Modelling a minimal monochrome palette is this Raipur home by Neelesh Chopda Architecture

MAR 7, 2022 | By Rhea Sinha
The glass shelled living room distinguishes itself from a formal-informal setting with a splash of colour in its furnishings by SAR design studio; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
Equipped with boutique furnishings from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur the first bedroom emanates elegance; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
Deep-set windows bring in abundance of daylight in the family corner, Furniture by SAR design studio, decor accessories from Objectry; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
Specially made Dali art-piece stands out against the basal dining set from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur in the dining area; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
Exhibiting a contemporary charm is the third bedroom with custom furniture from Studio Decube. Accessories from Claymen, Ellementry, Kolus furbish the space; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
Custom-built wicker headboard by Studio Decube brings in a whiff of warmth to the third bedroom; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
Accentuated with attractive accessories by Claymen, Kolus and Objectery, second bedroom serves as a serene sanctuary complete with soft furnishings from Jaipur Rugs and complimentary furniture from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio
A striking structure modelling a geometry made up of sharp forms and pitched roofs, the home's form was inspired by the retro game "TETRIS"; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Cast in the mineral city of Raipur, the Tetris House by Neelesh Chopda Architecture mounts a minimal monochrome model. 

Set on a plot measuring 780 sq m in Swarnabhoomi, the manor’s architectural form and design, inspired by the retro game ‘Tetris’ , strikes the onlooker’s eye. The project is principal architect Neelesh Chopda’s clever attempt at seamlessly addressing the foundational yet functional needs of the au courant abode.

A whimsical juxtaposition of volumes and vigorous massing evolves into subtle, striking surfaces in this contemporary home constructed for a jovial joined household. Internal and external spaces incorporated in the bungalow’s blueprint, encourage additional communication within the domiciliary.

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Manifesting minimalism, the media room is equipped with snug furnishings from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur and complimenting carpeting from Jaipur Rugs; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio


Eccentric decor pieces embellish the minimal media room with warm hues of greys and a pitched roof; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Manifesting a minimal mood board of monotonous greys and browns, the residence elaborates distinct alchemy of function and form in its design. Simple Scandinavian style wooden furnishings dualize as art pieces enhancing the abode’s ambience with warmth.

Sketched spaciously, this beautiful home is set up on two stories complete with five bedrooms and a massive 30 m private garden space. Deep set windows and skylights flush the villa’s structure with an abundance of daylight.

Carpeting from Jaipur Rugs adds a sense cushy comfort paired with furniture from Bespoke Ville in the media room; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio


The custom accent wall cladded in veneer panels camouflages the door to a hidden powder room behind it, in the dining area; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Dominated by a monotonous palette the glass shelled living room draws in a vibrant splash of contrasting colour from the fabrics on its furnishings. Polished pieces by SAR design studio exude an aura of elegance in the snug space.

A characterful custom-made console stands out in the family area. Bespoke furniture and flattering soft furnishings from Jaipur Rugs blend in with the grungy hues of grey.

A colourful custom console creates a contrast against the stylish sofa set from SAR design studio in the family room, decor accessories from Objectry adorn the space; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio


The sylvan staircase structured on a series of aligned line railings doubles as an artful element in the home; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio


Beneath the beauteous staircase, a seating area offers splendid views of the courtyard, furniture from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Bold strokes of blue and red on a custom Dali art piece, bring in a burst of bright colour to the autumn dining area. 

Camouflaging a clandestine door to the powder room, a surface of veneer panels clads an accent wall in the dinette. Neutral tones of greys and browns linger into the ligneous contemporary kitchen. 

Featuring functional fittings from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur the family room corner frames a beauteous blend of blues and greys; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio


Contemporary custom-built chairs in the double height seating area also act as pieces of an art installation; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Breaking architectural monotony, a commodious double height seating area in-between spaces makes for comfortable conversation. The spot also features custom seating doubling as artful items of an installation.  

Structured to strike as vanishing to a point, a series of lines aligned make up the imposing railing for the artful columned sylvan stairwell. 

Underneath, an accessible easeful sitting area frames a cosy nook sprawling view of the courtyard.

Sheathed in simple Scandinavian shades, the second bedroom serves as a serene sanctuary for its residents; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio


Accessories by Claymen, Kolus, and Objectry embellish the second bedroom’s decor; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Equipped to exude minimalism, the media room is complete with cosy furniture and complementing carpeting from Jaipur Rugs. The u-shaped floor plan allows intercommunication between both floors, fusing the landscape, courtyard, water body, and the outdoor deck altogether diagonally. 

Serving as a snug sanctuary, all bedrooms are shod in shades of neutrals, illustrating a calm and comfortable setting for the family to go back to as they set foot into their private space. Crafting a paradoxical juxtaposition, viridescent artwork hung on backdrop of grey texture, stands out against the bucolic blend of rustic wood in the flooring and furniture in the first bedroom.

Eccentric pieces by Claymen, Ellementry home and Kolus complete the third bedroom’s elevated aura with elegance; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Elevating the elegance of the third bedroom with ligneous medleys is the warmth of the wicker headboard. Imposing strips of teak introduced in the edges of the boudoir amplify the look of the chambers giving it a commodious character.

A floating mirror accompanied by delicate decor items furbish the second bedroom’s ensuite toilet; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

Separating the public and private zones, centrally placed vertical movement in the home connects each space of the residence together, while still allowing each section to have its individual interaction with their adjacent zones.

A whimsical window nook exudes warmth equipped furnishings from Bespoke Ville, Jaipur in the second bedroom; Photographs by Noaidwin Sttudio

“The interactive spaces created in the design serve as a link between the various generations experiencing the respective areas. A silent visual connection is required between family members for better communication, as their movement around the spaces creates a perfect balance of respect and openness between the users,” conveys Chopda.

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