Vivacious Villas—Testament to their contemporary design approach, the co-founders of Visionnaire craft this exuberant vacation home in Malibu

NOV 17, 2022 | By Kashish Kaushal
The balanced use of beige makes for a timelessly modern yet picturesque living room. Bastian dual sofa by Mauro Lipparini and Petra armchairs by Alessandro La Spada; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
Wooden ceilings and finishes in the drawing room is in subtle yet effective contrast with the grey flooring and white Montparnasse sofa by Mauro Lipparini and Barney's low table by Fabio Bonfà; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
Glass partition harmoniously demarcates the indoor and outdoor space as the pool is placed in dialogue with the sea; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
Facing the fireplace, the Whitney armchairs allows users to indulge during cold winters or catch the summer breeze all while watching a movie or just revelling in some me-time; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
The bedroom occupies a Blondie bench by La Conca, a splendid Ca’ Foscari bed and Palau side table by Alessandro La Spada facing the sea; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
CaCo3 artwork placed on wall, below which lies a Lego console by Draga&Aurel pays ode to virtues of minimalism; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
The panoramic glass facade in the living space offers uninterrupted views evoking an artistry like a painting in watercolour that is understated yet luminous; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
Dusk or dawn, the Green Life sofa by Maurizio Manzoni adjacent to Roberto Tapinassi Gorgona low table by Alessandro La Spada makes for wonderful outdoor visual; Photography courtesy Visionnaire
The panoramic glass facades in the concrete villa imparts a vibe of being almost one with nature; Photography courtesy Visionnaire

The key objective of a villa is to facilitate comfort, luxury, and a little getaway from our mundane lives. Located on the sunny west coast of the USA, just one hour’s drive from Los Angeles, in the city of Malibu lies this 3,230 square feet of sheer magnificence. Brought to life by co-founders Eleonore (Art Director) and Leopold Cavalli (CEO) of Visionnaire, it’s the kind of vacation home that we all often dream of owning—lavish, overlooking the sea and offering endless breathtaking vistas!

The Villa Malibu was a very unusual and challenging project for Visionnaire since we never met the owner in person. We really needed to use our imagination more than usual and create the perfect space that would respond to the needs and wishes of the future owner of the Villa,” shares Eleonore. 

The Curious Brief

When it comes to designing our dream home, we are always ready—all guns blazing with ideas like ‘the bigger, the better’ or ‘the more, the merrier’. However, the task doesn’t stop at buying one, doing the villa interiors with utmost planning and precision is equally important. For Villa Malibu, the brief was rather straightforward—all they wanted was a relaxed atmosphere in which the interiors blended harmoniously with the exterior of the Villa. 

This is where the expertise of team Visionnaire stepped in. Experimenting with design, decor ideas, and materials that were in line with the principles of environmental protection, they accomplished a home where one could take refuge from everyday life.

Tour every turn of this home

A striking and unmissable feature of the Villa (apart from its grandeur and strategic location) has to be the use of aesthetic and equally utilitarian furnishings. As soon as you enter, the Bastian sofa with Petra armchairs welcomes you with open (read: wide) arms in the living area. 

The blue hue in the rug is a subtle indication of the blue oceans, above which Whitney armchairs by Fabio Bonfà with Solstice low table by Alessandro La Spada are placed—offering a spot to seek solitude amidst the sounds of waves; Photography courtesy Visionnaire

Right next to it, a ten-seater dining room with Clem chairs custom made in dark violet colour embark on a mysterious demeanour. Another pièce de résistance—an understated yet luminous glass tapestry artwork in transitional grey colour palette garners interest and sparks conversations.

Why settle for one when you can have another? In the second living room, you can practise the act of ‘dolce far niente’ on the Montparnasse sofa. You can raise its backrest for extra comfort—how’s that for living life king size?

On the first floor, the master bedroom is as cosy as it can get. Listening to the melodious crashing of waves while resting on the pure white Ca’ Foscari bed is nothing less than absolute bliss! “I think that the entire space has a special and magical atmosphere. Especially during the sunsets where the rooms light up with all the colours of the dusk,” further elaborates Eleonore.

Ideas to bookmark

Implementing an earthy-toned palette, sparsely decorated with bold coloured accents, Visionnaire succeeded in formulating a distinctive style, based on lively experimentation on materials, volumes of unexpected poise and inimitable motifs. What’s also worth mentioning is that the interiors of the home stay true to the pure and geometric lines of the exterior structure. 

This architecture is also strongly characterised by the almost physical contact between the sea and the base on which the Villa rests, made in concrete. The terraces, on the other hand, are made with transparent crystal and perfectly reflect the waves of the sea, giving the sensation of being almost in the middle of the ocean. This sensation is amplified by the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning uninterrupted views,” divulges Eleonore. 

Earth Loves You, Love it Back

Every act to aid the initiative of sustainable design, big or small, goes a long way in making an impact.

Visionnaire put a lot of effort and research into finding new materials. Among these new materials, stands out the one they used for the white Montparnasse sofa on the first floor of the Villa. The sofa is upholstered in Eco-skin leather which is a regenerated product obtained from the treatment of waste, a material renewed for its attention to low environmental impact processes. 

The Bastian sofa, on the ground floor living area, is realised in Pray leather—a special material with great antibacterial properties. Last but not least, the Ca’ Foscari bed, upholstered with the Lario velvet, was produced with noble raw materials. 

If you’re a lover of slow life and dream of living by the ocean in a gorgeous space, this Villa serves some serious design goals!

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