Krsnaa Mehta’s new Mumbai home is punctuated with muted luxury and contemporary Indian artefacts

FEB 13, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
A maximalist theme is evident in this space, which features a India Circus wallpaper, Krsnaa Mehta lamp, brass animal figurines from Sri Lanka, side table from Script by Godrej, heads by Clayman, Kartell lights, Bhutanese man mask from The Great Eastern and square table from Hawaii; Photographs by Fabien Charuau
An IKEA lamp, India Circus lanter, Italian and Indiacraft chairs and a heritage vintage heirloom hand-knitted rug are placed in the dining area; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

The founder and executive director of India Circus, a Godrej venture is at an all-time high. Literally and figuratively. Alongside the launch of the limited edition Krsnaa Mehta Signature Homes by U&Us, Krsnaa Mehta also moved to the 52nd floor of the iconic Lodha Park in Mumbai.

His 2,000 sq ft cove is luxurious and contrasts Mehta’s previous home design schemes. “It is a lot more muted in terms of wall colours and textures, and I’ve used hues such as black, military green and blue with burnt lavender to make it noteworthy,” shares Mehta. 

Mehta decided to break down one of the four bedrooms in this home and transformed it into a den of sorts for entertaining and downtime.

The living room features wall art from Indian Tapestry, fabric antler from South Africa, Baro couch, foil-painted cushions from India Circus and a table from Script by Godrej; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

Fashioned with walls ranging from deep tones to burnt pastels, the material palette is matte-finished in terms of textures with a melange of handmade elements.

Mehta’s pet Google relaxes on a Baro chair upholstered in fabric from Fabindia. The textured wallpaper is from Marshalls; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

At the very entrance, we’re greeted with panoramic views of the city. And we get a peek into the expansive living and dining areas that are decorated with a number of artefacts from Mehta’s personal collection.

India Circus’s Arches of Triumph wallpaper and cushions pair well with a seater from Create Your Couch, the Jaipur Rugs floor covering, beaten brass side table from Freedom Tree and Santa Samanta’s sculpture; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

About the design, Mehta says, “I enjoyed working on the living room and its extension—the den. I knew that these spaces would be experienced by visitors, so it has been realised to be warm, enveloping them with a feeling of pure comfort and bliss.”

A restored couch is paired with cushions and a Krsnaa Mehta signature canvas for India Circus; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

A hallway leads off to connect to the other sections of the home—the media, guest and master rooms. 

Seen here are a charcoal lamp from Red Blue Yellow, wall art by Varunika Saraf and Rajesh Kargutkar, a Freedom Tree bench and Dumroo design temple table by Divya Thackore; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

Even though Mehta veers away to create a whole new home with different features, the one element that is obvious even in this one is his love for Indian arts and crafts. And this home truly captures the essence of contemporary modern India in its design.

Merman by Wolf Jaipur is seen above the decor frog by Ketan Amin; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

“I’ve used classic tapestries and textiles as well as artworks by leading Indian artists. In that sense, the space symbolises our tradition. From the moment you walk in, the home greets you with multiple regional arts and crafts from across the country, alongside some artefacts from Bhutan,” divulges Mehta.

The dining room wall features an artwork by Jogen Chaudhary; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

“My design philosophy is to wow, create wonderment and mystery. I believe in transcribing the essence of India into a colourful experience and use local inspirations dramatically with nuanced heritage designs,” concludes the designer.

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The Sanctuary of Florence wallpaper, lamps, cushions and curtains are all from India Circus. In the corner is a table from Script by Godrej; Photographs by Fabien Charuau


A custom wallpaper by Mehta and bedding from India Circus are seen alongside an IKEA lamp and West Elm bedside table in this bedroom; Photographs by Fabien Charuau