Of stone walls and arches: Studio VDGA brings an English countryside refuge to Pune

JUL 31, 2023 | By Diya Shah
Arched openings offer a glimpse into the inviting living room from the passage; Styling by Kuber and Rashi Sanson, Photograph by Kuber
Refined furniture pieces invite one for heartening conversations against a backdrop of paintings depicting lord Vishnu's avatars; Photograph by Kuber

Imagine teleporting across continents and witnessing the unhurried and gently decorated world of an English countryside home — a bit of luxury, some repose and plenteous visually appealing corners being its prescribed traits. Such an idyllic reference goes on to become a reality at a home in Pune designed by Studio VDGA, which transports its dwellers and visiting guests to an inviting, bucolic English scape.

Crafted by Deepak Gugarii, Principal Architect and Rashi Sanson, Creative Head at the Pune-based firm known for delving into architectural, interior and landscape design, the 3,000 sq ft dwelling comes alive with a noticeable fusion where rustic minimalism meets a thoughtful luxurious living, adorned with beautiful arches, earthy stone walls and wooden wainscoting.  

The corridor leads to the living room, a cosy space with soft furnishings from Tulio, cushions from Nicobar and a carpet from Jaipur Rugs; Styling by Kuber and Rashi Sanson, Photograph by Kuber


Arches leading into the living room frame a wall clad in Indian stone with a mirror from Anataya and a lamp from Pottery Barn. The console and sofa are custom-made and the soft furnishings are by Tulio; Photograph by Kuber

For occasions to come

Upon entry, a lobby guides to the guest room on one side. The passage continues into the apartment, separated on one side from the living room by a series of arched openings.

A classic, earthy tone prevails within the arches, characterised by the use of country stone and faded walls. Opulent but monochromatic furniture complements the overall ambience and a series of paintings depicting lord Vishnu’s avatars adorn the faded walls. 

The entrance lobby is finished with wooden louvred storage units and minimal decor. The wall lamp and candle are from Anantaya; Photograph by Kuber


Light enters the living room through full-length windows. The seating and coffee tables are custom-made and the side table is from Anataya; Photograph by Kuber

Across the passage, rays of light filter into the dining area through the sheer curtains and bathe the space distinguished by natural teak elements in a soft glow. Partitioned by a wooden storage unit, the adjacent kitchen emphasises on utility and is finished in a suave shade of blue.

The living room enjoys glimpses of the dining area across the passage; Photograph by Kuber


The dining space is a well-lit area with furniture custom-made in natural teak; Photograph by Kuber

The living room opens into a large terrace envisioned for get-togethers. Furniture made of cane maintains the rustic theme. A built-in bar done in stone sits on one of the end walls. Planters dot the space, adding a splash of colour. “Since the homeowners host a lot of gatherings, the living area and terrace were designed to be the venue for evenings of cosy lounging. They are also our favourite places; the essence of our vision for the home is contained within them,” reveal Deepak and Rashi.   

The terrace extending from the living room is an ideal space to host guests. The bar is custom-made in IPS finish and the pots are from Gaia; Photograph by Kuber

Echoes of the countryside

The passage continues onto the sons’ bedroom on either side, characterised by soothing shades of grey and sleek furniture, and culminates in a powder-blue door leading into the primary bedroom. 

The primary room mirrors the theme of the home, with a rustic stone wall at the entrance that transitions into wooden wainscoting. The space is reminiscent of a cottage with wooden walls and floors studded with soft grey and white hues. 

Lights customised by Anantaya lead to a powder-blue door, which reveals the Indian stone cladding on the bedroom entrance wall; Photograph by Kuber


The primary bedroom is an opulent space with a custom-made side table and bed, linen from Saphed and a lamp from Flos; Photograph by Kuber

The home is a reflection of its inhabitants’ dispositions and social lifestyles. “Our design philosophy lies in our versatility and ability to adapt to each contextual setting while keeping the essence of simplicity and timelessness intact. By keeping the material palette rustic yet not compromising on luxurious elements, we aimed to create subtle luxury with no obvious frills,” Deepak and Rashi sign off.

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