Russian interior designer Angelina Askeri fashions an enchanting abode for her sister Polina, a reputed gallery owner in Moscow

DEC 26, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
An Angelo Lelli chandelier shines above marble floors and floor coverings by Angelina Askeri. Two shelves on either side of the fireplace are filled with sculptures and pictures by Jeff Koons, George Condo, Nikita Makarov and Tom Wesselmann; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

While we all know that every sibling relationship has a special friendship, understanding and unique sense of affection bound to it, some get a chance for a more pronounced and memorable showcase of the same. This gorgeous condo for example, set in the historical centre of Moscow was designed for famed gallery owner Polina Askeri by her sister and interior designer Angelina Askeri!

It is no wonder then that the space perfectly captures the vibrant personality and style of its owner. From adding her favourite hues (blue and other sea-inspired ones), details and accents, materials that reference her favourite era to even reserving adequate room for her entire collection of modern art and collectibles—the abode is envisioned as Polina’s dream residence.

The starting point and central reference for the interiors has been the classic New York apartment belonging to Nelson Rockefellor, the former Vice-President of the US, designed by legendary French interior designer Jean Michel Frank. The iconic project is much talked about for its grand and timeless style as well as its art and culture-steeped decor.

Quirky, donut-shaped decorations by Jae Yong Kim from Askeri Gallery is seen on the wall behind the Studio Nucleo coffee table and Dedar and Nobilis upholsterd grey couch; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

Only a 20-minute walk from the Kremlin, Askeri’s nearly 1,300 sq ft residence offers panoramic windows, and is inspired from and looks out to history. Its existing trapezoidal entrance has been remodelled into a soft and welcoming version that houses a wardrobe for storage.

Pictured are a vintage mirror, custom designed fireplace, plush seaters and a sculptural elephant by Dashi Namdakov, among other knick-knacks; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

From here, one enters the cosy living room and kitchen, which are characterised by a diverse and bespoke range of artefacts—from a bronze deer and German artist Petter Ophiem’s works that are a part of Askeri’s art collection. A pair of cushy blue couches, one of the first instinctive picks by the interior designer even before the layout of the apartment was finalised, are placed here.

A shelving unit holds tomes, accessories and artefacts including frames and photographs by Darya Kotlyarova and Peter Beard; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

A custom-crafted fireplace occupies the centre of the soft-hued living area. This colour palette continues onto the adjacent kitchen as well. A similar choice of shades helped make the space appear larger. The abode also hosts a serene range of carpets, all of which are designed by Angelina herself and showcased at numerous brands and international fairs including Milan Design Week.

Carved fossils, seashells and a large artwork by Petter Opheim comprise the decor near the dining setup; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

“Art seeps in to every corner of the home, be it the walls of the living room or bathroom. This is why we stuck to calmer background surfaces in shades of beige and light blue, so as to direct focus to the works,” explains the interior designer and founder of Angelina Askeri Interiors. The master and guest bedrooms with their respective washrooms too employ blue tints in varying saturations.

Chun Kwang Young’s artwork from Askeri Gallery is positioned above sculptural birds by Lynn Chadwick that rest on a limited-edition Elizabeth Delacorte stand; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

The floors are lightly textured, natural marble that reference 1960s Italian design—the homeowner’s favourite period, while most of the furniture is crafted in wood, again her most preferred material. Each of these complements the other and contributes towards shaping a warm and elegant home.

Scroll below to see more images of this attractive Moscow apartment by Angelina Askeri Interiors…

A Roll and Hill chandelier illuminates the stylish dining chairs by Merve Kahraman; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


This bespoke Interlude table holds a Dysstudio vase with flowers from Greentouch Studio. Also seen is a Cristol Tiered chandelier from Visual Comfort and a pair of stools by Seung Jin Yang; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


The bedroom features an Andrey Antonov artwork, Kelly Wearstler and Meljac lamps, and bedlinens from Angelina Askeri Home; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


An Anne de Carbuccia artwork from Askeri Gallery, Yasmin lamp from Arteriors Home, Traccia table by Meret Oppenheim and Loro Piana blanket are used in another bedroom; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Henry Moore graphics line the wall of this striking washroom. The mirror and pedestal are custom designed; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


The wave patterned storage unit by Angelina Askeri is fabricated by Papa Carlo near the Zucchetti faucets; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Detail of the storage unit that features intricate metal detailing and handles by Ashley Hicks; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk