This New Delhi villa by Neelesh Chopda Architecture is a lesson in meditative, Nordic design

SEP 16, 2022 | By Maheshwari Vickyraj
The dining area is open to the living area and features a window that looks out to the landscape. Furniture and Artwork by Moroso; Photographs by Studio BluOra
The wallpaper in the basement's seating area is intriguing with a plush dark-hued sofa placed against the wall. Furnishings by Moroso; Photographs by Studio BluOra.
Basement seating area features a captivating wallpaper that makes you want to scribble. Furniture by Moroso; Photographs by Studio BluOra
The swing chair provides a secluded corner, but the attention-grabbing hollow pyramidal bed curtain canopy and the pentagonal side tables draw all eyes to the room. Furniture by Made With Spin; Photographs by Studio BluOra
The doors leading into bedrooms are completed in wood, while those leading into the stairwell and the powder room have rounded arched openings; Photography by Studio BluOra
A monochrome colour scheme and sufficient lighting create a relaxing atmosphere in the living area; Photographs by Studio BluOra
The room is decorated in muted tones of brown and grey, and undulating wooden ceiling gives the impression of motion with Furniture by Moroso; Photographs by Studio BluOra
A visually pleasing outdoor seating area dominated by a single colour, complete with a tree house and a concealed watchman's cabin; Photography by Studio BluOra

Enter this three-storied villa in New Delhi, sprawling a grand area of 6,000 sq ft, and the outstanding highlight one instantly meets here is the layered canvas of textures, mixed materials, warm tones and Nordic details.

Reflecting the contemplative spirit of a charmingly secluded life, away from the noise and clutter, this home emerged to vivacious life with the creative cues of principal architect Neelesh Chopda of his eponymous practice Neelesh Chopda Architecture.

The curious piece of artwork, a letter written by Mahatma Gandhi in Gujarati to the court chambers, is prominently displayed in the foyer, and furniture is by Moroso; Photographs by Studio BluOra

The Curious Brief

Budding from a pensive thought, the villa’s success lies in the subtlety of its colour palette, aesthetics, and myriad other small elements. “Inspired by the owners’ taste–the concept, colours, and furniture were so edgy that it was easy for the team to pull off a minimalistic design,” points out Neelesh.

The living room witnesses an interplay of light, with a sense of openness, luxury, and warmth; Photographs By Studio BluOra

Tour every turn of the Nordic home

The home is entered through a landscaped driveway that culminates in the lobby. Sauntering inside, the lobby occupies an inquisitive artwork. It is a letter in Gujarati written by Mahatma Gandhi to the court chambers, prominently displayed at the entryway and drawing the eye to the linear ceiling design that emphasises the piece.

The steps and railing are a work of art, crafted from a whimsical combination of the villa’s various components; Photographs by Studio BluOra

The formal living room, typecast by textured contrasting panels made up of red ceramic tiles keeps the space cool with tinted cool-shade furniture that merges with the overall space, allowing natural light to enter in softly.

The staircase leading down to the party space in the basement almost appears as an artwork plucked from the walls of the house.  

The ceiling’s hollow rectangular pattern and the table’s dark colour and odd shape stand out against the rest of the room’s furnishings Furniture by Moroso. Photographs by Studio BluOra

Witnessing an interplay of light, the dining space is interconnected to the living room through a window. Multicoloured artwork spans the textured concrete wall, behaving as the protagonist of the space, with an eight-seater dining table placed in the centre.

While monochrome colours and sufficient lighting create a relaxing atmosphere in the family room, the first floor features a primary bedroom, daughter’s bedroom, and pooja alcove, accessed by a staircase modelled after vintage steam engines.

With the marble and terrazzo floors, the room is made more interesting by the reading nook’s contrasting colours and shapes of furniture; Photographs by Studio BluOra


Entering the stairwell from the basement, it’s elevated by a series of round arches that create an arcade, bringing in just the right amount of light. The space is complemented by the marble and terrazzo floors; Photographs by Studio BluOra

Furnished with a modern sofa and understated aesthetics, the primary suite’s wood furnishings complement the grey accents while allowing daylight to filter through the ceiling’s wood cladding, giving the impression of a ripple pattern.  

The daughter’s bedroom is decorated in soft pink and wood tones, while the son’s room is designed to express energy and vitality. 

Ideas to bookmark – colours, materials, and inspiration!

Neelesh Chopda drew inspiration from a spiritual, meditative way of life to create a harmonious fusion of interior and outdoor living areas in the New Delhi villa.

The pattern of the wallpaper and the precise placement of the furniture, the door to the powder room goes unnoticed, furniture by Moroso; Photographs by Studio BluOra


The doors leading into bedrooms are completed in wood, while those leading into the stairwell and the powder room have rounded arched openings; Photographs By Studio BluOra

The raw porcelain tiles in the ceiling, village terracotta shingles on the walls in the living room, the rock-like wall surfaces, and terrazzo flooring with complementary wooden furniture are used to create an earthy, monochromatic atmosphere, rendering the home as a statement of minimalism.

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