Interconnecting Volumes—New Delhi farmhouse by White Studio Architects is an ode to man and nature

SEP 2, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
The formal living room savours a picturesque view of the site; Photographs by Rohan Dayal
Punctured corridors and elaborate staircases connect the various spaces in the villa; Photographs by Rohan Dayal
The glass and steel entrance lobby forms an intriguing prelude to the home; Photographs by Rohan Dayal
The farmhouse comprises of two linear horizontal volumes further segregated into private and public zones; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Meet the indispensable family members of this effervescent New Delhi farmhouse—the gorgeous Guava trees! 

That’s right. According to Kunal Mohan Naithani, Design Principal at White Studio Architects, and partner, Gitanjali Narula, the majestic mansion is an ode to both the existing plant life and the three generational family it nourishes. 

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Dainty accents add a touch of grace to the overall steel, glass and concrete structure; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

The curious brief 

Designed as an outward looking villa, the alluring greens frame the foundation of the 15,000 sq ft built-up, aptly named the ‘Guava House’. Incidentally, the idea for this linear volume, punctured and projecting out into the wilderness, reflects the family’s love and desire for a ‘resort’ aesthetic. 

Spinning both the brief and the farmhouse around an array of old Guava trees, that held emotional significance for the family, WSA manifests a series of large interior volumes that are warm and breezy but never overwhelming.

Use of wood, decorative rugs and mood lighting bring out the warmth in the interiors; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Tour every turn of the spacious home

As expected, the home introduces itself with its most striking feature—the glass entrance lobby. Although visually light in terms of material and build, the lobby exudes a rather opulent appeal in contrast to its lush green backdrop. 

White Studio Architects
The modular kitchen opts for a clean and uncluttered aesthetic overlooking the deck; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Old Guava trees guide the way from the main gate to the stellar double-height glass canopy. Inside, an elegant wooden staircase transports one to the first floor, majorly housing the private rooms. On the other hand, a long corridor leads to the common areas on the ground floor. 

Along the way, is a divine Gurudwara on the right. The formal living room offers a splendid three-sided view of the Guava orchard outside with an eclectic mix of furniture.

White Studio Architects
Double height ceilings, glazed floor-to ceiling windows and thoughtfully placed planters are a recurring theme throughout the house; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

A small informal seating area opens up to a large, internal courtyard housing the tall Ashoka trees—a conscious attempt by the studio. The kitchen is further connected with a service staircase. At the heart of the first floor layout is the family room, with a stunning terrace that overlooks the entrance lobby, surrounded by plush rooms with walk-in-wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms. 

Strategic windows coherently connect the indoors and outdoors through every inch of the villa; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Taking the green theme a notch high, the farmhouse is energy-efficient with rainwater harvesting, solar energy and VRV air conditioning. It also utilises DGU external glazings to retain the internal temperature. Another admirable factor is the retention of the mycorrhizal network—a network maintained by old trees to keep the soil healthy for plantation.

Matte finishes with designer accents dress up the bathrooms of the villa; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

Ideas to bookmark – minimum materials, maximum nature

A spectacular balance between modern and rigid and natural and dainty forms the visual theme of the villa. While the exterior walls are a bold statement of exposed concrete and glass, the canvas is the delicate cascading foliage of the farm. This play of rough and rustic is the highlight of the interior volumes as well. 

White Studio Architects
The first floor of the farmhous is visualised as a floating block generating gripping deck spaces; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

What White Studio Architects fell in love with…

“The main entrance lobby is composed of a huge wooden cantilever on the top, supported by a delicate glass and metal structure below. It was a challenge to make this area as grand as possible, while having an element of delicateness and sensitivity,” reveals Kunal. 

The Guava House by White Studio Architects steers away from the cluttered urban setting to revel in the wonders of punctuated green volumes, intertwining the lives of both its inhabitants—man and nature.

Projecting balconies, floating decks and green pockets break the material monotony of the structure; Photographs by Rohan Dayal


A deliberate steel and concrete mass balances the lush green Guava orchard; Photographs by Rohan Dayal

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