Wellness finds home at Lifeyoga under the blissful canopy of peepal trees in New Delhi

MAR 26, 2024 | By Disha Kalyankar
The thoughtful integration of materials by AURA Plaster elevates both form and function within the space. The earthy tones of the floor finish and wall finish by Build Kraft India imbue warmth into the staircase; Photography by Kartikeya Manan
The teak wood door, fashioned by Build Kraft India creates a subtle contrast with their wax-finished walls of ivory cowdung-infused plaster at Trini Studio’s entrance; Photography by Kartikeya Manan
The simplicity of the design and choice of materials of the locker lend the space a modern elegance, while the contrast with the walls and the floor evokes a welcoming and peaceful mood; Photography by Kartikeya Manan

The practice of yoga may take root on the mat, but its branches extend far into the expanse of life’s experiences. Lifeyoga is not a destination for occasional visits but a lifestyle enclave that becomes a quintessential part of your daily narrative. Designed by Ambrish Arora, founding principal at Studio Lotus, it stands as a serene sanctuary amidst the bustling vibrancy of New Delhi.

Lifeyoga is a space where calm isn’t just promised but is cultivated, offering a respite for those seeking peace. An immersive yoga centre, nested in the city’s heart in Chanakyapuri, engulfed within a canopy of peepal trees (banyan trees). It presents itself as a curated collective of holistic living, a singular destination where an Ayurvedic wellness store, a heritage grocery boutique, ‘Eleved’ an Ayurveda-inspired culinary haven and a quintet of yoga studios coalesce under one roof.

Studio Lotus
Sunrise at Ekam Studio is a symphony of elements, sunlight dances through Build Kraft India’s teak and yellow cedar windows, caressing the Span Floors teak flooring beneath. Magneto’s air purification and Mitsubishi’s HVAC systems, installed by Dreeshti Aircon, infuse the space with fresh vitality; Photography by Kartikeya Manan


Studio Lotus
The gentle embrace of sunlight and the subtle presence of peepal trees through the windows create a serene tableau at Ekam Studio; Photography by Kartikeya Manan

An enveloping, serene lifestyle experience is created by Studio Lotus’ craft. Every element is meticulously chosen to nourish the body, mind and soul. Ambrish Arora, reflects on the choice of locally sourced materials that inherently produce well-being. The interplay of light and space is designed to be beneficial for both the individual and the environment, crafting an experience that is as nurturing as it is sustainable. At the heart of their design ethos is the enhancement of the space’s spatial and tactile qualities.

Studio Lotus
Dr.Varun Veer, co-founder of Lifeyoga, is pictured at the staircase at Ekam Studio, featuring the fine craftsmanship of Build Kraft India’s floor and wall finishes, with materials supplied by AURA Plaster; Photography by Kartikeya Manan


Studio Lotus
Lap & Dado’s kirkar (acacia) craftsmanship adds warmth and regional charm to Eleved at Lifeyoga. The screen-printed signage on the plaster walls elevates the space’s artisanal feel; Photography by Kartikeya Manan

Material muse

The incorporation of Mandana red sandstone is a testament to their dedication to their philosophy and Lifeyoga’s visual identity. This distinctive red stone, sourced locally in support of sustainability, is integrated into the flooring with various finishes — rustic sandblasted, refined polished and Keris — each enhancing the tactile experience.

The stone’s rich red hue, reminiscent of the sacred Kumkum (a sacred powder used for social and religious markings in India), harmonises the interiors with Lifeyoga’s brand palette. Drawing inspiration from the signature shades (or aesthetic array) of Lifeyoga, the team has consciously crafted a unique organic plaster from cow dung, gypsum and clay that is reminiscent of the sooty notes of vibhuti (sacred ash used in Hindu rituals). Using materials that mirror the holistic colours of Lifeyoga, Studio Lotus team has mindfully woven a space rooted in Indian tradition.

Studio Lotus
The wooden features of the lockers and the drinking station blend form and functionality; Photography by Kartikeya Manan


Studio Lotus
The facade exudes a sense of tranquility and warmth and the reflective marble flooring amplifies the space’s openness. The interplay of light and shadow through expansive wooden-framed windows adds depth to it; Photography by Kartikeya Manan

Quietude quarters

Amidst Delhi’s dynamic rhythm, a calm and quiet haven has become essential. A counterpoint to the city’s relentless energy, a space for rejuvenation is brought by Lifeyoga. A place that embodies the urban need for stillness and self-care in a city that seldom stops. The design is a celebration of calm within each of the three levels designed to enhance the yogic journey through a play of scale, volume and light.

Studio Lotus
The Lifeyoga Centre emerges amidst the foliage, creating a serene yoga haven within nature’s embrace; Photography by Kartikeya Manan

Lifeyoga’s significance in Delhi is manifold. It certainly provides a physical space for individuals to practice yoga, but its impact goes deeper. It serves as a community anchor, a place where people come together in pursuit of health and harmony. Bringing back sustainability to the metropolitan maze, Lifeyoga reveals the transformative powers of urban spaces into sanctuaries that nurture the self and the planet. Lifeyoga is a microcosm of balance, reflecting the broader benefits of yoga in urban environments.

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