Incredible decor pieces offset the cool grey palette of this Mumbai home engineered by Hiral Jobalia Studio

DEC 28, 2021 | By Anushua Aich
Grey textured wall with ribbed concrete panels from LCDA Paris set the tone and design of the primary bedroom; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant and Styled by Samir Wadekar
Mario Bellini Sofa by B&B Italia and tables from De Castelli add character to this space; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant and Styled by Samir Wadekar
The backdrop of the dining area is enriched by intricate fabric panelling with dyed veneer panels; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant and Styled by Samir Wadekar
This vibrant ensuite seating area of the primary bedroom contributes to a happy, relaxed vibe that's so important to end a busy day; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant and Styled by Samir Wadekar
Brinda Miller’s mixed media art, set against a fluted wooden panel, plays the role of a captivating art piece to intensify the air of elegant luxury; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant and Styled by Samir Wadekar

Ornamented with stylish decor elements and furniture, this Mumbai duplex apartment reflects design sensibilities that are steeped in contemporary flair and opulence. Crafted by Hiral Jobalia, principal designer of Hiral Jobalia Studio and stylist Samir Wadekar, this home shows how design intricacies can be brought about by a playful confluence of materials and eye-catching yet minimal decorations.

Being a 5,000 sq ft duplex abode and home to a family of four with two kids, Jobalia made sure that no extra space was wasted. Further known as a 2-4BHK apartment, he intended to bring in rooms that would make the entire abode feel more wholesome, keeping dullness at bay. Designing spaces like the living area, an entertainment room, a kitchen, a powder room, three bedrooms and the worship room, finally ensued his conceptualisation. 

A cool grey palette coupled with the mosaic floor by Sicis gives this space a unique look while the glass sliding partition establishes spaciousness; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


The informal area has a seating of four people with furniture pieces from Giorgetti and Visionnaire; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Jobalia also shares that building the staircase was one of the primary challenges he faced as he perceives this to be the biggest structural challenge that this apartment underwent, simultaneously taking care of the other spaces in the abode. 

The designer has experimented with varied materials throughout the house in the same colour palette; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


Cosy and fun, this space stemmed out of the client’s need for an eclectic space to lounge with friends and family; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Mostly, wood and metal encapsulate the ultra-modern elegance of the first level of the apartment. As one walks into the apartment, a metal screen rendering a sense of privacy adorns the formal living area. While the informal living space soon draws attention with the massive, unconventional Roll & Hill pendant light, rendering the space a quirky look.

The formal living has a large seating area with Minotti and Poltrona Frau furniture pieces; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


The formal living space which has a metal screen gives a sense of privacy; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

The materiality in the dining area effortlessly blends with the soft-hued composure of the abode. Fabric panelling as a backdrop which is embellished with dyed veneer panels creates a refreshing ambience for the dining space.

The dining area has a square eight seater table from Henge with Minotti chairs; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Jobalia believes the entertainment area to be the most striking space in the entire abode. He elaborates, “The main highlight of the first level is the entertainment area which has a very unique mosaic floor from SICIS (combination of marble and iridescent tiles ). Mario Bellini Sofa by B&B Italia and tables from Decastelli add character to this space. This entire space has a cool colour theme of greys with textured walls. This space is also divided by glass sliding doors which separates it from the staircases area .”

The stylish effect of Roll & Hill pendant light is beautifully upheld by the kinetic artwork clock on the white marble wall; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Moving forward with the second level of the apartment, the primary bedroom here features a soothing colour scheme of grey and white. Grey textured wall with ribbed concrete panels from LCDA Paris set the tone and design of this space. A lounge seating area with a small study desk accompanied by a compact library shapes the needful and functional aspects of the space. 

The theme of the primary bedroom is modern with a dash of vibrant colours from Baxter furniture pieces and art work by KK Raghava; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Characteristics of the daughter and the son are exhibited through their meticulously designed bedrooms. For the son’s bedroom, Jobalia has installed fun, geometrical shelving boxes above the study desk to keep the cheerfulness consistently alive in the space.

The primary bathroom is a combination of white Covelano marble and rugged exotic stone with basin by Kreoo and horizontal pendant light by Bocci; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Meanwhile the daughter’s bedroom showcases a surreal wall-covering by Inkistro Bianca, evoking comfort and joy. The washroom built in this space is also very unique and edgy as it is designed with Blue Calcite marble and gold wall-bracket lights that are put up above the vanity counter.

The study table in black & white stripes finished with geometrical shelving boxes above the same in blue tone renders sophistication in the son’s bedroom; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Encompassing ornate decor pieces and accessories, this Mumbai home breathes moments of wow from time to time. Concluding on notes of true efforts that Jobalia put in, he says, “A designer has to learn how to see, never stopping at their initial convictions and to ceaselessly search through instinct and reflection for the defining aspect of each project.”

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In the son’s bedroom, both cool and warm colour themes have been very well balanced keeping in mind the perfect transition of spaces; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


The bed backdrop in the daughter’s bedroom is a colourful wall-covering by Inkistro Bianca; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


Investing in a luxury bathroom design is like investing in an experience where each element works together to deliver a beautiful, functional and lavish space; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


The son’s bathroom is all black and white in Panda White marble with Wall&Deco wallpaper behind the mirror; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

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