This vibrant and artistic Hyderabad home designed by Supraja Rao exemplifies everyday luxury

DEC 1, 2023 | By Namrata Dewanjee
The large golden arches behind the terrazzo bar counter illuminated by delicate hanging lights make the party space come alive; Photography by Monika Sathe
Outside the cozy dining area is the verdant backyard offering a calming view to the diners; Photography by Monika Sathe
A spare bedroom was converted into a cozy home theatre for the family; Photography by Monika Sathe
The four-poster bed placed at the centre of the spacious master bedroom, makes the space appear open and airy; Photography by Monika Sathe
The kids' lounge is a joyful space for the children to play in; Photography by Monika Sathe

Behind a rich blue door with a golden doorknob, like a gateway to a fantastical realm, the exquisite home inside is equally magical with hidden treasures around every corner. Supraja Rao, Founder and Principal Designer of Hyderabad-based studio, Design House, was tasked with carving this spectacular 6,200 sq ft cove out of a pre-built gated community home in Kondapur, Hyderabad.

A luxurious colour palette, hand-illustrated walls papers, a dainty chandelier along with a curation of objets d’art define the striking living room; Photography by Monika Sathe

Envisioned for a family of four, the abode is thoughtfully planned with dedicated spaces for the myriad activities of each member, from spaces for children to play on rainy days to a kitchen that encourages one to while away hours in culinary experimentation. When asked to describe the guiding theme of the space, Supraja summarizes it in two carefully chosen words, “Everyday Luxury”.

A cabinet of curiosities 

Adorned with cascading creepers flowing from the terrace, the moment you step into this three-story home, you catch a glimpse of luxury exemplified by the unbroken line-of-sight from the living and dining space all the way to the pooja room. With a decadent palette of emerald greens, wine reds, and blush tones, the living room, according to Supraja, is the “highlight of the house according to any guest that visits”; and rightly so with a hand-painted wall, dainty chandeliers and a larger than life Bharat Yadav painting that compels passersby to stop in their tracks to appreciate its intricacies. 

The staircase, clad in the same deep-veined marble as the floor, continues the design language as you climb up while complementing the array of sculptures and paintings in the living room; Photography by Monika Sathe


The sumptuous emerald green of the wall panel is echoed in the playful couch. The brass tables stand out against the grey marble adding a touch of bling to the space; Photography by Monika Sathe

Meandering further into the home, a passage leads to a cosy dining area with an 8-seater square dining table. A glance outside into the backyard transports you into a verdant dream, echoed inside through a bespoke light fixture with a metal branch and perched glass birds, playfully blurring the lines between the built and natural environments. Decked in pastels, is the adjoining kitchen flooded with daylight and a gentle breeze. 

Upstairs, in the kid’s lounge room, the Design House imagine the shutters to resemble larger-than-life books, adding a touch of light-hearted kitsch to the space. In keeping with the whimsical spirit, the children’s bedroom is jungle-themed complete with a monkey bar! 

The floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains reflecting on the ceiling make the dining space imparting an ethereal and voluminous character to the space; Photography by Monika Sathe

At the other end of the spectrum, is the “Sanctum Sanctorum of the house”, the peaceful pale blue and light brown themed master bedroom. Here, the dreamy mood is heightened by the poster bed in the centre of the spacious room, conjuring an open and inviting aura. In true fantastical fashion, the walk-in closet with a plentitude of mirrors reveals a secret space to keep valuables safe. 

The second floor houses a resplendent bar and a snug coral 4-seater home theatre for the family to dawdle in on the weekends.

The pale blue and light brown master bedroom with the four-poster bed is described by Supraja as the “Sanctum Santorum” of the house; Photography by Monika Sathe


Adorned with family portraits and exquisite artwork, the bedroom is a haven for the parents to wind down; Photography by Monika Sathe


Like each room in the abode, the colour palette of the powder room is carefully chosen, inviting a moment of repose; Photography by Monika Sathe

A collage brimming with personality

In this home, every room is a world unto itself — a smorgasbord of colours and textures that fit together like pieces of a vibrant puzzle. From the intricately hand-painted walls in the living room to the jovial interiors of the children’s spaces, this abode envisioned by Design House is a medley of varying moods orchestrated with sophistication and elegance.

The extravagant living room is what greets you when you enter this Hyderabad home; Photography by Monika Sathe


The larger-than-life Bharat Yadav painting invites you to pause and appreciate the intricate strokes; Photography by Monika Sathe


With rich purple upholstered chair and the lavish emerald wall panel, make the party space a sight to behold; Photography by Monika Sathe


The serene colour palette of the master bedroom creates an atmosphere of rest and relaxation; Photography by Monika Sathe

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