metallic touch on burnt sienna results in copper tints—its burnished rosy glow the perfect counterpart to that spiced ruddy russet shade. This warm metal lends a touch of old world charm to contemporary spaces.