Freedom Tree captures the vibrant spirit of monsoons in its new collection—Rainshine

AUG 10, 2021 | By Sharayu Shinde
Freedom Tree Design Studio launches Rainshine, an original textile, furniture, dining and decor collection for Monsoon 2021; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree
Freedom Tree Design Studio launches Rainshine, an original textile, furniture, dining and decor collection for Monsoon 2021; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Filling the air with nostalgia, memories and promises of life, monsoon’s many delights are cherished by all. A reminder of the wonders of our natural world, the season engulfs the land in untamed rains that splash and spread delight, far and wide.

Freedom Tree, the go-to destination for original print design and on-trend homeware for over a decade now, encapsulates the magical charm of the season in their 2021 collectionRainshine. Founder Latika Khosla yet again demonstrates her innate understanding of colours and unmatched ability to embody the spirit of changing times. Complete with original textile, furniture, dining and decor—Rainshine is the perfect companion for farm fresh lunches, cosy mid afternoon naps, warm intimate gatherings and all the endless festivities of the season.

Rainshine collection harmonises the many moods of the monsoon and its untamed spirit; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

The rhythmic play of sunshine and rain throughout the monsoon season paints the skies in alluring shades of bright yellows and cool greys. The Metropolitan city, with its alternating palette and signature prints, brings the essence of monsoon skies to cushions, curtains, upholstery and rugs.

Shots of cool greys and bright yellows meet across cushions, curtains, upholstery and rugs to recolour signature prints with revived energy; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree


Budding botanicals bloom between the city’s cracks on our grey and yellow Palash cushion; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Embracing the imperfections of our streets, the Grille Cushions feature Gallica like grillwork patterns and Wireframe prints. Dipped in fun hues of grey and yellow, the Palash cushion is inspired by the free spirit of spring that blooms vividly between the city’s cracks. Complementing the deeper, darker shades, the Taram cushion and the new Solid Yellow cushion with bright and vibrant hues, add youthful delight to the collection.  

Juxtaposition of the bright and light hues like the Taram cushion and the new Solid Yellow cushion captures the monsoon palette of the city; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

The quirky mirror duo, Mrigal and Calbasa artfully enhance the visual space by reflecting light and make it look bigger and brighter. 

Bringing a splash of the seas to your homes, the Marine Drive and Arabian Sea cushions are drenched in whimsical watery waves. Paired with the floral Kash Kash cushions, the cluster transforms any space into nature’s wonderland. 

The Marine Drive and the Arabian Sea cushions bring Whimsical waves to sofas and armchairs; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Indulging in contemporary sensibilities, the brick and coral Kiwach rug beams with neoteric, geometric accents. Kausama upholstery in shades of warm pinks is an elegant, youthful addition to the collection. 

The collection is not only a visual sensation but assaults the auditory and relentlessly infuses our senses with fragrance; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Bunai and Butterfly accent chairs with their electric, bold colours are the collection’s statement makers. Bar cabinets with wicker details are the perfect storage solutions for entertainment zones. 

Crafted for occasions that demand sharing and coming together, the dinnerware is evocative of farm to table lifestyles. Striped serving bowls and a collection of trays, dinner plates, side plates, and cereal bowls with inky flowers complete the set. 

The farm-to-table look comes to life in the new range of dinner and serveware; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree


Striped serving bowls and various trays inspire brunches and intimate gatherings with their sharing sensibility; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Enjoy the laid back leisure of a tropical island getaway at home with the Damask Rose bed cover. The Koza bed cover, a celebration of lush foliage, is a delight to the senses in its vivid, fresh hues. 

Recoloured in peppy new hues, the Koza bed cover celebrates botanical life and is a delight to the sense; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Rainshine is a comprehensive sensory experience, complete with auditory additions and gratifying fragrances. Revitalising and refreshing, it is reminiscent of a fresh, green canopy engulfing the dewy, delicate earth. The collection honours nature in a renewed, cosy fashion that soothes the senses and carves a home in every heart. 

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Side plates and cereal bowls complete the set with inky flowers that are beautiful when layered; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree


Splashes of green rejuvenate the senses and rooms that remind us of being in nature can restore our mood, ease our daily stresses, and give us energy and vitality; Photographs courtesy Freedom Tree

Freedom Tree, a design and colour strategy studio helmed by Founder Latika Khosla, celebrates modern India as a vibrant design destination. Click here to explore their latest collection.