Essentialist and eclectic — this Mumbai home by Kavan Shah weaves together a sophisticated palette

DEC 8, 2023 | By Aparna Kher
The rattan chair is designed in-house by the design team; Photography by Kuber Shah
The carpet from Jaipur Rugs ties this eclectic space together; Photography by Kuber Shah

Sprawling over 1,800 sq ft, this home in Mumbai is an airy, serene respite. Kavan Shah Design Studio was entrusted with the design of this duplex home with high ceilings and large windows.

Beckoning abundant natural light, the house framed staggering views of the city from each space. This openness helped frame the brief around the ideas of visual connection and a seamless flow throughout the space.

This space features a collection of antiques from Phillips Antiques and hanging lights from The White Teak Company; Photography by Kuber Shah

The homeowners desired an inviting ambience, where they could enjoy the warmth of the apartment. Set across three floors, the third floor is designated for common spaces that can flow into each other with ease. The living space, dining area and kitchen take up a majority of this floor.

A bedroom for the client’s mother is also chalked out next to these common areas. The upper floor is dedicated to a private haven comprising the primary bedroom, an ensuite guest bedroom and a yoga and meditation room. 

The house features a dining table and chairs from Blue Loft, crafting an inquisitive narrative; Photography by Kuber Shah

The evolution of organic processes

The design of the house unfolded as a non-linear, organic process. The design team started off without an end result in mind, giving birth to an essentialist space with a warm, neutral palette.

This central theme created a fitting canvas for the eclectic collection of curios and artwork that is displayed throughout the house. Antiques, paintings and mixed-media art pieces meet the eye, creating points of pause throughout this residence. 

    The side table from Defurn and the carpet from Jaipur Rugs add to the warmth of this inviting space; Photographs by Kuber Shah

A modern zen vividness

The house basks in a cool, vibrant palette without focusing on accent colours. A minimalist approach defines the shell of the space, whereas the vividness is brought forth by the highlighted objects and artworks.

While primarily designed for functionality and optimum storage, the notion of spaciousness is evident throughout, creating an airy, Zen ambience. The planning addresses storage solutions effectively and creates pockets for pops of eclectic artscapes. 

A bright blue and white guest bathroom balances out the neutral tones of its surroundings; Photography by Kuber Shah

Materials and minimalism

A fresh, modern minimalist theme is balanced out by the warmth of natural textures and materials. Stucco plaster, teakwood and stone bring forth a coolness to complement the greenery that is interspersed in the residence. A sculptural oakwood staircase embraces multiple pivots to connect the two floors.

Vivid shades of green breathe life into the structured, neutral spaces of this home; Photography by Kuber Shah

One of the most challenging elements in this home, it brings together the functionality and aesthetics of this place. A beautiful blend of greys, browns and creams brings grace and sophistication into this home.

Elements like this vase from Defurn and the custom chair weave this house together with a sense of cohesion; Photography by Kuber Shah

A unique combination of mushroom grey flooring and oak wood veneers emphasises the minimalist backdrop of this home. The primary bedroom looks into the meditation and yoga room, establishing a visual connection. The guest bedroom features a Greek-inspired white and blue, speckled bathroom. 

The house is set in a Zen mood through these hanging lights from The White Teak Company; Photography by Kuber Shah

The design establishes a curious dialogue between the height of the spaces and the detailing it encapsulates. It also unveils a narrative between the art, the sculptures and curios, and the varying textures they embody. With the foreground of these vibrant, dynamic details, the house is curated as the ideal essentialist backdrop that invites the beholder to ponder and reflect. 

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