Magic Houz reimagines a rustic farmhouse in Nashik embodying vibrant prints and patterns

AUG 9, 2023 | By Esha Shah
The cosy wooden armchair blends beautifully with the inviting wooden flooring. Meanwhile, the green and white rug sourced from Jaipur Rugs perfectly matches the lively green plant, establishing a serene and organic atmosphere within the room; Photography by Kuber Shah
A view capturing the bedroom, featuring a bed with an armchair beside it and four paintings hung on the wall to enhance the overall visual appeal; Photography by Kuber Shah

Uncover a remarkable transformation along the backwaters of Godavari, Nashik, where the earthly confines of a former school principal’s abode underwent a noticeable metamorphosis into a homely weekend farmhouse. Sprawling over 4,500 sq ft, this was crafted by taking in the homeowner’s priority of reconnecting with nature and embracing the surrounding beauty, which sparked the beginning of this design-forward journey. 

Led by architects Sara and Nilay Shah, the founders and designers of their Nashik-based firm, Magic Houz, “The home is designed on a modern-classic theme, an amalgamation of European and Indian design ethos,” reveals the duo. Throughout this enthralling peregrination, rustic and contemporary elements shape up a visual balance. From the inviting entrance verandah to the lush outdoor garden and pool area, every space has been imagined in a way to evoke a sense of harmony and quietude. Inside, a dining area, three bedrooms adorned with their personal gardens, and a plethora of thoughtful details complete the meticulous layout of this farmhouse!   

The abundant natural light illuminates the light wooden dining table by Solid Bench, harmonising with the concrete white walls and chequered tiles; Photography by Kuber Shah

Nature at its core 

Reimagined to fit in all the requirements of the homeowner effectively, this abode blended harmoniously with its natural surroundings, boasting an open concept layout to optimise the amount of light in each room. 

The beautifully patterned sofa and armchairs from Studio Ochre perfectly complements the neutral-toned rug from Jaipur rugs adding an exquisite touch to the space giving it a rustic feel; Photography by Kuber Shah


In this perspective photo, the scene includes a Verona bench in dark wood from Magnolia and a Savana living side table in the same hue, breaking the monotony of the concrete white walls and door. The play of light and shadow offers a glimpse of both natural light streaming in and the option of artificial light with a vintage lamp from Jaisons Emporio, creating a perfect setting for outdoor relaxation; Photography by Kuber Shah

Starting from the entrance, through to the indoor seating areas and three bedrooms, all located on one floor; the vision of the architects Sara and Nilay state, “The dining area’s wide panoramic French doors cover the exterior and let in natural light effortlessly.”

Nestled amidst the terrain of Nashik, Maharashtra, the architects faced the challenge of preserving the existing structure while transforming it into a timeless farmhouse. Striking the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. 

The wooden armchair from Magnolia harmonises with the warm wooden flooring, whilst the green and white rug from Jaipur Rugs complements the vibrant green plant, creating a natural and earthy ambience in the space. The presence of The Decor Remedy’s painting further elevates the overall elegance of the room; Photography by Kuber Shah


The king-sized bed from Mirador Life harmonises with the neutrally-toned room. A touch of nature-inspired charm is added by the lush green plant nestled in the corner of the room next to the Magonlia arm chair enhancing a rustic ambience; Photography by Kuber Shah

Prints and patterns

The entire space is decorated in neutral tones with bursts of vibrant colours found in the prints and patterns on rugs, wallpapers, and fabrics. There has been great emphasis given to incorporating prints, giving this rustic home a traditional feel, resulting in an invigorating atmosphere. 

A view capturing the bedroom, featuring four paintings hung on the wall to enhance the overall visual appeal; Photography by Kuber Shah


The elevated Connor bed from Magnolia perfectly matches the exquisite rug from Jaipur rugs, creating a contrast against the vibrant, Sabyasachi-designed yellow wallpaper from Nilaya by Asian Paints adorned with traditional patterns. The wooden-textured side table from Magnolia further enhances the space’s charming, nature-inspired and traditional ambience; Photography by Kuber Shah

“The abode features the use of refined materials, sophisticated symmetry and coupling order with a burst of colours and textures. This theme has been curated throughout the house,” she continues explaining her design philosophy. This cohesive theme intertwines throughout the space, creating a timeless and enthralling atmosphere. 

With careful attention to detail, each element celebrates individuality, resulting in a home which isn’t only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also infused in emotion and meaning.    

The emphasis on using viable material for the ‘headboards and closets’, led to the incorporation of Rattan, also known as Malacca cane, used throughout the space. This eco-friendly material not only enhanced the look of the furniture but also brought a touch of nature indoors. 

The elegantly patterned bed and side table from Savana Living in neutral tones perfectly complement the wallpaper by Sabyasachi from Nilaya by Asian Paints. The wall scone light from Jaisons Emporio adds a striking contrast, harmonising with the rich brown wooden flooring; Photography by Kuber Shah

The transformation to a farmhouse stands as a testament to timeless elegance and ruminative design, as the architects go on to describe the features that are present through every inch of the space. “Patina finishes, French doors, rattan and added colours by Sabyasachi wallpapers from Nilaya by Asian Paints are just a few of the classic design features that thoughtfully curate every inch of this farmhouse,” state the duo.  

As the designers emphasise the significance of using sustainable materials in every space of the abode, it becomes evident that this farmhouse not only stands as a masterpiece of design but also as a testament to responsible architecture and an ode to the beauty of nature.

A splash of vibrant warmth is brought in by the exuberant red and green plant, enhancing the overall mood of the space; Photography by Kuber Shah

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