Inspired by Caribbean colours, Francois Champsaur crafts the eco friendly Hotel Manapany

JUL 27, 2022 | By Sakshi Rai
Patterned woven pieces from Chiapas in Mexico stand out against the pristine walls: Photography by Bernard Touillon
The Pomax bench complements the vibrant pillows from El Camino and Marion Hanania’s framed drawings adorn the wall: Photography by Bernard Touillon

Hotel Manapany by Francois Champsaur shows the best of its location in the French West Indies. Set in the picturesque Saint Barthélemy, the property borrows from the island’s turquoise waters, lush canopies and white sandy beaches. The result is a coastal palette of blues, whites, greens and browns showcasing Champsaur’s signature styles.

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Hotel Manapany
Hotel Manapany in the French West Indies brings the natural colours of the outdoors in, using tropical woods, earthy tones and handcrafted accents. Seen in the foreground are Pols Potten barstools; Photography by Bernard Touillon


Decorative wall lights from Best Before illuminate the passageway to the living area: Photography by Bernard Touillon

Orchards of lemon, orange, banana, avocado, mango and soursop pan across the resort landscape that houses 43 cottages, including a Creole villa and a beach house.

In his plan for the eco resort, the French designer matched the design elements to the existing vernacular habitat—wooden decks, pergolas and small windows with shutters. The interiors of these cabins feature raw materials such as wood, stone and cement.

Hotel Manapany
P A Carl Hansen & Son lounge chair by Hans Wegner sits ina bedroom: Photography by Bernard Touillon


Bright accents of green, borrowed from leaves of a palm tree, seen in a detailed shot of a cabinet: Photography by Bernard Touillon


A contemporary shower area is paired with a handwoven straw stool: Photography by Bernard Touillon

The spaces are accentuated with handmade decor, including the sofas and mirrors made of braided rope, the benches upholstered with wool and the straw lamps from Brazil. Plus, the use of solar panels and electric vehicles in the resorts reaffirm Champsaur’s love for the environment.

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