Mind Manifestation Design embodies the beauty of Pune in this demure and expansive home

NOV 9, 2022 | By Ishika Paruthi
Dipped in subtle hues, the bedroom shines through its minimalism; Photography by Hemant Patil
Every shelf in the living-dining area is full of mementoes, décor and trinkets which gives the space a distinct character; Photography by Hemant Patil
The epitome of grace and elegance, the dining area extends towards the living room to create a fluid space; Photography by Hemant Patil
With ample open spaces, this uncluttered, double-height living area exudes grace in its very essence; Photography by Hemant Patil
Home is not a place, it is a feeling and this feeling has been created by Mind Manifestation Design; Photography by Hemant Patil
The living room is like a treasure box. With fine pieces of décor and trinkets spread across the room; Photography by Hemant Patil
The earth colours in this bedroom allow the fine details to shine and create a calm atmosphere for the homeowners; Photography by Hemant Patil

Nestled in the ‘Deccan Queen’ Pune, this 501 sq mt home is a four-bedroom space is conceptualised by Anand Deshmukh and Chetan Lahoti, Principal Architects of Mind Manifestation Design.

Pune nurtures immense beauty in its boundary, and this spatial home is like the icing on the cake! It allows spatial interaction within and beyond the spaces with the surrounding nature.

An array of textures run across the palette of this open space including the ones on the floor brought in by the designers from Bharat Floorings; Photography by Hemant Patil

The curious brief

The homeowners wanted to establish a distinctive character for their neighbourhood with a home that is minimalistic and uncluttered. And with its built area, the designers were able to fulfil the homeowners’ requirements in every way possible.

Furniture from Phantom Hands, Tianu Furniture, and Defurn along with glass from Saint Gobain elevates the house; Photography by Hemant Patil

Tour every turn of this interactive home

One enters the home through a paved path alongside a covered parking spot towards the left and the entrance door on the right. This door opens into a double-height living space which extends itself to the dining area with a kitchen towards the back.

The double-height space adds to the homeowners’ need for ample open and uncluttered spaces to its very core while the natural cladding stone by Eolith adds to the warm vibes; Photography by Hemant Patil

Up on the first floor, the lift lobby opens up to another double height family lounge with two primary bedrooms on either side.

The home is strategically placed in the lap of Pune which allows the homeowners to get a sense of greenery everywhere they see; Photography by Hemant Patil

Similar to floor one, the second floor has a lobby followed by a bedroom towards the rear side and a multi-purpose space that opens onto the two-side open terrace. These interiors are all designed keeping in mind the greenery which is purposefully brought inside by the designers. 

Plenty of green corners reinforce the connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces; Photography by Hemant Patil


Windows from Utility Window and lighting from Lafit Lighting illumiante the room in natural and artificial lights; Photography by Hemant Patil

Generating an inside-outside interaction, this home has a Topiary Ficus at the end of a built-in platform that reinforces the fluidity between the indoor and outdoor space while fostering a sense of connection.

Lights from Oorjaa complement the vibe of this bedroom; Photography by Hemant Patil

After having experimented with volume, it is safe to say that the visual interaction of this space allows for a perfect sense of connection. With materials such as brick, natural oak wood, black basalt salt and terracotta jail modules, this home boasts an array of textures. Moreover, the subtle home has splashes of colours here and there that add to its contemporary charm.

Mind Manifestation Design conceptualises the perfect abode for the homeowners; Photography by Hemant Patil

The double-height openings on both levels allow for maximum penetration by the sunlight and each green space is adjoined without the privacy of the residents getting compromised.

The facade with cantilevered canopies craft an interesting composition; Photography by Hemant Patil

What the designer fell in love with

A multipurpose space on level two is perfect for relaxing and leisure activities like movie and social evenings. Furthermore, the front façade is characterised by cantilevered canopies which creates an interesting composition when the building is viewed from different locations!

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