A multigenerational home in Mumbai by NACL Studio embraces the tenets of simplicity and versatility

AUG 23, 2023 | By Diya Shah
The doors and panelling are by Venzo Wood. The walls adorn Asian Paints, the brass lions are by Baaya and the paper vase is from Mauble; AV and home automation is by Acetech. The fabrics are by Bharat Furnishings. The coffee table is from Eter Collective. The sofas, ottoman and armchairs are from Encasa; The wall lights are from Artemis and ceiling lights from Light Alive; Photography by Talib Chitalwala and Styling by Samir Wadekar
Bharat Furnishings' fabrics and Altrove cushions add softness. A touch of style with an H&M Home vase and Artemis table lamp on a side table made in house. The bed adorned with a sophisticated greyish-toned throw from Pink Lemonade US completes the serenity; Photography by Talib Chitalwala and Styling by Samir Wadekar

Overlooking the Mumbai cityscape stands a shared vision of modern, minimal and neutral aesthetics, embodied as a home to a family comprising three generations. Designed by Natasha Aggarwal, Founder and Principal Designer of NACL  Studio, the 2,100 sq ft space encapsulates the distinct tastes of its multigenerational dwellers with a seamless balance of sophistication and practicality. 

The paper vase from Mauble stands on the brown side table by Indecrafts while the white sofa from Encasa stands on the shiny marble flooring; Door and panelling is by Venzo Wood; fabrics are by Bharat Furnishings; the brass lions are from Baaya; terracotta birds from from Trance Terra; Ceiling lights are from Light Alive; Photography by Talib Chitalwala; Styling by Samir Wadekar

A less-is-more approach that emphasises a light and airy ambience permeates the residence. “The home embraces an elegant, unpretentious design with a predominantly white colour scheme that extends from the walls to the lofty ceiling and is mirrored in soft furnishings, creating an atmosphere of purity and serenity. At the same time, the space is low maintenance with smart technology and optimal storage solutions,” explains Natasha. 

Behind the screens

As the door swings open, one first glimpses ornate wooden screens that separate the passage from the common spaces. They offer the family and their guests a sense of privacy as they unwind or enjoy meals in the pristine living and dining room, complete with a cosy bar in one corner. 

The white armchairs are from Encasa and the paper case is from Mauble. The coffee table by Eter Collective and the side table by Indecrafts complements the rug from Jaipur Rugs. The metal display unit was made in house; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Against the tranquil backdrop of white, the nuance of textures brings the space to life. Full-length windows that offer panoramic skyline views of the city lull one into peaceful contentment. Soft light enters through them and travels across the rippled and lime-plaster walls that maintain a minimalistic ambience while subtly adding character. A wall of mirrors enhances the effect.      

The white walls by Asian Paints contrast with the rich walnut veneer by Venzo Wood. The gold pendant light is from West Elm. A cosy lounge room adorned with an Encasa round lounger beckons straight ahead; Photography by Talib Chitalwala and Styling by Samir Wadekar

A screen similar to those at the entrance situated behind the dining area conceals an all-white prayer room. Meticulously adorned with brass bells and a pearl string light, the space plays host to bejewelled idols.  

The dining table made in house complements the chairs by Encasa. The walls and ceilings with Asian Paints, create a luxurious backdrop. The crockery unit made in house adds functionality while the hanging chandelier is by Terra Trading which adds sophistication; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Upon reentering the passage, one almost misses the cleverly camouflaged door panels leading to the kitchen and utility areas. The space maintains visual continuity and exudes elegance with light furnishing and floor-to-ceiling wall panels.

The  bar chair by Defurn pairs effortlessly with the table made in house. The fabrics are by Bharat Furnishings whilst the hanging round lights are by Terra Trading. The oak veneer on the side of the table is by Venzo Wood which adds a chic look; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


The master bedroom consists of an inviting bed and a round lounger by Encasa. Bharat Furnishings’ fabrics and Altrove cushions add softness. A touch of style with an H&M Home vase and Artemis table lamp on a side table made in house. The bed adorned with a sophisticated greyish-toned throw from Pink Lemonade US completes the serenity; Marble is from Flora Marble; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Past the dining room, a transformation takes place, signalled by a chevron flooring pattern and long chandeliers that add a dramatic flair to the space. This seeps into the powder bathroom, a chic space with an eclectic mix of design elements, including a quirky brass chandelier.  

The white round lounger by Encasa graces the light wooden floor by Royal Flooring. The walls are painted by Asian Paints, paired with a Royal Velvet ceiling, exuding sophistication. Bharat Furnishings’ finishes shine through the decor, complemented by a pedestal table by Indecrafts. The fabric is by Pure Concept; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Sophistication for one and all

The common spaces give way to the four bedrooms with distinct identities tied together by a muted colour scheme. The son’s bedroom incorporates blue, grey and yellow hues that reflect his favourite character. Blues, greys and blacks create an edgy ambience in the daughter’s bedroom, characterised by arches

In contrast, the grandparents’ bedroom maintains a minimalistic aesthetic with simple white wardrobes and a fluted television wall. The bed back is the highlight of this space and features a metal rod with hanging pillows that offer both comfort and flexibility.

The powder bathroom is cement painted by Avante while the Terazzo is by Kalinga. The pedestal basin is done by Decoreta while the sanitary fittings are by Jaquar. The hanging light is by the House of Things complementing the mirror by In House. The artwork in the bathroom is done by the client herself while the reflecting paper vase against the mirror is done by Mauble; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

The master bedroom at the end of the passage reveals a warm tenor. The entry is lined with mirrored shutters that conceal storage for bags and shoes. These transition into television walls and wardrobes with slats that double as handles. Carefully curated furniture and subtle moulding details maintain a simple yet elegant ambience. 

The balcony adjacent to the living room consists of a swing and a table by Advent International as well as an outdoor rug by Ikea; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

The home weaves a continuous narrative of quiet luxury with elements that reflect understated elegance and timeless appeal. “Just as NACL is the scientific name for salt, the studio aptly embodies its defining qualities of simplicity and versatility. Our spaces should be able to evolve as time passes by and to suit the owners’ needs, so layering is kept to a bare minimum,” says Natasha, encapsulating her concept for the space.

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