Escape the city’s bustle with this serene cove by Aashna Desai and Suketu Shah of Dreamscape Architects

FEB 9, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
A tan leather sofa in teak frame is paired with a wood pallet table and metal legs from Tectona Grandis; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
A teak-finished projector frame and console is seen with vitrified tile tobacco flooring in brown finish; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
Woody and sky hues make this lounge a cosy, intimate setting; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
One of the master bedrooms uses a leather upholstered bed, drapes in an oatmeal hue and an antique chest from Gujarat Handicrafts; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
View of one of the master baths, where an Italian marble tiled wall with stone flooring is planned along pebble flooring; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

In a world of skyscrapers, sometimes all we want is a home that lets us live and breathe around verdure. For this Ahmedabad home christened Tavish, Aashna Desai and Suketu Shah of Dreamscape Architects decided to connect it with nature by planning open yet intimate spaces.

The 10,000 sq ft residence is a blend of open plans and sophisticated design, making it a haven for its inhabitants. It is dressed in teak, wallpaper motifs and grey-tinted flooring. But the outdoors are done up in brick terracotta and exposed RCC.

A canvas of reds, blues and greens highlights the aesthetics of the home and complements the furniture.

This solid wood seating arrangement soaks up the sun; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

“We first designed the outdoor spaces that were green and open. The built form was designed later to complement it. We designed two gardens as well as a jungle whose dense plantation attracts birds. Smaller gardens are located near the living room, while the larger one is planned along the swimming pool to give it an infinity pool-like feel as well as to ensure privacy for the family,” shares Desai.

A solid wood bench by Algaari and artwork by Kalakaari Haath graces the vestibule; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Upon entering the home, we’re greeted by a view of the serene jungle that lies adjacent to the grandparent’s room. The corridor wall is adorned with a magnificent Pichwai from Udaipur. Nearby, on the ground floor, the family room, overlooking the front lawn, can be segregated to create formal and informal settings.

A royal blue wall looks down to the courtyard. Pictured are brass light fixtures, a chandelier and wooden textile blocks; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Further inside, we step into the courtyard, which is built exclusively to accommodate the family’s beloved African Gray Parrot named Maccu. A triple-height foyer rises above the courtyard. Looking up reveals a blue-tinted wall decorated with abstract cloud-shaped lights and a chandelier depicting the flight of birds, which integrate a sky-like theme.

In the dining room are a reclaimed wood tabletop and bench with metal framed legs as well as hand-painted ceramic plates on the wall from The Wishing Chair and Mora Taara; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

The kitchen is placed in front of the courtyard, while the dining space opens to the backyard. A prayer room inspired by the rich textile heritage of Ahmedabad is present here with a wall cloaked in a wallpaper by Sabyasachi.

Earthy tones make up the kitchen; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Overlooking the front garden is one of the master suites, which houses daybeds and green walls. Another is placed on the floor above. It features a backdrop created from the cast of window and balcony railings from old Pol houses in the city, juxtaposed with a faux exposed concrete wall.

An outdoor sitting area uses bamboo pod chairs; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

“The distinct element that sets the guest room—an otherwise basic living space—is the red Sabyasachi wallpaper for Asian Paints’ Nilaya,” adds Desai. A study area and entertainment lounge are also seen here.

The second master bedroom features wood blocks salvaged from old Pol houses of Ahmedabad and sourced from Jain Handicrafts. The brass vase is from Good Earth; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Located on the second floor, the third master bedroom is designed with a cooler aesthetic and is provided with a balcony. The spacious house also accommodates a gym, gaming zone and a terrace garden, which is yet another open space for the family to use when hosting soirees.

The formal end of the living room features teak and brass-finished tables from Tectona Grandis; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

“Considering the homeowners are quintessentially Gujarati, we’ve integrated various art forms from this western part of the country while designing this house,” say Desai and Shah, adding, “This isn’t new for us though. Ever since we began our architectural practice, we’ve derived inspiration from the five key elements of nature as well as our rich heritage.”

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The balcony features exposed concrete with wooden flooring and a bamboo pod; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


A geometric-patterned brass light installation is seen in the formal living room; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


In the son’s bedroom, the MCM brick-textured wall features a copper-finished niche; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


The guest room is done up with a wooden four-poster bed, block printed drapes from Fabindia and a vibrant wallpaper by Sabyasachi for Nilaya; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


Patterned flooring is paired with a mosaic-tiled, inbuilt bathtub; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala


A large garden abuts the swimming pool in the home’s backyard; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala