Nikita Mahajan of The ChalkWhite Home creates a timeless ‘home with a view’ with classic textures and modern tones

APR 19, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
The living room features a MKM Luxe Suisse sectional, coffee table and ottoman from The Gray August, armchairs from Bent Chairs, a Hands carpet and lights from The White Teak Company; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta
Pictured here are Bent Chair armchairs, part of the Hands carpet and the feature wall with customised floating shelves; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta
This tranquil guest room uses a Godrej Script bed, Nicobar cushions, Spin side tables and decor, and glass from Art-n-Glass; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta
In the master bedroom, a Bent Chair bed is paired with Pure Living cushions, Nicobar tray and Jainsons Emporio pendant lights; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Nikita Mahajan of The ChalkWhite Home fashions a timeless, four-bedroom condo in Gurugram’s lavish DLF Crest. She’s christened it “the house with a view” as it opens up to picturesque views of the Aravalli forest belt.

Realised as an individualistic space for the homeowners, the 3,000 sq ft abode exudes understated luxe with a touch of classical elements. It is lightly influenced by a plush Manhattan apartment that looks over to the Central Park.

“We’ve conceptualised, styled and executed the entire project as an innately contemporary home with a subtle sense of luxury. Since we usually work with light spaces and clean palettes with hints of colour pops, we were glad to continue our signature style here as the clients were in alignment with our ideologies,” shares the principal designer of The ChalkWhite Home.

Customised floating shelves in metal and wood dot the passageway feature wall. A chandelier from The White Teak Company is seen above the dining ensemble; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

A sense of linearity and demarcation envelopes us on entering. Since the homeowners extensively use the living room, it has been crafted as the nucleus with other areas visually revolving around it. The first thing one sees is a series of floating shelves against a feature wall that’s part wood panelled and part grey toned.

The living room is decked with an ottoman and coffee table by The Gray August, Pure+Living cushions, a Hands carpet, The White Teak Company chandelier and accessories by OMA Living, Artisan Lab and apartment18; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

A layout that encourages conversations is seen in the living room. Here, a dark grey sectional from MKM Luxe Suisse offsets a wall adorned with plaster-of-Paris mouldings, creating a grey-on-grey colour block element. On the other wall, the customised floating shelves act as an ideal backdrop to display souvenirs from the homeowners’ travels.

Seen here is a fluted glass partition, armchairs from Bent Chair and The White Teak Company wall light; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

The entire house is dressed in blues and greys, paired with splashes of pink, green and monochrome. The distinctive yet complementing salmon-coloured armchairs from Bent Chair render a soft, romantic charm to the living space. Adding a sense of warmth are oak veneers that are finished in walnut polish, planters, poly-blend cotton and suede furnishings as well as the wall panelling.

The Bent Chair armchair offsets the wood and grey painted feature wall; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

The dining glass partition has been carefully designed with uneven divisions in fluted and transparent textures to segregate it from the living area, while still being visually connected. Here, the dining ensemble includes a table with dark oak veneer top (matte finished), four olive green suede chairs and two in houndstooth patterned fabric.

Candlestick and planters by Gigi are paired with OMA Living lanterns. The fluted screen uses glass from Art-n-Glass; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

“Other than the living room, the dining area occupies a special place in my heart. We loved adorning the two facing walls—one in linear black mouldings with houndstooth wallpaper and the other in a charcoal grey shade with chevron patterned MDF at the bottom. It adds a rich aesthetic, combining the classic moulds with a modern twist of black tone,” reveals Mahajan.

Ellementry’s bottle vase is placed on the Attico Homes dining table. The charcoal grey wall at the back is illuminated with a wall light from The White Teak Company; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Cocooned in a nook is the grooved MDF bar. It’s complete with a granite countertop, mini fridge, display racks, track lights suspended from MS bars as well as a grey mirror that doubles the perceived space.

Near the Attico Homes dining ensemble is the customised bar set; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Our next stop is the master bedroom. Here, a smoky grey fabric back panel with black aluminium inlays, MDF grooves and dark grey glass panels are paired with contrasting white walls.

The Bent Chair bed is paired with Pure Living cushions and a Nicobar tray. Jainsons Emporio pendant light illuminates the master bedroom; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

For one of the two guest rooms, warm oak veneer panels are combined with thin glass panes and black inlay strips. Cosy and breezy, it is ideal for relaxation with its cushy Godrej Script bed and soothing timber floor.

One of the two guest room is embellished by Godrej Script bed, Spin side tables and decor, and Nicobar cushions; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

The other guest room also features a Godrej Script ensemble of fabric bed and sleek side tables against a mildly textured grey NGC Nafees wallpaper and unique wall lights.

The second guest room uses a Godrej Script bed and side tables, quirky wall lights from Lok Nayak Bhavan, Cottons and Satins’ cushion and accessories from Spin; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Another fascinating space is the study. It is designed as a work office for the fashion designer wife. Since she wanted it to be reminiscent of textiles, Mahajan has placed a prominent blue-print induced Nilaya ikat wall covering. Balancing the blues is a wooden false-ceiling and subtle furniture. A blue ledge is also added to double up as a prayer space.

The study uses a Gulmohar Lane chaise, The White Teak Company lamp and The Gray August study table; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

“The house is a culmination of experimental ideas that wrap the spaces in textures, materials and tones. The condo is our design narrative personified with its carefully selected decor pieces adding life to the design,” concludes the designer.

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The grey console in the dining area holds OMA Living vases; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta


Another view of the dining area reveals the use of houndstooth patterns; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta


This MKM Luxe Suisse sectional is paired with Pure Living cushions, The Gray August coffee table and decor objects from Artisan Lab, apartment18 and OMA Living; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta


View of the forest belt from the balcony of The ChalkWhite Home project; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta