A peek into the future of design — Leopold Cavalli of Visionnaire along with Alessandro La Spada explores the connection between architecture and nature through this villa in Dubai’s Bulgari compound

AUG 22, 2023 | By Bhipasha Hinduja
Visionnaire will be in charge of the interior design and concept; Photo courtesy- Visionnaire
Every space will be conceived to offer comfort, beauty and unique sensorial experiences; Photo courtesy- Visionnaire

A symbol of creativity and architectural evolution, Volare, located in Dubai’s Bulgari compound is a masterpiece of design. Envisioned by Leopold Cavalli the CEO and co-founder of Visionnaire and Alessandro La Spada, the 21,528 sq ft property blends creativity and architectural evolution while experimenting with futuristic designs. The space is a remarkable endeavour that encapsulates an ethos where nature, opulence, comfort and functionality harmonise together to form a home that breaks all design boundaries.

Leopold Cavalli in his conversation with ELLE DECOR India unveils Volare, a unique villa inspired by the form and function of turnkey homes.

1. How did Volare come into being?

Our growth has always been driven by our clients asking us to find new project solutions for interior spaces and now this latest evolution of our home philosophy, also applied to yachting and the soft contract sector, is aligned to real estate development. Therefore, our language gets constantly closer to architecture, to convey a coherent idea of storytelling for the project, a house that reflects the personality of its owner. Visionnaire Home Philosophy was born with the idea of giving a transversal interpretation with respect to a way of life that evolves with society. This is our thinking when we approach every kind of project. Volare will be a villa of 2000 sq m which Visionnaire, together with the designer Alessandro La Spada, has designed on the beach inside the plush Bulgari Compound in Dubai.

Leopold Cavalli is the CEO and co-founder of the brand Visionnaire


The living area has natural light seeping through the sheer curtains. The area is covered in hues of nudes and pastels

2.What was the inspiration behind the project?

In this ultra-luxe project sea, sand and sky define the connection between architecture and nature. The interiors aim to create an elegant and refined environment, where light and shadow, transparencies, and reflections create effects of mystery. Volare is an ambitious project. A project like this has never been formulated in our industry before. The concept that we have presented in our 2023 furniture collection is the same one we have applied to the Volare project in Dubai. This signature project will be a recognisable and iconic unit at first glance from the outside. The design has an overall language that fully respects the genius loci, spreading from the outside into the house and mingling with the architecture. It is an innovative result with respect to what has been offered today in the field of luxury real estate.

The grounder and upper floor are seen, many different materials and forms have brightened the space up. There is a statement art piece on the top left-hand side and shades of brown, white and pastels are used

3.What differentiates this project from the rest?

The philosophy Visionnaire believes in is recognisable and applied throughout this project. The facade is made using stone with an undulating motif and is interspersed with large windows with diagonal cuts in metal that will let in a lot of light inside the villa. The same windows are now part of our stylistic language, starting from the design of our stands to the design for our customers. Even the interiors will have design spaces that will incorporate our typical stylistic signs from the boiserie to the wallpapers or the use of precious stones. Water, sand and light have been our drivers. The perceptive passage between the intensity of the light and the colour of the sky is very strong especially when passing from the exteriors to the interiors, the organic nature of the sand that you sometimes breathe as it is transported by a light sea breeze and the energy of the sea, cannot fail to win you over. The interior design and exterior architecture will be characterised by the creation of rationalist yet organic forms at the same time, in which light and shadow, reflections and transparencies will be used to create effects of depth and mystery, as well as to allow maximum viability and a sense of belonging, precisely to recall the concept of yugen. The result is a building with a contemporary design that will integrate perfectly with the surrounding landscape and make the most of the three drivers. The interiors of the building have been designed with great care to ensure maximum functionality and comfort, without neglecting the aesthetics but above all the strong emotional component of each of these artefacts.

This living area has a contrast between marble and lots of printed wallpaper, the tones of blue are used and it’s accompanied by chandeliers made using marble

4.How will the Volare project align with the brand’s philosophy of bringing together different worlds and materials?

Visionnaire was founded as a company with a language that brings together different worlds and materials, which in the history of design had never been utilised within the same product or the same settings. The sophisticated design of the mansion is connected to the landscape. Stone, marble and glass define the architectural volumes. Typical motifs of Visionnaire language recur up to the definition of every single detail. The stone is engraved following a relief design which, on the one hand, evokes the quilting of some of the brand’s iconic products and on the other, it pays homage to the softness of the desert dunes. If during the day it is the sunlight that creates shadows and contrasts on the stone, at night the LED system recreates a game of light.

Marble, mirrors, and wood is used throughout, and high ceilings and shades of brown, white, gold, and marble are used. There is a statement peacock chair present that adds to the area


The dining area has shades of off-white and white, the statement eclectic marble table adds a vibrant touch to the dining area and would make a great place for a culinary delight

5.Looking forward, how do you perceive the future of the design industry?

I think the future of the design industry will be all-around real estate projects and their philosophy. Turn-key homes are studied down to the smallest detail for each and every customer. It is precisely in projects like this that Visionnaire is able to express itself at its best. Following this idea and concept we are also working on a second important project in Dubai with one of our long-standing customer. We are developing a villa with an overall area of 2000 sqm in the heart of the Al Maktoum City (MBR City) district. Visionnaire will be in charge of the interior design and its concept, covering all the fixed and mobile furnishings, lighting and accessories, all the way to the selection of works of art. Through our expertise and creativity, we will formulate an extraordinary environment, in which architecture and landscape combine in a unique harmony, totally in tune with the genius loci. The house will be designed with a focus on responsible use of materials and it will be furnished with products by Visionnaire, which stand out for their crafted quality and attention to detail. Every space will be conceived to offer comfort, beauty and unique sensorial experiences.

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