A Parisian tale of colours and luxury comes alive in this Bengaluru home by Yellow Door Architects

MAY 31, 2023 | By Aanya Jain
A brass sculpture procured from Takshni is placed on the Expose side table from BoConcept. Cushions from Morii Design sit on the Carmo sofa from BoConcept. The flooring from trysquare flooring is the perfect base for the home. The print is by Shamanth Patil. The cactus sculpture is from Freedom Tree and the vase is from Artisan Lab; Photography by Shamanth Patil
Coffee tables from Alankaram tie together the Carmo sofa from BoConcept and armchair from Magari. The side table is from BoConcept. The refined theme is celebrated around the home through the cement walls by Limocoat. The living room sits atop a red Jaipur Rugs woven piece that is complemented by a photograph by Shamanth Patil and cushions from Morii Design; Photography by Shamanth Patil
A particular point of interest in the family room are the wall pieces from The Plated Project. The wardrobe is from Nolte India. The pillows are a Morii Design find and the sculptures are from CLAYMEN; Photography by Shamanth Patil

In an upscale locale in Bengaluru, this apartment by Yellow Door Architects starts off with a bang of blue. Boasting 2,000 sq ft of brilliant design, Principal architects Joshua John and Juhi Patel have turned this apartment for a young family into the perfect escape from the busy city. Layered in comfort and luxury, the home combines interesting textures, colours and materials. With a melange of art and patterns, the residence evokes moments of curiosity throughout. 

A wooden oak chevron flooring from trysquare flooring establishes a connection with the warm theme of the home. With lights from Aasha Levin Lighting Solutions, and an armchair from Magari, the living room is chic. The planter is from Palasa and the curtain and sheer are from Drapes Avenue; Photography by Shamanth Patil

A labour of love

The family of three, a young couple and their son, envisioned their home to have a dialled up sense of luxury. With a request for elegance, the architects took a refined approach, all while using bold colours. Understanding the complexity of design, the homeowners along with the architects spent ample time going over the design process. Featuring a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a home theatre, the spaces exude an aura of sophistication and comfort. 

Coffee tables from Alankaram tie together the Carmo sofa from BoConcept and armchair from Magari. The refined theme is celebrated around the home through the cement walls by Limocoat. The photograph is by Shamanth Patil and cushions from Morii Design; Photography by Shamanth Patil

Far from conventional 

An awe-inspiring entry, the Parisian panelled wall painted the most glorious shade of blue, is the piece de resistance of the home. The entry wall, juxtaposed with an authentically Tamil painting, serves as an introductory glimpse into the residence. 

Tactfully hidden by the panelled wall are doors to the son’s bedroom and cloakroom. A screen to the rest of the home at the entrance is formed through the back of the floating prayer cabinet adorned in gold. With steel pipes running through it, the cabinet has a wooden skeleton. 

The Bauhaus floor lamp from Atelier Lumys is positioned next to the customised sideboard from Magari. Pieces from Nicobar, Freedom Tree and The Osmos Studio accessorise the dining area. The chairs and dining table are crafted by Magari; Photography by Shamanth Patil

An open kitchen and balcony bookend the dining and living spaces. The first sighting of the living room, facing the blue wall, expresses a resounding symphony of finessed design. The living and dining area walls are finished in a pink-ish cement texture that works well with the warm oak floors. Breezy and bright, the living room sits atop a beautifully woven carpet. The red carpet is complemented by the timber strips running along the walls. Bevelled at all the right angles, is a mirror placed right above the dining table. Amplifying the light and volume of the space, suspended from the mirrors, are the most befitting lights. 

A light from The Defa is suspended above the dining table and chairs from Magari. The breakfast nook has hanging lights from Orange tree and barstools from Simply Sofas. The Bulthuap kitchen has been designed by Amber Home Interior. Dressing the space are accessories from Nicobar and Freedom Tree; Photography by Shamanth Patil

Materiality was crucial to the design process. Each material was chosen with its inherent properties kept in mind. Be it the brass inlay in the son’s room, timber beading in the common spaces or the marble dining table top. Despite being texturally dense, the apartment is balanced to a T with cement walls and curated Indian art. 

Accentuating the primary bedroom are hanging lights from Tisva. Art pieces from Shamanth Patil’s Mathura Series hang above the Magari bed and side tables. The pillows are from Good Earth; Photography by Shamanth Patil

Each bedroom dutifully serves its purposes, all while embracing a similar palette. “An eclectic mix of art and bespoke furniture throughout the home helped create a truly enriching environment for the family.” express the duo. 

The son’s room features a bed and side tables from Magari. The art is sourced from Best of Bharat and the cushions are Good Earth and Borderline Play finds; Photography by Shamanth Patil
The bed from Magari ties together with the blue rug from Jaipur Rugs. The curtains and sheer from Drapes Avenue let in soft light to the room accentuated by curios from Curio Casa. A lamp from The Purple Turtles sits on the desk; Photography by Shamanth Patil

With their regimented design process, the team at Yellow Door Architects ensured that the bathrooms were a talking point as well. Having colourful patterned tiled walls, each bathroom has its own character. The accent walls are complemented by muted floors such as the tropical print with a wooden imitation tile. 

This tropical themed bathroom has fittings from Quattroluxe and tiles from FCML; Photography by Shamanth Patil

Thoughtful at every turn

Joshua and Juhi’s talent for blending luxury with comfort is clearly depicted through this residence. With the perfect formulation of materials, textures, colours and art, the residence is unique and cosy. They navigated the needs of the family while keeping in mind the growing generations. Practicality and versatility were of the utmost importance.  “We intended to design a space for the client that reflects their personality and style and the way they loved to live.” concluded the duo.

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