Fluid artistic expression best defines the eclectic Onegin bar in Moscow by Studio Only Design

AUG 1, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
Vibrantly upholstered high chairs are placed along the metallic textured bar counter; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk
Brown and mustard yellow upholstered chairs and solid black tables make up a part of the seating arrangement; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk
Large windows at frequent intervals keep the bar illuminated and ventilated; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk
A variety of artworks complement the Renaissance murals that feature on the wallpapers; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk
Each table gets a booth like privacy with the help of these dramatic seaters; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

Bringing narratives to life is a passion for Olga Sedova and Prohor Mashukov of Studio Only Design. And the duo have outdone themselves with the Onegin bar in Moscow.

The venue gets its moniker from Eugene Onegin—the protagonist in 19th century novelist Aleksandr Pushkin’s literary masterpiece. Plus, it is located in a portion of Prince Konstantin Aleksandrovich Gorchakov’s apartment, whose father studied with Pushkin. This information became the starting point for the creative duo to conceptualise a space that’s both inspired by and a tribute to the great legend of Onegin.

Sedova and Mashukov imagined and brought to life a space, where they could picture the author and some fictional characters getting together. This is a oft chosen, initial step in their creative process as the couple believe that such versatile, fictional tales lend an interesting and personalised spin to interiors.

Vibrant wall mounted artworks contrast against the stucco walls that are retained from the original construction; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

Fragments of these tales can be seen in the wallpaper that features Renaissance murals painted over with vibrant alchemical symbols. The Moscow based practice prides itself in breathing life into projects through the medium of art, impressions and emotions.

A myriad of bold colours and busy patterns are employed across surfaces and upholstery; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

The post modern theme is brought to life with a large scale art installation that is decked with historic as well as pop culture references. Reveling in its showcase of varied eras, the interiors are spruced with striking furniture and accents from brands such as Pedrali and Premium Group, which further contributes to the interiors’ timelessness. 

An ornate chandelier appears to emerge out of the painted ceiling to illuminated a monochromatic space punctuated by pops of colour; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

Instead of restoring or altogether replacing the aged walls, ceilings and window arches, the creatives decided to retain them as elements that would lend a sense of antiquity to the venue. At the same time, bright, hallucinogenic sofas, handcrafted by artisans in Uzbekistan, are chosen to create a visual contrast and bring in some contemporary flair.

Even the cushions are matched to the historic vibe of the space; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

Intricate artworks by Brightbrush Studio are seen cascading along the walls and ceiling of the bar. In fact, another installation uses 400 champagne glasses that are suspended at varying heights to further increase the allure of the extravagant chandelier.

An overhead mesh storage unit offsets the textured, metallic structure of the bar; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk

Underneath this luminous piece, a large bar counter fitted with textured metal surface and panels from Tecadeco adds a mystical touch. Also seen are a pair of table settings that are custom curated by the creatives, using champagne bottles filled with artificial strawberries and transparent plastic atop a base of plaster columns. 

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Quotes from Pushkin’s literary works are seen across the space; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


The prevalent, neutral greyish palette is balanced by using the hue in different textures; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Mesh partitions and screens add an industrial charm to the setting; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Monotonal paintings by Brightbrush Studio surround the striking crystal chandelier; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Cushy orange bar stools with sleek frames add a pop of colour; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Giant, arched windows bathe the space with daylight; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk


Prohor Mashukov and Olga Sedova of Studio Only Design; Photographs by Sergey Krasyuk