Serving Extra Butter! Mumbai meets New York’s streetwear culture in a sneaker store crafted by Essajees Atelier

APR 3, 2024 | By Subikshaa Stalin
The store stands with its seating design reminiscent of a cinema theatre; Photography by Suleiman Merchant
The store reception is dressed up with curious decorative elements; Photography by Suleiman Merchant
The store entrance catches the eye instantly with its pops of colours; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

In the bustling streets of Lower Parel, Mumbai, a new haven for cinephiles and fashion enthusiasts emerges, owing itself to the renowned New York-based sneaker and lifestyle brand Extra Butter. Founded in 2007 by siblings Ankur and Nick Amin, Extra Butter originated from a mutual enthusiasm for sneakers, movies, sports, and cultural trends.  The grand 5,000 sq ft retail space, envisioned by Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier skilfully encapsulates this dynamic storyline.

Essajees Atelier
At the entrance, stunning film reels tracing the brand’s evolution, as well as displays with metal decor pieces captivate visitors; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Essajees Atelier
Custom-made wicker benches displaying Indian craftsmanship that stand out in the store; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

At the entrance, a colossal film reel suspended from the ceiling greets visitors, taking them by awe. A symbolic representation of the brand’s journey, the film reel revisits pivotal moments in the evolution of sneaker culture spanning two decades. The deep-rooted connection between cinema and fashion permeates every corner of Extra Butter, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

Essajees Atelier
Principal designer Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier and Ankur Amin, founder of Extra Butter at the store; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Essajees Atelier
Well-lit interiors and inventive displays spark interest among visitors making every visit memorable; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

Lights, Camera, Architecture!

The central theme of Ode to the Movies’ resonates throughout, manifesting in the subtle nuances of design and decor. A muted colour palette dominates the ambiance letting the meticulously curated art installations and merchandise take centre stage. In stark contrast to the subdued colour scheme elsewhere, the bathroom area explodes with a burst of vibrant colours, featuring graffiti art that evokes the lively atmosphere of New York City streets.

For Sarah Sham, the principal designer behind Essajees Atelier, crafting Extra Butter was a journey of creative exploration. The outdoor café area, tucked away in the rear, became her canvas for innovation. “I thoroughly enjoyed creating the store’s outdoor cafe area in the back; it presented a fascinating design opportunity. Conversely, I found the front facade to be the most challenging aspect of the project,” she says. 

Essajees Atelier
With Kota Stone mimicking the subway tile patterns of New York, the store perfectly amalgamates the cultures of Mumbai and New York; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Essajees Atelier
The stunning ambience of the store beautifully fuses themes of film, pop culture and streetwear; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Essajees Atelier
A pop of colour fills the bathroom with bold decor pieces and artworks; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

Mumbai Milieu 

At the heart of Extra Butter’s design philosophy lies the concept of quiet luxury. Sarah makes clever use of indigenous Indian elements. “For this project, we sourced a lot of different local materials, like the Kota flooring from Rajasthan or the Sewer caps sourced from Howrah, which read: NYC SEWER MADE IN INDIA” she reveals.

Crafted from wicker, benches take inspiration from the intricate patterns of shoelaces, also embodying craftsmanship synonymous with Mumbai’s artisanal heritage. The retail outlet also features a seating area reminiscent of theatre seats, in brightly coloured upholstery.

Essajees Atelier
A cosy eatery created with soft pastel hues and a different flooring pattern delineating the store; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Essajees Atelier
A warm and inviting dining space created in a cosy corner of the eatery; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Essajees Atelier
The storefront aptly illustrates the brand identity of Extra Butter, the funky fusion of streetwear and cinema; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

Despite its emphasis on international luxury, the underlying essence of Mumbai reveals itself at every corner of the store, creating a blend of sophistication and cultural authenticity. And so, Extra Butter becomes more than just a retail space but an experience in itself—a testament to the enduring allure of storytelling through design. 

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