Marilia Pellegrini and Fernanda Ramos go “au naturel” with this estate in São Paulo

FEB 1, 2021 | By Meghna Meduri
A panoramic view of the open plan house; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
The living space features a bookcase-turned-hearth; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
A custom, raw-edged wooden dining table is seen here; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
The dining space features green copper panels and ceramic light fixtures by Gilberto Paim and Maneco Quindere; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
The rooms look out to lush landscaping; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
These multilevel beds built in wood provide warmth and utility; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
Another bedroom is characterised by straw accessories and wooden fixtures; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo
The use of wood across the home perfectly harmonises the interiors with the architecture; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo

Located in the mofussil areas of São Paulo, this 900 sq ft home by Marilia Pellegrini and Fernanda Ramos is designed to be an idyllic destination for leisurely weekends. The property is crafted to symbolise a breezy yet snuggly getaway packed with sunny outdoors and earthy interiors.

The house is built with no specific layout; instead it is structured with a sense of continuity and flow. “To create an open and airy getaway, we ensured there is no hierarchy on the walkway, just a square with a square “cut-out” garden within a square,” says the duo.

Fashioned with the requisite of building a pragmatic and unpretentious estate, the house is modelled to be “au naturel”. The space is conjured to utilise the naturally abundant elements of light, air and greens as the key features of the design. 

Ceramic lights by Gilberto Paim and Maneco Quindere are seen in the dining area; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo

The interiors of the house are customised to serve synergy with architecture. This tailored approach is clearly visible in the use of green copper panels, terrazzo and freijó wood flooring—all of which are in perfect harmony with the landscape.

The outdoor section is designed in freijó with straws as the highlight material; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo

The design composition of the fireplace with the demolished wood bookcase also exemplifies the thoughtful undertakings which tie the architecture with the decor of the house.

The pool is situated beside an outdoor lounge; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo

The colour palette is essentially earthy with a tinge of green to perfectly encapsulate the muted theme. Natural fabrics in neutral tones are adopted for the fixtures, while antique carpets are reused as tapestry. These efforts harmonise the compositions with the lush landscaping.

Custom decor pieces include the raw and edgy wooden centre table and chair; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo

Designed with nature at its core, the verdant property maximises the utility of the green fields by incorporating vegetable gardens and rainwater harvesting systems.

The bedroom has terrazzo flooring, subtle tones and a wooden ceiling; Photographs by Nathalie Artaxo

Developed with the intention of creating a welcoming, functional and tranquil weekend retreat, the home stays true to its design principles by highlighting the bountiful natural elements, nestled within the property.