The Perdizes apartment by Leandro Garcia wins us over with its free flowing interiors and organically styled decor

OCT 24, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
The interconnected dining and kitchen areas follow the living space; Photographs by Marco Antonio

The brief for this breezy 700 sq ft apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, was to let it bask in an underlying simplicity brought through muted decor and the interplay of natural and vernacular materials. Architect Leandro Garcia along with the team at his eponymous practice fashioned this property as a home for a young lawyer couple, both of who are architecture and design aficionados.

It is no wonder then that the tranquil interiors are clad in an exquisite array of complementary hues and locally sourced materials. Ranging from cement, wood, linen to leather and straw, each of these enhance the predominantly white and neutral-toned backdrop and matching upholstery. Dashes of blue and green, further enliven the setting and hint at an organic theme.

The practice, in keeping with its signature style, developed unique and exclusive designs for this project. “Our creative process strives to bring out rational and functional solutions, which explore the essence of shapes in the conception of both object and space. We seek to develop a timeless aesthetic that translates into the disposal of excess and exploration of primordial spatial matters such as proportion, light and shadow, materials and textures,” explains Garcia.

A plush, tufted sofa beckons in the living area; Photographs by Marco Antonio

To illustrate this further, three existing walls that separated different zones were brought down to allow open and interconnected interiors. Niches were inserted in the remaining volumes to serve as handy storage units, including one for the refrigerator in the kitchen and a flower box along the terrace and office space. This expansion and decluttering lets the home soak in natural daylight and increased ventilation.

The living room extends onto a terrace with splendid views of the outdoors; Photographs by Marco Antonio

The capacious design flow continues across the apartment, be it the fluid layout of the dining area and compact yet organised kitchen, which follow the living room or the increased area of the bedroom, so as to house a wardrobe more comfortably. Even for the home office—positioned parallel to the dining area—the lack of a partition wall paved the way for more communication and interaction among the homeowners.

A pair of stylish wooden seaters are ideal to relax in; Photographs by Marco Antonio

We, however lost our heart to the cosy terrace space with its refreshing vistas! Occupying the very core of the apartment, this linear zone is a continuation of the living area and is therefore easily accessible. The open corner brings in ample wind and daylight and is spruced with numerous greens and a tasteful selection of furniture accessories.

Scroll below to see more images of this charming residence by Leandro Garcia…

Wood and cane chairs surround a round, marble dinner counter; Photographs by Marco Antonio


Potted indoor plants enliven the terrace setting; Photographs by Marco Antonio


This chic study is a lesson in efficient use of storage and space; Photographs by Marco Antonio


Vibrantly coloured accents contrast against white surfaces; Photographs by Marco Antonio


The decor, including a Jeff Koons piece, celebrates a mix of organic and geometric forms, seen in these artefacts; Photographs by Marco Antonio


Inbuilt niches and cabinets pave the way for a neat and functional kitchen; Photographs by Marco Antonio


The bedroom employs a blue, white and brown palette in its furniture and furnishings; Photographs by Marco Antonio


Delicate artefacts in diverse materials and textures come together for a stunning composition; Photographs by Marco Antonio


Leafy plants, spotted in the terrace, bring the outdoors in; Photographs by Marco Antonio


The washing machine is positioned at the far end of the kitchen in a niche of its own; Photographs by Marco Antonio


The minimalistic decor theme continues onto the bathroom as well; Photographs by Marco Antonio

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